245Livetrade Review: 245Livetrade.com this is a Scam!

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245LiveTrade Review
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On other platforms, we found traders warning those that might be tempted to join 245LiveTrade to stay away. The company will never help you gain passive income. The support of this venture is unprofessional and unresponsive. Walk away before things get ugly.

245LiveTrade is a company that ain’t worth the trust of investors. Their business is inauthentic. We highly suspect there are no trading activities taking place. Nonetheless, we must compliment the scheme’s efforts to present their business professionally.

245LiveTrade Review, 245LiveTrade Company

Do not let this confuse you that this is a genuine entity. The platform proclaims it is a genuine broker. However, after spending quality time analyzing their business, we find this a shady venture. They do not feature info that shows the firm is operating legally.

The founder and the parent company of 245LiveTrade are missing. They intend to remain anonymous to avoid being put behind bars. If the scheme is legit, why would they hide information that regulatory bodies oblige them to avail? Moreover, as a client, you need to know the people handling your money.

The entity advertises a daily profit of 15% that is unrealistic as the legit companies in the market never guarantee anything close to this figure. The entity would then show us its trading results to prove it is a profitable company.

The scheme provides fake contact details to appear transparent in the eye of the public. To become a good investor, you need to gain the necessary skills. This entity lacks a proven strategy that makes them genuine.

245LiveTrade.com Review

245LiveTrade claims that it is a secure entity. The only thing this entity provides is an SSL certificate, which guarantees your info being secure. The offshore firm can end up misusing your data by selling it to a third party.

The firm is recently registered, and they are getting low traffic. If indeed the company is profitable, we should be able to see several people visiting the platform. The entity is not optimized for search engines.

Novice investors might easily fall victim to 245LiveTrade. The firm features a vague narrative to attract traders. It would help if you did not believe their stories without seeing proof. You will end up entrusting your funds to unqualified people.

The entity is only beneficial to the con artist running the company. The broker is surrounded by multiple red flags. For the sake of your sanity and safety, refrain from engaging with this company.

The venture wants investors to believe it is mining crypto. However, the software the scheme is using and the technique of mining are undisclosed. Invest with the best cryptocurrency platforms that are the best and genuine.

245LiveTrade Regulation and Registration

Several regulatory bodies in the world regulate investment companies. This has helped to combat fraudulent activities in the market. A venture must deposit a certain amount of funds before kick-starting its investment services.

245LiveTrade is a platform that is collecting funds from investors across the world. They do not have a license, and this makes them a dangerous scheme. You should not expect fund safety from this broker.

They can violate their legal document by imposing hefty fees on clients. Furthermore, we are yet to see a client that has earned using this scheme. There is no segregation of funds, and once you invest, you cannot recover the funds. This company is still young, and you need to avoid gambling with your safety.

Once 245LiveTrade exits the market, the authority will not be able to assist the victims. This is because the entity is anonymous, and its location is fake. You cannot find them after their systems collapse. Invest with companies that are operating legally to avoid facing unforeseen problems.

Trading Conditions and returns

The company fails to reveal the technique it is using to yield these high returns. They are trading binary, crypto, and mining cryptocurrencies. The volatility of these assets can double your returns, but this is not daily.

The outcome that you are going to get is never constant. It is absurd that 245LiveTrade would grant users a daily ROI of 15%. Another drawback is that the investment plans are not constant, and they keep changing.

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $300. They have four investment plans that are utopic and ridiculous. They are only showing clients how you will become rich overnight, but there is no proof. Your transaction is not secure if you want to make returns invest with a genuine company.

Withdrawals are allegedly handled immediately. The only thing that investors need is to click the button. The sad thing is that we cannot spot anyone that has successfully got their money from the system.

Contact Details and Customer Support

245LiveTrade features an office address that indicates the firm is operating from Massachusetts state. The company is treating the VIP clients special, and they are the only ones that can reach the venture via phone. The rest can use an email.

The platform is operating in the US illegally. The actual location of this company is unknown. We suspect that this is a dirty fraud operating from an offshore area. The shady entity is bragging it has helped various small businesses reach their threshold.

If you have any disturbing questions, the firm urges you not to hesitate and reach them. Email communication is not fast, and in most cases, fraudsters are the ones that maintain contact with traders using this means to avoid facing criminal charges.

245LiveTrade is more likely going to keep in contact with users until they make a deposit. They will stop reaching to traders and start exploiting them. It is easier to ignore emails from scammers. You do not need any special skill to notice the red flags that the scheme is showcasing.

They are bragging about generating high profits, but the venture cannot afford to pay professional support. Legit companies will have all the necessary information for building trust with their customers.

245LiveTrade False Testimonials

245LiveTrade lacks customer feedback on other websites. Nonetheless, there are several testimonials on their website. Praising the scheme for being profitable and helping users generate high income. The problem is that this reviews do not create confidence and look more like a sales strategy.

245Livetrade.com Review, 245Livetrade.com Testimonials

It is impossible to validate the people the entity claims to be its customers are the real investors. Furthermore, we were not surprised to find the entity using stock images. This is a weak tactic that is often popular with fraudsters. It only works with rookie traders.

On other platforms, we found traders warning those that might be tempted to join 245LiveTrade to stay away. The company will never help you gain passive income. The support of this venture is unprofessional and unresponsive. Walk away before things get ugly.

Final Verdict

245LiveTrade is a company that is being run by unprofessional investors. The clients do not have enough funds to generate the advertised profits. Deposit to this broker you are contributing to its success. You will bleed money while their pockets fatten.

The only people that can benefit from this company are the founder and the promoters. Once you sign up from their links, a fat commission will be on its way to your wallet. Avoid the shady broker as there is no proof of investment taking place.

Invest with solid genuine cryptocurrency companies that are transparent. Thse are legit companies with a good record in the market. Your information is safe with the firms. The trading conditions are clearly outlined to the public.

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