10FXPRO Review: Vostrex.com a Self Regulated Broker

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10FxPro Review
  • License and Registration
  • Contact Details and Customer Support
  • Fund Safety


Sharing your data with 10FxPro exposes you to severe risk. The company is shady, and this means they could sell your information to criminals.

10FxPro is a company whose website URL does not match its name. Vostrex.com is a dark investment scheme that is unworthy of investors’ time. The loopholes that the entity displays are vivid that this is the wrong choice scheme. If you are trying out forex trading, we suggest that you get insight.

10FxPro Review, 10FxPro Company

There are free resources on the internet that could help you a great deal. Never trade with an unlicensed platform. This is because most of the schemes tend to exit the market prematurely. They leave clients high and dry. 

10FxPro assures investors it has automatic trading. They send alerts to notify traders when it is the idyllic moment of executing a trade. The entity states that the registration process is swift. However, what you are signing up for is dangerous. We suggest you refrain from doing business with the firm. 

The broker brags it has a dedicated team that is always on the lookout. Their primary focus is to assist traders in making the best trade. In case of any trouble, the company urges users to contact them instantly. This is a bold assurance coming from an offshore scheme.

The team is nowhere to be seen. Therefore, we are not confident they are indeed qualified to offer the best services. Anonymity is not something the broker should be proud of, as it leads to several unanswered questions.

Vastrex.com Review

In terms of security, 10FxPro proudly displays an SSL certificate. This document does not serve any superior advantage when it comes to safety. It only protects the information of hackers, but this should be the least of your problems when you entrust con artists to your funds. 

Vastrex also states that it is closely working with top-tier 1 banks. They use segregated accounts, but the broker shies away from disclosing the name of the financial institution it uses. This is nothing but another false allegation to win over traders. We would not be surprised if there is no trading taking place in this scheme.

10FxPro states it grants the best offers in the industry as they work with top global liquidity providers. The company allegedly has over 400 trading assets. They also have high payout rates. Unfortunately, we are yet to encounter anyone that has genuinely received payment from the scheme. 

Invest with proven investment entities in the market. These are transparency and regulated forex trading platforms. They will never compromise your trading activities. Invest wisely and generate attractive returns. 

Trading Conditions of 10FxPro

The entity leverage varies from 50 up to 300. They also proclaim having low spreads and no commission. The platform guarantees only the best results. Whichever your financial goals would be, the entity claims it is going to assist you. They even have a personal financial plan that is meant to upscale the trading results of clients. 

You will hardly find expert traders wasting their time with a losing scheme. They claim to have high-quality educational materials. The firm grants fast access to the market regardless of where you come from. They even have an application. 

10FxPro deals with crypto, forex, commodities, shares, indices and proclaims to be the best CFD company on the planet. The sales pitch of this company is moving. You will only get an unpleasant experience from this venture. 

The spread is not profitable as for the EURUSD pair. The broker advertises 3.5 pips. Investors are subjected to paying more, meaning it is only a scam to benefit. The scheme avails a shady web-trader interface. 

10FxPro Withdrawal and Deposits

10FxPro guarantees investors that the withdrawal process is swift. The listed payment methods are; MasterCard, Yandex, Qiwi wallet, WebMoney, and Visa. The platform is accepting a deposit of $1. Once you deposit Bitcoin, you should forget about recovering your funds. 

Scammers are fond of crypto payments as they help them cover their tracks. It takes three days for the company to process the withdrawal requests of investors. The scheme states there is a bank transfer fee of 50 EURO. There may be other hidden fees that the firm is not disclosing.

Dubious investment schemes can choose to withhold the payment. Keeping in mind that you cannot sue them. The only way to avoid the lousy ordeal is to trade with reputable investment companies. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

The customer support allegedly operates 24/7. Sharing your data with 10FxPro exposes you to severe risk. The company is shady, and this means they could sell your information to criminals. You should avoid revealing your identity because you do not know where the firm is operating. 

Vastrex.com Review, Vastrex.com Company

The company falsely claims it has offices in the United Kingdom. There are two phone numbers, one from Australia and the other from the UK. The firm also has an email address. The problem is that the scheme is not going to respond to traders. It is even likely that they do not have a team. 

Regulation Status of 10FxPro

The company falsely claims to be operating legally from the Republic of Seychelles. Their address shows that the firm has an office in the UK. The FCA is one of the stringent financial regulators in the world. They are dedicated to helping customers trade in a favorable environment.

Unfortunately, despite the bold claims of 10FxPro, the entity is not in the Seychelles Financial Service Authority (FSA) database. They are operating illegally, and lying about their legitimacy should not be overlooked.

There is no fund safety from offshore schemes. This is because the broker does not segregate funds. The money you deposit is most likely going to the fraudsters’ pockets, where you can never recover. 10FxPro is not reporting its trading activities to anybody. 

If the entity decides to exit the market today, clients will be left counting their losses. Watch out and stay away from the dangerous broker. It is essential that investors only deal with legit forex trading companies regulated by reputable financial watchdogs.

Lack of Client Feedback

Ironically, 10FxPro has been in the market for some time, yet there is no evidence that clients are getting the advertised results. During our research, we did not find even a single positive review. This should tell you that this is a venture that only showers itself praise.  

Reputable companies will have traders that are willing to leave their feedback behind. We urge you to perform thorough research on any venture before deciding to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

The Domain Insight

The traffic that is visiting Vostrex.com is low. The domain name registration took place in May 2019. It is expected to expire in May 2022. The people that are behind the broker are anonymous. The broker will eventually exit the market unceremoniously. You will not see them or be able to trace the firm down.

Final Verdict

10FxPro lacks all the qualifications of a genuine forex broker. The entity is collecting funds from innocent traders with the sole intention of defrauding them. The scheme even has the guts to fake its legitimacy status. There is no past trading history from the firm. 

Invest only with the best forex trading companies in the market. These are transparent brokers that are reputable. The safety of your money is a top priority with them. You could also read their clients’ feedback on third-party websites. 


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