1stCoin Review: 1stCoin.io an Outright Scam

1stCoin Review, 1stCoin Company
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1stCoin Review
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1stCoin is a crypto trading platform only interested in investor’s deposits. The platform claims to provide adequate trading solutions to provide great returns to its clients. Unfortunately, the platform is a scam that will leave you without money. Invest with reliable crypto trading companies that provide the best for their clients.

1stCoin is allegedly an investment company that is operating anonymously. Most of the investors are not pleased with how this entity is operating. They are targeting novice traders who lack adequate knowledge of how the market works.

The platform is dealing with cryptocurrency assets. They also guarantee fast and reliable earnings. They welcome new clients to join them and earn reliable returns.  No matter what your target is, they will help you attain your desired income.

1stCoin Review, 1stCoin Company

1stCoin brags that it has the best expert team in the market. Once you register with this company, they will assign a financial advisor to oversee your trading activities. We have seen several entities claiming to have professional account managers.

However, it only turns out to be another ploy of enticing investors. Smart fraudsters are running the companies. They use an A-game marketing strategy to convince innocent traders to join them.

Those who join these brokers end up regretting it. This is because they lose access to their money after depositing funds. 1stCoin does not care about their clients and are only looking after their greedy needs.

1stCoin.io Review

The trading venture states that it is after offering the best experience in the market. They allegedly offer quality tools. The company brags about having several features. It states that it has a 0% risk program.

The market place is unpredictable and segregates funds of investors in separate accounts. Unfortunately, you cannot trust an offshore entity with the safety. They walk out of the market when you need them the most.

1stCoin states that it collaborates with top tier 1 global liquidity providers. Traders are assured that their orders will be executed in time. The spread that you will enjoy is also tight. The venture offers over 400 trading assets.

Despite unfavorable conditions in the market, these firm states that they offer high returns. The withdrawal process is also speedy. VIP customers are promised 100% fund insurance; however, we believe all investors should be treated equally.

Why not invest with reliable crypto trading companies that have been in the market for years. These ventures have time and again proven to be the best. Their main goal is offering customer satisfaction services.

How Does 1stCoin Operate?

The company claims it has a trading application available for android and IOS. The software grants investors easy access to the industry. Moreover, you can enter the market whenever, and anywhere.

Investors might think that this entity is the best Additionally, they are dealing with assets that have grown popular. Unfortunately, this firm is not safe to venture with. The trading condition of this broker is not clearly outlined.

Avoid sharing your telephone number with shady brokers. This is because they will keep calling until you give in and deposit funds with them. Once their system collapse, they will come back and still take advantage of their victims.

1stCoin fails to display its trading results. Therefore, we are not aware of the average win rate of this firm or their drawdown. The company will most likely delay the payment of their clients.

Withdrawal and Deposits

1stCoin accepts funds via Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, and Qiwi. The platform is using a web-based interface. The venture offers leverage of 1:%, which is too high. Therefore, increasing more risks to investors.

The BTCUSD pair offers a spread of $184. The regulatory watchdog does not permit such high trading conditions. The reliable platform uses the famous MT4 interface that has multiple advantages.

1stCoin has five investment plans for its customers. The least amount of funds that you can cash in is $250. The other accounts are costly. The withdrawal request takes 1 to 3 business days to be processed.

Moreover, this venture is charging a fee upon every withdrawal and charge 50 EUR for bank transfer. Inactivity of an account starts counting from 90 days. The firm charges 50 EUR per month.

1stCoin offers a trading bonus ranging from 50% up to 200%. Investors need to be very keen when dealing with brokers that offer trading bonuses. The funds legally belong to the platform; the entity is only enticing traders. The requirements that are supposed to be met are very high.

1stCoin Review Contact Details

1stCoin claims that it is allegedly located at 67 Leadenhall St, London. This is not the real physical address of this shady venture. A scam like this entity features false information to appear as a transparent firm.

Moreover, there is also a telephone number and an email address. Investors can as well fill out the contact form at the website. It would help if you were very skeptical when dealing with infamous platforms.

1stCoin will cut off communication with their customers once they exit the industry. Investors should not gamble with the safety of their money with this broker. You will suffer a great deal once you are conned.

Regulation Status

1stCoin is a company that TCS Group Holding Limited is managing. The venture is allegedly based in London. However, they are not on the list of this financial body. We advise investors to avoid firms that do not have a license.

It is for your good since regulated companies offer safety. Your information will never be used against you. Moreover, you can also trade peacefully. The terms and condition policy of the entity have favorable measures for traders.

1stCoin has not deposited an equivalent amount of 730 EUR as their initial capital. Ponzi schemes will never meet these and other set requirements. Moreover, companies are expected to observe high transparency.

Daily transaction activities are reported to the financial body. Additionally, they work with reputable financial institutions in the market. Venture with financial entities that are the best and transparent.

The domain Insight

1stCoin is a company that is was registered in December 2014. Despite this venture being in the market for this long, there is no trading evidence. Their domain is expected to expire in the same year, the year 2021.

The platform is privately registered; hence, we cannot tell who is the firm’s real person. The traffic that is coming into this entity is not much, which causes more worries.

Can I Earn Using 1stCoin?

1stCoin is not a profitable company. You will not make any profits using this entity. Despite them being in the market for all these years, the firm has zero clients review. They are not going to yield you profits.

1stCoin Scam Review, 1stCoin Trading options

Moreover, traders expose themselves to more risks by trusting this unregulated venture. They are only after your funds. Please do not make these scammers rich by venturing with them. Look for better alternatives.

Final Verdict

1stCoin is a shady firm that does not have unique features to offer investors. They are trading illegally, and sooner or later, they will exit the market. Investors’ who trust them will end up counting losses.

The most disheartening thing is that the government will not be able to rescue you from this nightmare. Scammers operate anonymously without disclosing their actual location. Refrain from dealing with brokers that are not reputable.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies that are reputable and legit. These platforms will help you attain your financial goal without compromising your safety. The entity are also among the leading firms.

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