Acceptrade Review: Yes, is an Illegitimated Company

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Acceptrade Review
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Once this firm exits the industry nobody will come to your rescue. Acceptrade is targeting investors from the UK without having the necessary documents. The FCA has already blacklisted this firm. This is an awakening call to anyone who still has doubt about this venture.

Acceptrade presents an unmatched trading opportunities for their clients. The venture states that it understands the needs of investors. However, this platform has multiple red flags. If you want to give them access to your funds, we suggest you hold that thought.

The venture is not legit and they are operating in an offshore area. The firm claims it has multiple trading tools. They promise fast trading execution. The company state that it guides investors.

However, this is an illegitimate scheme that will exit the industry when investors least expect it. They also claim to offer the best trading education. They aim to assist clients in their financial activities without hurting their pockets. Review, Company

Acceptrade claims it is safe. Investors can access the website at any time. The venture is anonymous. They do not show the people that are managing this firm. How can you trust people that you do not know? The firm lacks transparency.

Make sure that you invest with the best forex trading firms in the industry. They are reputable and you can read their happy clients’ reviews. Moreover, you will generate passive income while you grow your portfolio. Review

The company claims it has a tight spread and flexible leverage. There are multiple investment platforms in the market. All of them brag about being the best. Therefore, it becomes a daunting task for the investors to distinguish between a legit and a scam firm.

However, it is easy to know the best firm for you. You need to check on the past trading activity of a firm. The legit broker avails such information to gain the trust of traders. Unfortunately, Acceptrade does not feature such materials.

The broker is trading CFDs, commodities, cryptos, indices, and forex. The entity provides education material for its customers. We cannot attest whether they offer quality information or bogus data. The tools that the firm has are allegedly top-notch in the industry.

We suspect that this firm is not involved in trading activities. They brag about having over 250 assets. Unfortunately, we do not know the forex pairs available. The broker does not intend to maximize profits for their clients.

You can learn to trade by researching online and signing up with legit platforms. Investors who take the time to understand how online investment operates become successful. Ensure you get the best trading analysis by trusting only transparent firms.

Customer Support

Acceptrade address is Nancy Whiticker House, 7 Old Street, Roseau, Dominica. This is an offshore investment firm that you should stay away from. There is an email address and a phone number that you can use to reach the broker.

However, there is no existence of customer feedback. Hence, we do not know if the entity is responsive. Moreover, offshore companies stop responding after receiving money from their victims.

The platform will give you all kinds of excuses. They will even ask for more money. In most times traders give up because there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Before you realize you have been scammed you lose a lot of money.

Acceptrade Review, Acceptrade Contact Details

Therefore, the best thing is to stay away from shady firms. You will sleep peacefully knowing that you entrust your money to a genuine broker. Transparent companies avail information of their team.

Investors have the guarantee that their personal data is secure. Use your time to accomplish other objectives rather than worrying about your safety. Professional support team is friendly and reliable.

Acceptrade Withdrawal and Deposits

Acceptrade is accepting money via Visa, MasterCard, and Wire transfers. The entity also offers trading bonuses to traders. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250. They are also charging more than the standard market.

They have three investment plans that have tempting rewards. However, before you trust them kindly note that you must meet the necessary trading volume to withdraw the amount.

Trading Conditions of Acceptrade

Once you sign up with Acceptrade you will not know what you are getting yourself into. The platform does not disclose the leverage that you will attain. The spread is also unknown. If you invest with them it will be a blind move.

The company might promise risky offers like 1:500 leverage. The financial bodies limit the leverage to 1:50. This is to help investors not make the wrong decision. Ensure the spread that you accept is according to the market standard which is 1.5.

Regulation and Registration  

The government of this area is not strict. They do not oversee the trading activities. Therefore, the funds of the clients are not safeguarded in a separate accounts. The venture will do as it pleases and even changing their terms and conditions.

Acceptrade is a company that does not follow any of the set rules. The venture will not compensate you once they leave the market. The legitimacy of this firm is in question. They are ignorant about the law.

The platform offers high leverage that is beyond what the financial bodies permit. The firm can change their term to suit their needs. Once this firm exits the industry nobody will come to your rescue. Acceptrade is targeting investors from the UK without having the necessary documents. The FCA has already blacklisted this firm. This is awakening call to anyone who still has doubt about this venture.

The Domain Insight is a firm that was registered in December 2019. The domain shall expire in December 2021. They are exploiting their clients and the founder’s information is not available. Their global online engagement is 3,616,223.

The traffic visiting this website is low. Therefore, this shows individuals are not interested in the services of this firm. If you are trading with this broker, you risk your safety.

Reasons to Avoid Acceptrade

The company does not show the minimum amount that investors can cash out. Additionally, the firm does not disclose any fees that they are charging. You might end up losing more funds than you deposited.

Moreover, Acceptrade does not have a sound customer support team. The location of this firm is shady. It is known for all the wrong reasons. The financial analyst and the account managers are anonymous.

Therefore, you will not the qualification that these people possess. Stay away from offshore entities as none of them intend to provide the best services to traders. The trading conditions of this firm are unfavorable.

Moreover, the FCA blacklists them. You should take this red flag seriously. Your information and money are at high risk. Instead of wasting time in a losing venture, we suggest that you find a better broker.

Final Verdict  

Acceptrade is a shady firm it shows many red flags that make them unworthy of investors’ trust. Any government in the world does not regulate the firm. The firm is a notorious scam firm that we believe they are not involved in trading activities.

The entity is another offshore firm that you should be wary of. The whereabouts of this broker will remain unknown once this venture collapses. There is genuine ventures that you can use to get real-time returns.

Sign up today with a legit forex company that have the best interest of their clients. Their trading history can be verified as they avail trading results. There are also multiple client feedback in the market. Therefore, you can make a sober decision.


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