360Traders Review: NFA Blacklisted Ponzi Scheme

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360Traders Review
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360Traders cannot have such a high number of clients.  Moreover, the venture is also offering Binary Options assets. These are very risky assets. The EU government does not recommend them to the investors.

360Traders is a platform that is targeting investors from around the globe but especially from the USA. The financial body of the United States has warned investors against investing in this scheme. Welcome to the unbiased review that exposes these fraudsters.

360Traders Review, 360Traders Company

You will not get a unique trading experience if you choose to risk your fund. The entity is collecting funds without observing the rules set by various financial bodies in the market. The platform is allegedly trading forex, CFDs, Crypto. They provide investors with unique products.

However, we highly doubt there are trading activities taking place. The exposed Ponzi scheme is not worth the take. The entity is asking investors to partner with them. They want to acquire more victims. We do not recommend referring new people to this venture, knowing what they are capable of.

Additionally, the scheme brags that it is the most profitable investment platform in the world. Sadly, these are false allegations. They are nowhere close to being reputable. Promising high returns does not make them the best broker.

The genuine cryptocurrency schemes that operate in full transparency are the ones you should give a try. They are also licensed, making your fund secure in their system. The customer support is also responsive and handles the query of investors in time.

360Traders.co Review

The entity boasts that it is available in over 89 countries. They are still growing and targeting more clients. The number of clients the firm displays confuses investors and makes it appear as though they are famous.

360Traders cannot have such a high number of clients.  Moreover, the venture is also offering Binary Options assets. These are very risky assets. The EU government does not recommend them to the investors.

The problem is that they are like gambling assets. Therefore, you predict whether the price will rise or fall. You need to register your account for you to enjoy the high returns. The firm states it has 10 payments methods but never cares to disclose them.

360Traders has over 100 assets. However, as mentioned, we don’t see any trading taking place. Payments are made by bank card and e-wallets. We are yet to see a successful investor who has cashed out from the system.

We cannot find any advantage of the company. All we see are red flags. The anonymity nature of the venture is shocking. If they are offering investment services, we should be able to see the people handing investors funds.

Who are the people behind 360Traders

The venture has several individuals that they feature on the website. The venture claims that it has hired the best team to help traders become successful. They will assist you in making the best decision in your trade.

We can see their director, account manager, programmer, and market analysis. No background history proves they are qualified. The financial institution they attended or their trading skills.

360Traders is a broker that lacks transparency. After thorough research, we discovered that they are using stock images. The real culprits running this venture are unknown. The scheme is not worth the take.

The features of 360Traders

The venture brags that it has outstanding features. The entity proclaims it is secure and safe. Therefore, investors have nothing to worry about. However, they are not licensed, meaning that their claims are false.

The entity is also holding ICO for the new cryptos that want to join the industry. We cannot mention even single crypto that has successfully conducted their coin offering on this platform. The payment methods that 360Traders accepts limit investors from issuing a chargeback.

360Traders.co Review 360Traders.co Features

The company also states that it has easy and fast payment methods. Investors receive funds daily. However, there is no proof of payment or screenshots to back up their narratives. The venture claims that investors can make 100% returns by trading binary options.

They leave out the important part that these are risky assets. Therefore, you can easily lose all your money in a blink of an eye. Investment activities are not all rosy. Scam ventures always steal from their customers.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The minimum amount that one can deposit in the company is $1 for binary options. The listed payment methods available are Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and Web Money. The broker claims that you will know the amount you expect to pay before even receiving the funds. The market is volatile, and you cannot ascertain the direction that the asset will take.

The entity has four super ridiculous investment plans. All 360Traders plans run for a period of 3 months. The minimum amount to deposit is $100. However, on their FAQ, the entity state that the least amount to cash in is $10. They cannot make their mind with shows lack of professionalism.

Investors are promised a 1.5% daily ROI and 135% after the expiry of the plan.  The silver package accepts cash in of 3,500. It guarantees a daily return of 2% and 180% after 90 days. The gold and platinum accounts offer 2.5% and 5% profits daily. The entity is also offering loans to its customers.

Our main concern is that there are no clients that verify they have earned via 360Traders. If the broker is as ideal as they claim, we would have no problem seeing people endorse them. 1.5% returns might not seem a lot, but even the best ventures in the market struggle to attain 30% monthly returns. Various factors affect the output that investors project to receive.

The Domain Insight

The entity claims it has a trading history. The domain name registration took place in April 2020. The venture aspires to be in the market for 3 years. They recently updated their domain. However, a long-span plan does not mean that they are legit. The traffic visiting the entity is insufficient.

The entity is no match for the reputable forex trading broker. They do not have a history in the market. For starters, the entity provides fluff content that does not shed light on its operations.

Contact Details

Customer support is available via email or by filling in the contact form. The entity office address is New York Times Square, 218 West 50 Street NY 0019, New York. This entity is not based in the United States.

They are fooling traders to appear legit. The reallocation of 360Traders is still a mystery. Ironically, the firm is claiming to generate high ROI, yet they cannot hire a qualified support team. You can expect a low-standard unethical response or no response at all to the query that you raise.

Regulation and Registration of 360Traders

The broker is a rogue platform that is illegally collecting funds from investors around the world. The NFA is one of the toughest watchdogs in the market. It does not allow the venture to collect funds from its citizens.

The body has even blacklisted 360Traders. Therefore, you should take the warning seriously and stay away from this dirty scheme. Investing with a licensed entity grants you peace of mind. You have the assurance your money is safe.

Final Verdict

Financial bodies in the market do not regulate 360Traders. They are operating as they please. There is also no evidence of investment products or services.

Invest with reputable crypto trading companies in the industry. These are genuine and transparent ventures that are sound and among the best in the world.

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