10xGoldtrade Review: 10xgoldtrade.com is a Fraudulent Scheme

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10xGoldTrade Review
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10xGoldTrade is a scam that is shamelessly impersonating a regulated investment scheme. FXCC is a company that has nothing to do with the venture. They are based in Cyprus and have a license from CySEC.

10xGoldTrade claims it has the best trading accounts for investors. The venture features desirable trading conditions. They also have bonuses for their clients. However, it is essential to note that these are lucrative that investment watchdogs do not permit. 

The entity claims it has won several awards from 2017 to 2019. This is absurd because the platform was not in the market at this time. It is lame for a scheme to lie about factors that investors can quickly obtain in the market.

10xGoldTrade Review, 10xGoldTrade Company

The domain name of 10xgoldtrade.com indicates the venture was established in April 2021. The company does not mention anything about existing using a different character. This is the kind of company that will say anything to win your trust. 

Instead of risking the safety of your money in an offshore scheme, we suggest that you trade wisely. You can earn reliable profits by investing with some of the best forex trading companies. The training conditions of the genuine firms are ideal.

10xgoldtrade.com Review

10xGoldTrade is a company that is dedicated to being discreet. The scheme leaves no details regarding the people that are handling the funds of investors. We do not know if the individuals are qualified to trade successfully. Of course, the scheme cannot risk exposing their identity as the authority would come after them.

The entity, however, is a clone of a legit company. The venture has not done much to hide this, and they copy-paste everything. The only thing that the company has done is to design its logo. They lack originality. Those that fall for the entity will end up losing everything.

Investments should be taken seriously. If you want to earn real-time profits, then research and educate yourself on the relevant matters. Otherwise, you will only end up becoming a victim of the con artist. 

10xGoldTrade has all the features of a Ponzi scheme. An SSL certificate will not be enough to protect your data from landing in the wrong hands. Therefore, watch out for all the red flags available. 

How Does 10xGoldTrade Operate?

This is a typical Ponzi scheme. They are using a technique that several Ponzi schemes in the market have mastered and used before. They make promises that are hard to attain. However, investors that plan on getting rich overnight will end up losing money by trusting the companies. 

The salesmen are pretty convincing. They will urge you to deposit money until you do. The platform will be on the phone. They will cook figures and even show you how you are winning. Unfortunately, when you ask for a withdrawal, the venture will give all kinds of excuses. 

This will continue until it dawns on you that you are dealing with con artists. The only thing that you do is report them to the authorities. They can blacklist them to save them from stealing from many people. However, getting hold of the fraudsters will be a daunting task.

Trading Conditions

10xGoldTrade is offering $200o to everyone that joins them. The company allegedly has a tight spread of zero pip. The leverage could go as high as 1:500. However, the leverage and spread that the company advertises do not belong to them. 

10xGoldTrade.com Review, 10xGoldTrade.com Platform

They do not even have a trading platform. Therefore, what the scheme does is come up with fiction figures. Additionally, the leverage that the scheme provides is illegal in several countries.

The venture only wants you to lose for them to get money. We have yet to encounter a successful trader that has earned from the system. Your money is in danger.

Withdrawal and Deposits of 10xGoldTrade

The company fails to feature the payment options. However, given the nature of the scheme, we highly suspect that the entity is going to avail methods that limit traders from issuing a chargeback. The minimum amount that one can deposit is $300. 

This is a lot that most of the platforms in the industry ask for. 10xGoldTrade does not hide the fact that they want to steal the money of investors. Sadly, you cannot be able to get back your money. The scheme also does not feature information on the withdrawal requirements. The fees and the account dormancy data are unavailable. 

Regulation Status of 10xGoldTrade

10xGoldTrade is a scam that is shamelessly impersonating a regulated investment scheme. FXCC is a company that has nothing to do with the venture. They are based in Cyprus and have a license from CySEC. The scam is a Ponzi scheme with one sole intention: to steal money from innocent individuals.

Your money is not secure as the entity is not working with a reputable financial institution. The likelihood of traders’ funds going to the pockets of the con artists are high. The trading conditions that the fraud advertises do not belong to them. 

There are no trading activities taking place from 10xGoldTrade. The people that are behind the entity are also unknown. The company is getting away with its dirty business. Those that deposit money into the entity will not be able to get back the funds. 

There is no compensation scheme in place. We do not know what the con artist plans to do with the funds in their system. Ensure that you find a legit forex trading company that has a license from a reputable regulator.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Since the scheme is using false information, their location remains a big mystery. The Ponzi scheme is not worth your time. They will disappear in thin air. 

It isn’t easy to go after a company that you do not know where it hails from. Additionally, 10xGoldTrade is a scheme that has no intention of maintaining professional contact with its customers. Therefore, everything that you share with them can be used against you.

They do not have a genuine phone number. The email that you send to the company will also be ignored. Invest wisely by trading only with transparent schemes that understand the importance of availing a professional support team.

The Domain Insight

10xGoldTrade.com made its first digital footprint in April 2021. The company targets being in the market for one year only. The venture that is behind the broker is discreet. Several individuals have already lost funds despite this being a new broker in the market. The traffic that is visiting the scheme is not much. 

Final Verdict

10xGoldTrade is not a regulated scheme. Moreover, this is a venture that uses information that does not belong to them. It is a cloning scheme that impersonates a genuine and legit broker. Their trading conditions are pathetic as the system does not even have trading software.

Join them when you are signing up for a death sentence. You can never be confident with the results that you are going to get. The best thing that you can do is to refrain from doing business with the company.

Here is a list of some of the genuine and transparent forex trading companies. These are platforms that have been in the market for years. Investors have earned reasonable and real-time profits. The best firms in the market are the best customer support. All issues are handled professionally. 

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