2Invest Review: 2Invest.com a Suspicious Venture

2invest Review, 2invest company
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2Invest Review
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2Invest is a company that is regulated by the Seychelles financial body. However, the platform is only accepting investors from specific areas in the US. They have strict trading conditions. You can invest with other better companies in the industry.

2Invest is a company that restricts investors from other areas in the world from accessing their website. The entity is only targeting investors from Central and South America. Nonetheless, this is not an ideal venture to deal with.

The platform subjects its clients to insane requirements and fees. The entity is regulated, but this does not mean that they are worth your money. In this unbiased review, we shall provide you with all the necessary information.

2Invest has absurd trading conditions. The possibility of making money using 2Invest will entirely depend on the skills that you have as a trader. Seychelles government does not protect clients against the negative balance on their account.

Therefore, there are some shortcomings that you will have to deal with. There is no problem with investing with this entity, but it would be for your own good to look for a broker in an area with strict rules.

You can try out the best forex trading brokers in the market. These entities segregate their clients’ funds. Moreover, you will also have all the certainty that you need to show you that the platforms are reliable.

2Invest.com Review

The entity is dealing with Forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, CFDs, and indices. Investors’ can trade using various devices. You can choose to use your PC, or phone, or web. The entity also has educational classes.

We always suggest that you take your time before trading. You should perform thorough research. This helps in determining the legibility of a platform.  Before depositing a fund, the first thing to do is know the asset you want to trade.

The other step is to look for the best legit and favorable company. 2Invest offers over 350 trading assets to their customers. Investment is all about risks. We found that the minimum amount that 2Invest accepts is $250.

2invest Review, 2invest company

Educational materials are availed using videos, eBooks, and training courses. The entity having a license makes them stand out against scammers. However, the platform is not flawless as they have their own shortcomings.

2Invest does not charge a commission to their clients. The payment methods are also the ones that you can use while cashing out. If you do not belong to the stated countries, then you have to select another broker.

Trading Conditions

The entity has various trading feeds for its customers. The inactivity policy will start operating after 2 months of inactivity. This is a concise timeframe. Furthermore, 2Invest is charging double of what legit brokers suggest.

The entity also has charges on withdrawal requests. However, the statement is not very upfront. We gathered that you would have to pay a fee of $50. It is an outrageous requirement. Investors might end up spending all their money on these fees.

2Invest is not left behind when it comes to offering trading bonuses. If you do not meet the set requirements by the time you are requesting to cash out, you won’t receive your bonus. furthermore, the terms and conditions of this entity are also vague.

It will be for your own good to search for a better alternative in the market to save yourself from all these troubles. Moreover, a good investment company looks after the satisfaction of their clients. Smart investors will not gamble with their money in an unreliable entity.

The company is offering leverage of 1:500. Seychelles is one of the countries that do not set a limit for forex trading firms. Other financial bodies impose a fixed cap to protect their citizen against risks.

The process could go both ways, and this is because you can either make profits or huge losses. It is dangerous for novice traders to engage with such high leverage. You should first gain the skills before expose yourself to unfavorable conditions.

2Invest Withdrawal and Deposits

The least amount that you can deposit at 2Invest is not disclosed. However, before depositing your hard-earned money, you must compare the exchange with other licensed brokers. Avoid being exploited.

The entity avails an MT4 trading platform for its customers. It is not possible for investors who are not based in the specified areas to open an account. Therefore, some of the information is hard to obtain.

You can deposit money using Skrill, AstroPay, credit cards, Streamline, and Neteller. We always recommend that investors should use the credit card options whenever dealing with this entity.

Contact Details

2Invest can be contacted via email. The location of this venture is in Seychelles. Since the entity is regulated, we take that they have a professional team of customer support. The entity has several clients’ feedback on Trust Pilot.

Investor claims that the broker has helped them become financially free. Additionally, clients are assigned a manager that after signing up. Their customer claims that the platform has several trading tools for their clients.

The company is being praised for availing of the best trading platform. They consider 2Invest as a fair forex trading entity. We did not come across negative feedback from customers of this venture.

Regulation Status

Seychelles financial watchdog regulates the company. The regulatory body cannot be compared to other watchdogs in Europe when it comes to strictness. However, this creates confidence since it is better to be licensed rather than operating without minding the law.

2invest scam, 2invest regulation

The information provided by 2Invest indicates that two corporates manage their operation. One is regulated in Seychelles by CySEC, while the other is registered in Cyprus. The company has met the requirement of CySEC by having depositing an initial capital of $50,000.

Nonetheless, some shortcomings come along with 2Invest. The venture does not segregate traders’ accounts, and there is no certainty that your money is protected. We would therefore suggest you look for an alternative in venturing with companies with more strict measures.

The domain Insight

2Invest.com was registered in 2000 January. They have been in existence for 20 years. The company does not seem like it will be going away. Their domain will expire in 2025. The broker is transparent and has a few shortcomings. The traffic of the company is not that huge. According to Alexa.com, the entity has global traffic of 1,360,045.

Is 2Invest.com Legit?

The platform is not legit as multiple loopholes surround it. Therefore, investing with them will only leave a dent in your pocket. The venture does not have a license from a reputable financial body.

They are operating anonymously. There is nobody who knows the people that are running this company. Scammers work in this manner to avoid being put behind bars. Moreover, the contact details which this venture displays are false.

2Invest is a platform that will leave many investors high and dry. Once this venture exits the market, there is nothing that you can do. Nonetheless, the authority will not come to your rescue. It is illegal to advertise fraudulent firms. Trade carefully and avoid scammers at all costs.

Final Verdict

2Invest is allegedly licensed by the SFSA, which is the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. The website is made accessible in Spanish, English, and Portuguese language. Invest with legit forex trading companies that are reliable.

There are better forex investment companies that this entity. This is because the platform has hefty fees for their clients. Additionally, there are also some aspects which the brokers’  do not take into consideration, like negative balance protection.

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