Acumen Trade Review: a Dirty Scam

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Acumen Trade Review
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Acumen Trade is a platform that has no intention of blowing up its cover. The entity is very keen on the information that it shares. It does not show the location of their office address. Additionally, they are not regulated.

Acumen Trade is a company that presents itself as a world-leading venture. The entity allegedly assists investors to trade with confidence. The venture states it has millions of investors already using its website. You do not need to have any prior skills as you can copy expert traders’ orders.

Unfortunately, this is an entity that we do not advise investors to use. The broker is another scam that is untrustworthy. According to the platform, it does not charge commission, management, or ticket fees. Moreover, you can trade your desired volume without any limits.

Acumen Trade Review, Acumen Trade Company

Acumen Trade claims that it offers economically beneficial services to investors. The venture is accepting clients from all over the world. Sadly, it is violating multiple rules that have been set to protect investors.

The venture states it has a professional team. Nonetheless, they do not see the importance of introducing them to the public. We can only take this as a bluff.  If indeed there are experts involved then the firm should credit them for their great services.

Instead of investing with a venture that is surrounded with uncertainty try out these best forex trading brokers. You are going to earn decent returns. Moreover, they are licensed. Hence, you will get maximum fund safety from them. Review

Acumen Trade is a platform that is a venture that claims tit process the withdrawal requests of investors in time. Moreover, it guarantees 24/7 customer support services to investors. The entity also states it has the best affiliate marketing system.

We assume that this is their only source of income. In regards to the security of the platform they only have a DDoS certificate. This is not enough to guarantee your safety. Moreover, the people that you should be wary of are the ones that are running this scam.

Acumen Trade has profitable plans awaiting their clients. The chances of you losing all your savings are very high with this venture. Moreover, the firm has unique designs as one of its features. The numbers that the broker is bragging about are only meant for marketing purposes.

For instance, the venture states it is available in over 140 countries and has millions of existing clients. Unfortunately, the company is barely a year old. Moreover, even the best leading forex investment firms in their initial stages don’t have such amount of audience.

Additionally, the statement cannot be verified.  Fund safety is something that you should not expect from fraudulent ventures. There are better firms in the market that you can use. Our best advice is for you to boycott the services of this Ponzi scheme.

Acumen Trade Trading Conditions

Acumen Trade has three investment plans for its customers. Their starter plan requires a deposit of $1000 to $3000. It runs for 7 days and promises a daily profit of 10%. The Premium package on the other hand accepts an amount of $3000-$10000. The plan runs for 10 days and investors should expect a daily yield of 15%.

The Gold plan is the one that has huge returns. It provides traders with daily returns of $25 for 2 weeks. This is nothing but a get-rich-quick scheme. Even if they are using the best trading bots it is not possible to attain such returns.

Acumen Trade Review, Acumen Trade Accounts

Additionally, we are yet to encounter an investor that has generated these returns. The broker is a dirty scheme that is not worth your time. They do not even mention the leverage or the spread that investors should expect.

The information about the dormant account is also missing. This is not a mistake as there is no investment service taking place in this scheme. The broker will only exploit those that decide to join them.

Withdrawal and Deposit

Acumen Trade accepts money only via cryptocurrency. It is a perfect payment method for scammers because it helps them to conceal their identity. The minimum amount that the broker is accepting is also too high.

You can get a better genuine platform that charges less than $1000. Nonetheless, the Ponzi scheme does not disclose the time it takes to process the withdrawal requests of traders. Additionally, we do not know if there are charges.

Acumen Trade is a discreet good-for-nothing fraudulent scheme. They are not going to process your withdrawal request. Therefore, you should do the right thing and stay away from them. It will save you the agony of following them up.

Acumen Trade Registration and Regulation

Acumen Trade is a company that claims to have a license from CySEC, and the FCA. Moreover, the firm assures investors their money is highly protected. The firm will never share your personal info with a third party without asking for permission.

However, this is a confusing scam that is not on the list of legit entities in the above financial bodies. Moreover, the entity implies that it is operating from the USA. The country has a watchdog that is very strict.

NFA does not recognize Acumen Trade as a legit venture. The company is not following any rules. Their only intention is to get their hands at your hard-earned money. If you deal with licensed platforms you stand a chance of being compensated once the firm becomes bankrupt.

Avoid unregulated offshore entities that lie about their geographical location and regulatory status. You will save yourself from the high risks of losing money. The terms and conditions of this venture show that it is not a serious firm.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Acumen Trade is a platform that has no intention of blowing up its cover. The entity is very keen on the information that it shares. It does not show the location of their office address. Moreover, there is no email, or a phone number left behind.

Any attempt of contacting the company customer support team will hit a hard rock. There is no benefit that comes with investing with an anonymous broker. The dirty scheme is not trustworthy. Additionally, a legit business would not ruin their reputation but leaving out the essential info.

You should ask yourself once you sign up in Acumen Trade and encounter a problem how are you going to resolve the issue. The firm does not have transparency. Sharing your personal data with such a broker is unwise.

The Domain Insight is a company that made its first digital insight in April 2020. The domain name shall expire in April 2021. Therefore, this is not a broker that you should trust it will be in the market in the future.

Once they meet their goal their system will be shut down. Moreover, it will be hard going after them because the firm leaves no information behind. The entity has an Alexa global ranking of 4,720,882. The location of the audience of this venture is not known. Invest with companies that are reputable and transparent.

Final Verdict

Acumen Trade displays multiple payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Maestro, and Neteller. However, they are only taking money via crypto. We do not know why they are advertising false information.

Invest with reputable forex trading companies that do not advertise misleading returns. You will earn real-time passive income. These are the best brokers that will help you attain your long term goals. Sign up with them today.

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