247SmartCapital Review: A CNMV Blacklisted Platform

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247SmartCapital (247smartcapital.com) happens to be on the warning list of CNMV. Unfortunately, not many investors get to see these warnings. Most of them blindly sign up due to the promise of making high-profit margins. What 247 Smart Capital is making investors go through must be exposed. For weeks now, not a single investor has made any withdrawals. And this led to 247Smart Capital being listed as a high-risk investment platform. Here’s our clear 247SMARTCAPITAL REVIEW.

247SmartCapital Review

About 247SmartCapital

On the homepage, 247SmartCapital claims to be a fully automated trading platform. 247smartcapital.com claims to provide full control of your investment. Although it’s automated, the results are far from positive.

We have to give them credit for creating an aesthetically appealing website. Unfortunately, the platform does not have any accurate information on the algorithm found on the platform. We don’t have any information on the accuracy of their robots.

What we do have are complaints from investors who feel the platform is taking them for a ride. Of course, not a lot of investors would make complaints if there were returns to be seen. But, in this case, every member loses with the platform.

You should invest wisely with leading and proven investment platforms. Going for crypto trading robots with a reasonable reputation is what you need. Make sure to go for innovative crypto trading robots backed by the crypto trading community.

There’s no background or history of the platform. It seems the platform popped out of nowhere and claims to be legit. However, we have concrete evidence that suggests this is an offshore-based trading platform. And the risks grow by the day.

Your priority as an investor is to do due diligence before signing up with any platform. Ensure you check out what others are saying about the platform. It will help you make a more informed decision when signing up.

Accounts and packages 247SmartCapital

247SmartCapital offers three investment packages that have one thing in common. All three have a guaranteed profit margin. It’s one of the many flaws or red flags that we must expose.

The three accounts include Starter, Gold, and Silver. Here’s a closer look at the three accounts;


For the starter account, this is ideal for newbies or novice investors. The account comes with a minimum allowed deposit of $500. It’s way above the industry-recommended minimum deposit of $250.

The account claims the price also includes the principal. There’s a profit guarantee of 400 percent within 7 days. If this were true, we would all join the platform as this is a ridiculous profit margin.


With the gold account, investors must deposit $50,000 to get started. The account also comes with a guarantee of 400 percent in ROI. However, we do have a problem with the guarantee as no one seems to meet the target.

You must wait for 7 days too to get the ROI. We haven’t heard or seen anyone profiting from the platform. Even if the platform uses proprietary trading software, the profit margins wouldn’t be this high.


It’s the most exclusive account, with investors having to deposit $100,000. The terms are the same as the two accounts above. You have to wait for seven days to earn 400 percent in ROI. The account also attracts institutional investors.

With the silver account, this is where institutions have been losing money. The platform doesn’t meet the promise it claims to deliver. None of the features are reasonable as the market is volatile. Making such guarantees is unprofessional.

247SmartCapital Accounts

Affiliate Program

There’s an affiliate program available where the platform claims to help users earn passive income. However, before you decide to sign up with the platform, there are a few issues to discern.

The platform doesn’t pay any commissions, percentages, or rates for the affiliate program. Instead, it will use you to get more victims to sign up with the platform. And this is the reason why you need to choose wisely when it comes to affiliate marketing.

To add salt to injury, those who you direct will end up pointing the finger at you. You will be to blame for making investors lose funds with an unregulated platform. It’s how affiliate marketers lose their credibility in the industry.

Assets and Trading Instruments

247 Smart Capital does not inform users of the available trading assets. What we see from the homepage are five classes of trading instruments. These include commodities, crypto, forex, indices, and stocks.

With the platform claiming to offer automated trading, it takes control of all the trading. There’s no performance chance to check how the platform works. And this is a loophole that investors must understand.

All trading platforms must offer charts of their performance to verify their credibility. With a claim of making 400 percent in ROI, you need proof of it. It’s another reason why we have to flag 247smartcapital.com as a fraud.

Business Holder

The disclaimer at the footer of the homepage claims the platform is located in California. If this were true, the platform would have registry documents from that jurisdiction. Unfortunately, it’s not the case as the platform is not even registered as a company.

What we have is an anonymous and unregulated platform trying to take advantage of naïve investors. You should know who handles funds for transparency. Instead, the platform does its best to hide its true identity making it completely anonymous.

Compliance, License, and Registration 247SmartCapital

Are funds safe with 247smartcapital.com?

247 Smart Capital is not compliant and does not have a valid license from the NFA. Any regulator of the location does not recognize the platform they claim to reside. Due to several complaints, the platform is on the warning list of the CNMV.

The Spanish regulator has moved to protect investors from investing with the platform. Hopefully, the platform will shut down. Unfortunately, those who have invested with the platform are likely to lose everything.

You should ensure you sign up with platforms regulated by official bodies. These official regulators include ASIC, CNMV, CONSOB, CySEC, and the FCA. Others include BaFIN, FINMA, NFA, and the SEC.

Regulators work to ensure all parties follow strict industry guidelines. These regulators also ensure trading platforms deposit the minimum required amount to start a trading business. The amount is insurance cover for deposits made by clients.

Contact and Support

When selecting which investment platform to choose, ensure you try the support structure. Look for one that is readily available to answer your queries with speed. With 247smartcapital.com, this is not the case.

The platform avails a WhatsApp communication line. So it makes it easy for them to delete your conversations once you deposit funds with them. And this is the reason why you must test the support structure.

Deposit and Withdrawal

To fund your account, the platform accepts bank and wire transfers. After funding your account, the amount will reflect in your platform account within 24 hours. We don’t recommend you do it for safety reasons.

Withdrawal has been a challenge for nearly all investors. Those who claim to withdraw funds are part of the charm. These members are proxies to make the platform appear legit. The reason CNMV ISSUED A WARNING is due to the blockade issue.

Fund Safety 247SmartCapital

Is 247 Smart Capital Legit or a Scam?

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that doesn’t segregate accounts. All funds are held in a single account, putting funds at risk. In the event of bankruptcy or insolvency, no member will receive any compensation.

Our Verdict

After checking the platform, there’s no way we will recommend it. However, the platform has been listed as a high-risk investment platform.

The best way of investing and trading is using proven bots. We recommend using top-notch trading robots backed by experts. Choose the best trading bots next time you decide to invest.

Feel free to leave a comment or write to us with any queries.

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