Act4trades Review: a Deceitful Company

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Act4trades Review
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Act4trades is supposed to report its trading activities to the Financial Conduct Authority. Sadly, this is something that the scheme does not adhere to. In the legal document, the scam purports it has a license from Estonia. The information is misleading. 

Act4trades is a tactical venture. Opening an account is easy and fast. The venture promises investors tight spreads. It allegedly has the best trading tools and advanced charts. Hence, clients should expect nothing but a great outcome. The firm also guarantees profitable signals. 

Act4trades Review, Act4trades Company

Clients can expect notification when the market moves in their favor. They also avail an economic calendar. It keeps traders on the toes regarding what is happening in the financial industry. The firm also provides trading news. One of the features that the scheme is bragging about includes; having expert financial analysts. 

Unfortunately, we cannot validate if this information is true. Act4trades does not provide data of their team. We are in the dark concerning their educational background and qualification in trading. Anonymity is not something to be proud of, especially when offering financial services. 

If you want to trade successfully, you need to choose a reliable and transparent crypto trading venture. You will have peace of mind and assurance that qualified financial managers will provide guidance. Moreover, you can check the performance of the entities. Review

Act4trades allegedly has been in the market for ten years. Hence, acquiring great financial insight. The platform does not mention anything about being in the industry using a different name. We find it lame for a venture to fake its history. According to, the broker was established in December 2020. 

They plan to exit the market after a year. Companies that have such a short timeframe tend to be fraudulent. You should not join them as it would lead to huge losses. There is no guarantee of privacy. Therefore, watch out and be mindful of the brokers you trust.

The platform also claims to have won numerous awards. However, these are false claims. The website is beautifully designed. This should not deceive you into thinking the scammers are for any good. This is a Ponzi scheme that does not qualify to call itself a broker. There is no functional trading interface.  Turning a blind eye to the several warnings would lead to negative results. 

How Does Act4trades Operate?

Ponzi schemes are tactical. They will always try to persuade innocent investors to join them. They use a beautiful interface and promise ideal trading conditions. However, when you give them your money, a change of events takes place. The contact details that you share will be used by their sales reps. 

Once trust has been built, the Ponzi scheme will show you how good your account is performing. They will ask for more money. Innocently you will deposit and hope for the best. Once you request a withdrawal, the firm will try to come up with excuses. 

The reality is that people do not have the financial knowledge to come up with an incompetent website. They fill it with fluff content and false hopes. Expert traders would never fall for the financial narrative of the con artists. This leaves them with only rookie clients to torment.

Trading Conditions of Act4trades

The broker provides an MT4 that belongs to another company. The trading conditions that the entity provides are unreliable. They do not relate to their business. The possibility of no trading activities happening in the entity is high. In this regard, we cannot discuss the leverage and spread to expect.

Act4trades has three investment accounts. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250. The listed products include; forex, commodities, crypto, and indices. There are allegedly over 15000 assets to be traded. 

The fraudulent scheme also promises investors negative account protection. One can also trade automatically, and the account setup is free. The more funds you are willing to invest, the greater the rewards to expect.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The least amount that you can deposit in the entity is $250. Expect fees when trading with Act4trades. However, the scheme does not bother to reveal the actual amount. The scheme is unworthy of investors’ trust. Review, Features

You won’t be able to get your money off Act4trades. Scammers have hidden fees that they will only disclose when you ask for the withdrawal. There are multiple legit and genuine forex trading entities in the world that you can rely on.

Regulation Status of Act4trades

Since this platform expects investors to believe they are operating from the UK, it should have a license from the FCA. The financial body of the United Kingdom (FCA) has strict rules for all investment firms. A venture ought to deposit capital of 730K EUR. The funds prove a venture can withstand the volatility of the market. 

Additionally, in case a venture becomes insolvent, then clients can receive compensation. A legit company must also work with a reputable tier 1 bank. The funds are stored in separate accounts. Hence, the broker cannot misuse the amount for their greedy needs. 

Act4trades is supposed to report its trading activities to the Financial Conduct Authority. Sadly, this is something that the scheme does not adhere to. In the legal document, the scam purports it has a license from Estonia. The information is misleading. 

The entity could choose to close down its business without giving notice to traders. Even if you report them to the authorities, there isn’t much that the government could do. The Ponzi scheme is operating behind the shadows. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

Act4trades brags it has excellent trading services for its clients. You cannot get a hold of support if you have an issue with the platform. The company is using false contact details and locations. Therefore, if you face any trouble, forget about receiving professional support.

The legit ventures in the market are reputable. They do everything in their power to ensure traders get world-class services. They even have active social media accounts whereby customers can engage with them. If you encounter a reckless investment venture that does not care about the services clients receive or destroy their PR, the chances of the fraudulent venture are extremely high. 

Is Act4trades a genuine Company?

No, the scheme is not regulated, and they lie to investors they have a regulatory document from Estonia. Offshore anonymous schemes do not care about the safety of their customers’ money. You will lose everything if you are not careful. Another red flag is that the scheme lies; it has won several awards. 

The titles go back to a time when Act4trades had not been established. Faking their history in the industry is another major loophole. It proves the venture can say anything to win the trust of traders.

The venture is accepting money via cryptocurrency payment. You cannot issue a chargeback once you cash in. Avoid this dangerous Ponzi scheme at all costs. Their actual location is also another mystery. Upon checking to see what their customers have to say about the company, we found nothing. 

Lack of client review despite the Ponzi scheme claiming to have been in the market for years does not paint a good picture about the venture. Find yourself a food investment scheme that will help you attain your financial goals. 

Final Verdict

Act4trades is a nasty venture. We are exhausted on why you should stay away from the company. Investment is a great way of earning an extra coin. However, if you choose the wrong company, you will have yourself to blame. 

Here is a list of some of the well-established cryptocurrency investment schemes in the world. These genuine ventures have no intention of defrauding their clients. You will improve your trading skills. 

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