Ad My Dream Review: A Crowdfunding MLM Company
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Ad My Dream is a crowdfunding company that is operating from hong Kong. mentions Xing Yang and Anne Jonch as the founders of the company. There is some contradictory information available about the origins of this company, which makes it a suspicious company. Furthermore, the company markets itself as some sort of modern crowdfunding platform. However, its business model revolves around only affiliate membership. So let’s review this company in detail to make a decision about whether you should invest in it.

What is Ad My Dream?

Ad My Cream claims to be a platform that can fulfill all of your dreams by providing you with the fastest method of growing business via ad crowdfunding. It is trying to attract the users by saying that once you become a part of the advertising network, you will gain access to a lot of services and other incentives.

The website of the company mentions several features to convince users to invest in the company. Such features include the development of a personalized landing page, targeted ad campaigns, and 24/7 support. However, there is no proof if the company actually offers any of these benefits.

Founders of Ad My Dream

Xing Yang and Anne Jonch are the owners of the Ad My Dream. Both of them are involved in AMD AD Dream LTD as well. The website does not give any substantial information about AMD AD Dream. However, it is clear that AMD AD Dream LTD. is the sole shareholder of There are no social media profiles of Yang and Jonch, which means there is no other official record of these individuals available on the internet.

An interesting thing to note here is the fact that a company was registered in the UK in 2017 by Chelsea Anne Jonch. It is highly likely that this is the same person as the owner of Ad My Dream. It makes the origins of the company quite ambiguous. Moreover, the address given on belongs to an Offshore Company Corporation. There seems to be no physical office of this company in Hong Kong, which contradicts its claims. It is not far-fetched to assume that it is highly possible that the website gives false information about its directors and founders.

Domain Insights

The analysis of by Alexa shows that Germany (50%) is contributing a huge majority of the traffic to the website. Moreover, Austria (18%) is also one of the largest sources of website traffic. This analysis shows that it is possible that someone is running the company from a European country and not Hong Kong. This suspicion is solidified by the fact that many parts of the website are in German. Compensation plan, especially, is in German.

Overall, the design and content of is unimpressive, to say the least. One can easily note a lot of grammatical and spellings mistakes of common words like successful. This shows that whoever developed and wrote content on it did not pay much attention to it. In fact, their entire attention seems to be on getting investment from the users instead of explaining their services and working procedures.

Ad My Dream

Products Offered by Ad My Dream does not offer any retail product or service. It is not a surprise from this type of company. The only way to take part in the income plan of Ad My Dream is by buying its affiliate membership. Once you become its affiliate, you will have to buy matrix positions to earn the opportunity of making profits. The profits are primarily given in the form of ad credits that you can use to show ads

Compensation Structure of Ad My Dream

Each matrix position of Ad My Dream costs $5. You have to recruit new members to keep earning profits. A 2×15 matrix structure is used. It means that an affiliate is at the highest position of a matrix while two positions are under them. These two positions are on the first level of the matrix. When these positions split, the second level of the matrix is formed. As a result, total of four positions are created.

A total of fifteen levels are available in the matrix. Fifteen levels mean total 65,534 positions. There are two main ways through which these positions are filled. Direct recruitment and indirect recruitment by affiliates. However, the company pay an only ten-cent commission when positions are bought and filled up to the first fourteen levels. On the fifteenth level, 15 cents is paid.

Income Breakdown gives the following income plan:

  • Earn on level 1 by purchasing 1 matrix position.
  • Generate on level 2 by purchasing 2 matrix positions.
  • Earn on level 3 by purchasing 4 matrix positions.
  • Generate on level 4 by purchasing 8 matrix positions.
  • Earn on level 5 by purchasing 16 matrix positions.
  • Generate on level 6 by purchasing 32 matrix positions.
  • Earn on level 7 by purchasing 64 matrix positions.
  • Generate on level 8 by purchasing 128 matrix positions.
  • Earn on level 9 by purchasing 256 matrix positions.
  • Generate on level 10 by purchasing 384 matrix positions.
  • Earn on level 11 by purchasing 512 matrix positions.
  • Generate on level 12 by purchasing 640 matrix positions.
  • Earn on level 13 by purchasing 768 matrix positions.
  • Generate on level 14 by purchasing 896 matrix positions.
  • Earn on level 15 by purchasing 1024 matrix positions.

The entire income breakdown seems really unfair. You have to buy a lot of positions to generate a good income. Instead, you should use the crypto trading bots to earn maximum profits. These bots have very less risk involves and provide you with flexible and transparent plans which help you in generating good income. 

Referral Commissions

Ad My Dream promises a 10% direct referral commission whenever a directly recruited affiliate buys a $5 matrix position. Other than the referral commissions, the company also promises a matching bonus. The affiliates who manage to fill all positions of a matrix level get the matching bonus.

Moreover. the company gives the following breakdown for the Infinity bonuses:

  • Earn a 1% infinity bonus by making $10,000
  • Generate a 2% infinity bonus by making $50,000
  • Earn a 3% infinity bonus by making $100,000
  • Generate a 4% infinity bonus by making $500,000
  • Earn a 5% infinity bonus by making $1,000,000
  • Generate a 6% infinity bonus by making $2,000,000
  • Earn a 7% infinity bonus by making $5,000,000
  • Generate an 8% infinity bonus by making $10,000,000
  • Earn a 9% infinity bonus by making $59,000,000
  • Generate a 10% infinity bonus by making $100,000,000


The above review shows that Ad My Dream is a traditional MLM pyramid scheme that is only using crowdfunding to seem legit. It falsely describes itself as a leading crowdfunding platform. The whole business structure of this company is based on affiliate membership. Old members get money from the Investment of the new members.

Since the company does not have any external source of income, it is clear that the company will greatly suffer when its recruitment will stop. Eventually, the company will collapse. Most of your money will be with the managers and founders of the company. While you will suffer financial losses.

You should not spend your money on buying matrix positions of Ad My Dream. Instead, use the modern and trusted crypto trading bots. These bots offer maximum support and security to help you earn money. Moreover, crypto trading bots are quick and efficient which can help you maximize your profits. In this wa, you will not have to worry about the imminent collapse of a suspicious crowdfunding company like 

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