9dayfx.com Review: 9dayfx is nothing but a scam

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9dayfx Review
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In a nutshell, we can all affirm that 9dayfx’s shortcomings outweigh its validators. Hence, the lack of regulation, use of suspicious forms of payment, provision of fake addresses, and of no mentioned personnel firmly uphold.

Currently, in the trading market, scammers have taken the toll of frustrating and scamming unsuspecting investors off their money. Amongst these scammers lies 9dayfx, an online trading platform that is claiming to be one of the most secure trading platforms globally.

9dayfx.com Review, 9dayfx.com Company

9dayfx’s website’s landing page makes some claims that come across as too good to be true. In the former, you’ll find multiple entries on Trading market tools, news, support wallet, and invest pad. However, removing it is still unclear if the company has yet to receive prerequisite mandatory approval. Consequently, we can only affirm or nullify its validity based on more intensive research on its immediate environmental features within the operation.

The consecutive segments of this review are meant to serve as a decision-making aid, enabling you to refrain from scammers. Fortunately, on the other hand, plenty of legitimate, trustworthy, professional, profitable, and transparent trading platforms exist only a click away from you.

9dayfx.com Review

9dayfx comes across as reliable due to the carefully laid out website. However, intrinsic investigation of some of its core elements proves otherwise. Firstly, this online trading platform claims unrealistically to be the leading global, most secure trading platform. Additionally, the websites put across a request to join the “fastest growing exchange in the cryptocurrency market -world globally. Another insult to injury is the preposterous allegations that 9dayfx’s online trading platform charges the least fees.

9dayfx reveals action prompts; start trading and login where you, as a prospective trader, should choose from. Moreover, a couple of accessible markets are enlisted. However, the legitimacy of the enlisted markets is a matter of concern since no formal regulators are involved.

Additionally, queen buzzer being an offshore broker spreads false rumors about its regulation. This online trading platform states that it owns a registered office address belonging to the company at  5 wood wells Road Birmingham England B8 2TH  Ironically, when the given address was checked on Google Maps, the list of companies present at this location did not seem to contain a coin buzzer.

9dayfx regulation and licensing

9dayfx claims to be a United Kingdom-registered company. Notably, the stated geographic demographic is home to one of the strictest online trading market regulators. The FCA in the UK sternly bans the provision of CFD in crypto to all global clients. The former reason is attributed to increasingly formidable losses. 

Consequently, due to the reason above, 9dayfx can’t have offices in London, given the FCA ban on crypto CFDs. Hence, this online trading company is nothing but an unregulated offshore brokerage firm, and any form of indulgence with their services will be bound to reap losses due to procedural obscurity.

Because 9dayfx lacks the necessary regulation, the possibility of your deposit getting squandered and misused is very high. Therefore, make sure that before you deal with any broker, it is fully capacitated and accredited; otherwise, you may fall victim and get your withdrawal withheld from you by these scammers.

9dayfx trading software

9dayfx owns the software, similar to the standard MetaTrader Software but substandard in terms of features and efficiency. The website appears as an extremely far cry compared to the standard MetaTrader.

9dayfx’s software lacks commonly essential features such as; rudimentary TA features and automated trading. Alarmingly, this scam enables the revelation of manipulated trading volumes that are unreal to attract investors. Consequently, note that as a prospective trader, all you come across on this online platform’s software is mirrors and smoke. Thus, do not let your money get stolen due to aimless claims. 

9dayfx conditions of trading

The stipulation of various broker trading conditions is an essential factor in the decision-making process that aids you on whether to trade with the company or not. Interestingly, this online trader provides little to no information on this scene. 

In other words, key features such as the spread limit are left out on the website’s page. The former causes an impossibility of tracking spread limits.

The leverage levels offered by this online trading platform are advertised as 5. This leverage level is unrealistic for any retail crypto client due to the much-experienced volatility in crypto assets.

The provision of these trade margins does not favor the client’s funds’ safety but aims to entice new prospective traders. Therefore, let not the numbers trick you into falling for this marketing strategy.

9dayfx withdrawal, deposit means, and any affiliate fees

9dayfx online trading platform only allows payments that assume the form of crypto  A couple of cryptocurrencies enlisted as acceptable include; Bitcoin, USDT Omni, Tron, USDT ERC-20, USDT BEP-20, USDT TRC-20, and Litecoin.

Applying crypto payments warrants caution since most scammers tend to incline toward such. The catch behind it is that all crypto payments are anonymous, and no form of tracing is achievable in the event of a scam. Hence, the formerly stated loophole allows a chance for scammers to accrue and disappear into the blues without fear of any negative sanction. The lack of chargeback needs you to be on the lookout before you make any form of a deposit to 9dayfx. 

Astonishingly, there lies no minimum threshold deposit amount. However, the former should not fool you, given the obscurity observed.

Online reputation and website security

Currently speaking, the website launched on September 3rd, 2022. The former means that 9dayfx’s website is less than three months old. This feature is an outright red flag since more time is needed by any legitimate firm which claims topnotch experience within the market industry.

 How can a two-month-old website guarantee you the profits acclaimed if they rank as infants on time scale bases? However, credible, experienced, loyal, transparent, and well-facilitated online trading platforms await you in the comfort of your living space.

Another feature is the SSL certificate that validates that 9dayfx’s website uses an HTTP connection. Any form of data shared is encrypted securely, thus disallowing any third parties from accessing the information for malicious use.

The website’s proximity to shady and malicious websites standouts supplemented by a threat profile of 78/100 and very high phishing, spam, and malware scores.

Identity of ownership

This trading platform’s lack of real owners prompts the arousal of relentless questions. 9dayfx gives little to no information on the leadership team behind its operation; Therefore, would you trust a stranger with your hard-earned money?

One paramount and aversive factor is the lack of named executive members or the software team behind its creation. This information gap may be the best reason for you to steer clear from such endeavors, which may lead your money to get swept down the drain.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, we can all affirm that 9dayfx’s shortcomings outweigh its validators. Hence, the lack of regulation, use of suspicious forms of payment, provision of fake addresses, and no mentioned personnel firmly upholds that not investing in 9dayfx is the only logical decision at this point. Why fall into a trap after coming across several stop signs?

On the contrary, legitimacy, transparency, and regulation are essential factors in any online tradg platform. Therefore, a consultation with these platforms that check all the requirements in your checklist is a must-do for your safety and your funds.


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