4xCapitals Review: A Ruthless Forex Trading Platform

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4XCapitals claims to be among the best forex trading platforms we have. However, from what we can see, members are extremely unhappy with the turn of events. In addition, 4X Capitals fails to allow members to withdraw funds. Please find out more in our detailed 4xcapitals.com review.

An offshore trading platform, 4xCapitals (4xcapitals.com), is one platform to avoid. The platform has been over the years failing to deliver on its promise of fair trading conditions. Now, there are several complaints from members who can’t withdraw. The platform is far from legit and is on the verge of collapsing. You need to understand why investing with 4X Capitals is a risk. Here’s our comprehensive 4XCAPITALS REVIEW.

A Brief Analysis of 4xCapitals

4xCapitals Review: Pros and Cons

There’s nothing to write home about when it comes to 4xCapitals services. The platform is a disgrace to the trading community. It’s an offshore trading platform claiming regulation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

You get a platform claiming to offer superior trading executions. But, judging from our experience, the platform is slow at executing trades. And this leads to heavy losses for members. We know that the platform greatly benefits from your losses.

Invest in reliable forex trading bots that offer accurate trading. You need to go for platforms that generate a clear investment strategy for investors. It would be best to have a robot that enjoys the backing of experts and the forex trading community.

4xCapitals is not your average trading platform. Even the terms and conditions put your funds at risk. And this is the reason why we have to expose the platform. All liability falls in the hands of the members.

After requesting a withdrawal, that’s when 4xcapitals.com will show its true colors. For the past few weeks, no members has had the chance to withdraw. So newbies are soft targets that the platform easily blocks their attempt to withdraw.

Before you engage with any trading platform, we suggest that you do due diligence. Try and find out what others are saying about the platform before signing up. You need to invest in a platform that openly generates a clear picture for trading.

Accounts 4xCapitals

4xCapitals offers three accounts to choose from. These three include Gold, Diamond, and Ruby. All these accounts use the same base currency, EUR, and USD. Most of these accounts share the same account features.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the three accounts;


For the gold account, the platform requires investors to make a minimum deposit of $250. Spreads come as low as 1.7 pips with the platform availing MT5 trading platform. The leverage for the platform is 1:100.


With the diamond account, investors must make a minimum deposit of $2,500. That’s ten times the amount you would use with the gold account. The issue is that the features are not all different from the gold account.


For the ruby account holder, the member must deposit $10,000. We believe the platform is also targeting institutional investors with this account. The leverage for the diamond and ruby account is 1:500.

Account Features

Accounts 4XCapitals

We must mention the unacceptable high leverage for the diamond and ruby accounts. Only skilled traders can take advantage of high leverage. Therefore, you are likely to lose a large trade volume with high leverage.

Regulators have moved to ensure all platforms adhere to fair trading conditions. And this means imposing maximum leverage of 1:100 in Europe. 1:50 is the maximum leverage for retail traders in the United States.

Account Managers

We were expecting the platform to avail newbies with account managers. Immediately you open an account with the platform, and you’re on your own. A legit trading platform will give newbies professional help to advance their trading.

Advanced tools for beginners

The platform claims to offer Tiqbee an advanced tool for beginners. From what we can gather, you can quickly get such information from the web. However, you must master using MT4 or MT5 trading terminals if you need advanced tools.

Affiliate Program

Before joining their affiliate program, you need to understand the risks. The platform fails to release commissions for affiliate members. You end up losing your commission and reputation over the miserable platform.

Are funds safe with 4xcapitals.com?

Your funds are far from safe with a platform without any credible regulation. The platform fails to segregate accounts or offer insurance cover to deposits made by clients. We also suspect the platform holds funds in a single personal account.

Available Trading Assets

Are funds safe with 4x Capitals?

There are five classes of trading assets available on the platform. These include commodities, crypto, forex, indices, and shares. In addition, you get to trade with your average household commodities such as wheat and sugar.

You get to trade major currencies paired with leading cryptos with a few crypto pairs. These cryptos include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. You also get a chance to trade with international markets such as DAX and DOW Jones.

When it comes to forex trading, it’s at the core of the platform. The platform avails major and minor pairs. You don’t get to spread your risks with exotic pairs. And this is no way of claiming to be an international brokerage house.

Traders get to own a piece of a company’s shares for a limited amount of time. You get to trade leading company stocks such as Tesla and Samsung. The platform also avails the FAANG group stocks, which are highly sort after.

Business Holder

Information on who owns or runs the platform remains hidden from the public eye. And this means we are dealing with an anonymous platform. The disclaimer at the footer of the homepage tries to sell a limited liability entity.

There are no names to match the CEO or Founders of 4xCapitals Limited Liability Company. We don’t get to see any profiles of staff members working for the platform. You need to avoid anonymous investment platforms as best as possible.

Client Testimony

Several clients have shared their experiences on social media platforms. Others openly discuss what they went through on leading crypto forum groups. However, it seems all share the same experience of failing to withdraw funds.

Once newbies hit the withdrawal tab, the platform emails them with banking details. You later get an email claiming funds were sent to you. Unfortunately, the bank balance doesn’t reflect the amount sent. Instead, it’s empty, which suggests no transfer took place.

Compliance, License and Registration 4xCapitals

Is 4xcapitals.com licensed or registered?

4xCapitals is not a regulated platform and holds no license from any offshore regulator. And this means your funds are at risk with an unregulated platform. Without any regulatory framework, the platform will operate using unfair trading practices.

You need to invest with platforms regulated by reputable regulators. These include ASIC, BaFIN, CFTC, CNMV, CONSOB, CySEC, and the FCA. Others include FINMA, FINTRA, NFA, and the SEC.

These regulators work to ensure all parties adhere to strict trading conditions. Most platforms will choose to go for offshore regulators since there aren’t any strict regulations. The platform fails to deposit the minimum required amount with regulators to start operating.

Contact and customer support

You don’t get any direct contact with support with 4X Capitals. What members get is a phone number that rarely goes through. We need to expose the platform’s inability to offer ample communication channels.

What we see is a platform that wants to control the communication channel. The only way to get a response is via email. And this is likely when you send a query regarding depositing funds. Withdrawing funds is out of the question.

Final Thoughts

We suggest you stay away from 4xCapitals as it’s a rogue forex trading platform.

Make the best out of trading with the best forex trading robots. These robots offer insightful tools on how best to conquer the forex markets.

If you have any queries, feel free to drop a comment or write to us.

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