Abitexpert Review: Abitexpert.com is it Legit?

Abitexpert Review, Abitexpert Company
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Abitexpert Review
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Abitexpert is a Ponzi scheme that is targeting novice traders. Those that are naïve to believe that you can become rich overnight. The only guarantee you have with this broker is that you are going to lose your earnings. Invest with reliable forex trading companies instead.

Abitexpert is a company that is operating against the law. The platform claims that it is dealing with multiple assets like stocks, cryptos, and others. The venture is clearly another scam that does not care about making anyone rich.

If you choose to venture with them, you will only be fulfilling the dream of the people running this entity to become rich. There is no point of emptying your pocket dry in a losing system. It is fascinating that this company brags it is tracing a billionaire’s investment strategies to duplicate their returns.

Abitexpert Review, Abitexpert Company

The investment plans of this shady entity are absurd. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $1000. It is very expensive, and even the legit platform does not charge anything close to this. The duration that the firm takes to generate profits for their customers is not clearly outlined.

The returns range from 35% to 85%. The more money you deposit, the higher your gains will be. The entity states that it is operating as per the requirement of the law. However, we highly doubt this, and we shall discuss it in details.

Abitexpert Review

Abitexpert website is another waste of cyberspace. First of all, this entire platform is stupid enough to fake their history. It is very easy to spot the red flag. Based on the information this entity avails it shows that it is the most senior online investment venture.

The company states that it has been in the industry for a period of 15350 days. This is a big joke and a quick search on whois.com you will realize that the domain is only a few months old. Another false thing is the number of clients that the venture claims to have.

Abitexpert allegedly has over 23K customers. The best companies in their initial stages do not have such an audience. They have to build their reputation first.

The registration process is free and fast. After you deposit funds, you can start trading. The entity is selling various assets like stocks, forex, indices, and commodities.  Moreover, clients of this entity can utilize the opportunity and trade using the available tools.

Abitexpert presents an opportunity for their clients to use various gadgets to earn. Additionally, they claim to have world-class security measures. Unlike fraudulent ventures, this entity has built a solid reputation. The entity claims that it is working with renown financial institutions to safeguard traders money.

The entity made its first digital footprint in August 2018. They have survived for a couple of years and despite some traders not having faith in the entity they proved otherwise. The venture provides the popular MT4 trading interface to their customers.

Additionally, they have a trading application for mobile devices and software. You can download the bot directly from their website. The entity is accepting a minimum amount of R3500.  Despite the market having all kind of scammers, Abitexpert is a reliable trading partner.

Is Abitexpert.com Legit?

The trading company is offering multiple trading assets to its clients. You can trade commodities like silver, gold, and oil. Moreover, there are many currencies pairs that you can also exploit. Investors who have ventured with Abitexpert state that there is no problem when it comes to cashing out.

The entity is also serving investors in Asia. The business is growing steadily. The entity also claims it is working with experienced professionals in the industry. The company accepts funds via Visa, Master Card, Skrill, and Neteller.

Investors who might be satisfied with the platform can invest with other licensed forex trading brokers. Reputable financial watchdogs in the world regulate these platforms. Moreover, the ventures also have the best customer support.

Educational Material

There is the basic information that helps investors to get the general knowledge of trading. You will learn how to manage your capital. Novice traders will understand the advantage of trading forex, various orders that one can execute. At the end of the day, investors will be able to use indicators and study graphs. It is a great place for a startup.

Abitexpert displays that it is an award-winning venture. One of the awards is allegedly for being a fast-growing broker in 2019. The other one is for the best CFD in Asia. You can visit their website to see more of these awards. There is no proof of this information whatsoever.

Abitexpert Regulation Status

Investors wondering if Abitexpert is a regulated company, we can affirm that this is a scam venture. The financial watchdog in the market does not license the platform. Avoid this entity not to lose funds.

The corporate that oversees and manages the financial activities of the entity is also anonymous. Your money is not secure in this venture. Investors from all over the world should stay away from this venture. Disappointments will follow, and withdrawal will not be processed.

Licensed entities ensure there is segregation of funds. Therefore, the money which investors cash in cannot be misused by the founders. Additionally, in the case of bankruptcy, you will be compensated. Nonetheless, offshore regulatory bodies do not have strict measures compared to watchdogs like SEC, and FCA.

Contact Details

Abitexpert is located at Claude Debusslyaan 10, Vinoly Tower, 3hg, 1082 MD Amsterdam, Netherland. It appears like a transparent venture that provides all the necessary data to win the trust of traders. In case you have any query, the entity suggests you visit their offices.

Furthermore, you can also utilize the telephone number which the entity provides or their email address. The customer support of Abitexpert is reportedly responsive and reliable. They handle the request of their clients on time. Unfortunately, it is hard to verify these claims since the reviews which clients have left behind raise mixed reaction.

Abitexpert Client Feedback

The platform has a number of positive reviews from their clients. Their customers are recommending the entity to the public. One client states that he only encountered a problem twice in the two years he has been a member of Abitexpert.

Clients state that the customer support team responds in time. Moreover, they also verify that their license is legit. Newbies also encourage other novice starters not to shy away and join this entity. The company is being presented as one that will hold your hand throughout the process.

Abitexpert Scam Review, Abitexpert Account Details

They also have a demo account that familiarizes investors in the trading activity. Additionally, the support team informs traders in advance of any changes in the platform. Clients also affirm that it is not the best venue in the market, but it is still fantastic.

However, the entity also has a negative review that they are yet to respond to. Abitexpert is being accused of pressuring traders to cash in funds. Those that call potential clients fail to elaborate on how the platform works. They are warning people not to invest. One trade claims the entity made him lose 20000 rands.

There is also another one who accuses the entity of being a scam. The money that they deposited does not reflect on their main account. Every investment venture is not everyone cups of tea. All in all, positive reviews outdo the negative ones. We shall keep a close eye on this entity. You be the judge as we do not make an investment decision for our audience.

Final Verdict

Abitexpert claims to have a learning centre whereby they educate their customers on how to trade. The company avails multiple tools and learning materials. Information is presented using webinars, news, seminars, and videos.

Using these data, the platform states that one can gain adequate valuable skills. However, we do not know the quality of information to expect from this entity. It would be best to avoid them. Invest with reliable forex trading companies in the market.

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