Afribay Invest Review: a Nasty Scam

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Afribay Investment Review
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Afribay is a company that is a complete waste of time. It is an offshore broker targeting novice traders. Unfortunately, investors will eventually lose their funds after trusting this scam. Instead of being scammed you can use reliable platforms to earn profits.

Afribay Invest claims that it is the most reliable source of income in the market. The entity deals with Forex trading activities. Moreover, they are accepting investors across the globe. However, you should not be carried away is this is another tactical scam that has plagued the industry.

Unfortunately, there are no financial activities taking place in this entity. The platform brags that it has a professional team. Therefore, investors only need to deposit funds and sit back, awaiting their profits.

The fantasy is not logical, and you won’t find an expert trader wasting his/her time in such a company. We have seen several scammers in the industry operate in such a manner. Hence, trust us when we tell you that Afribay is nothing but a fraudulent venture.

Invest with forex trading brokers that have proven to be worth the try. These companies have a large number of traders who believe in their operations. Additionally, the trading conditions are favourable and in line with traders’ needs.

Afribay claims that they conduct instant payment to their customers. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to verify that there are people who have earned using this firm. The company has multiple rewards for their customers. Sadly, this is only a tactic to lure desperate investors. Review

The company features several brokers that they partner with to generate high returns. However, some of these platforms are not linked with Afribay. The company is only after building a fake reputation.

The firm allegedly provides free trading bots to allow its clients to trade automatically. The entity has a deposit bonus of 50% on the initial and second deposit. You need to be careful with companies that offer such rewards.

Afribay Review, Afribay company

This is because there are hidden requirements that are not openly disclosed. You find that for you to withdrawal your earning you must trade a certain amount of numbers. Moreover, you can purchase a gift card from this suspicious firm.

The red flags are all there and hard to miss. First of all, their website is unprofessionally presented. There is no enough data to prove that there is investment taking place. Their investment plans have insane rewards.

They also have a referral program that the company encourages existing clients to utilize to earn big. The entity guarantees a commission of 10%. However, the reality is that you will only be helping the scammers get more victims.

Investment Plans

Afribay has three investment plans that their clients can choose. The main problem is that their packages are costly. The minimum amount that you can cash in is $20,000, and the maximum is $70,000. It is way beyond the standard market price.

Mostly you will find legit entity accepting $250 or less. The venture guarantees that investors will get returns ranging from 6% up to 7% daily. The figures do not add up and automatically shows that this is a scam.

We would love to see the financial results of this entity. If they have nothing to hide, then this should not be a problem. However, since Afribay is a notorious scam, this is not possible. Companies that promise such a lucrative offer exit the market before the expiry of their registration.

The entity is a pyramid scheme, and without new investors joining them, there is no income for them. Therefore, you need to be keen on the lookout to avoid suffering the fate of losing money.

Contact Details

Afribay is allegedly located at 87 Aminu Street, Tudun Wada, Zaria Kanuda State. Investors can contact the platform using email. There is no phone number that can ease the communication between both parties.

Email is a convenient mode of communication because the scammers don’t even have to read your email. It is easier for them to cut communication. Additionally, the government cannot be able to trace the fraudsters.

Afribay brags that it can yield high returns for their clients. However, they do not have enough manpower to employ qualified customer support team. You should not take such shortcoming lightly.

Afribay Regulation Status

The platform does not have a license from the reputable financial watchdog. The entity is operating on their own accord without minding the law. The venture does not offer fund safety to its customers. Your main priority should be the security of your money and personal data.

The corporate that allegedly oversees the activities of this company is Afribay Limited. The only thing which this firm brags is the year of experience of their team. However, the entity fails to credit them by presenting them to the public.

Therefore, it is hard to verify if the team exists or the firm is only bluffing. You should avoid unregulated brokers as they have no intention of making you rich. Their main purpose is to defraud and steal your info.

Fund Safety

Afribay does not provide fund safety to investors. The only security measure that they have taken is purchasing a DDoS certificate. The document does not mean much and the people you should be scared about are the real masterminds behind this venture.

There is no professional team involved. The broker targets investors that are naïve and jump at every opportunity that presents itself. Their commission has hidden requirements. Furthermore, you won’t find a legit platform offering such bonuses.

The support is only available via email, which should open your eyes to this firm’s real nature. Afribay relies on a referral program to generate their income. There is no other mean that they generate returns.

The features which this entity boasts about are a standard aspect of every other entity there is nothing exceptional about the entity. Additionally, this venture claims that it has over 6 years of experience in the market.

Unfortunately, a quick search on will show you that Afribay was registered in 2020. When an investment venture cannot be transparent with such minor data, it becomes hard to trust them with funds.

Afribay Client Feedback

The entity allegedly has been in the business for years. However, we did not come across any investor that recommends Afribay. The entity has a section for testimonials. However, the link is broken. Legit companies do not have such careless mistakes. The entity features false statistics for them to appear as a credible company. Unfortunately, we are usedof such tactics

Aribay Review, Afribay False DATA

Therefore, this platform is not worth any traders’ time without proof of payment or financial report. The entity might invest in future pay markets to promote their illegal business. Avoid trusting blindly. The company does not have a physical address which is even more dangerous.

Final Verdict

The entity states that it has over 14 million tradable assets and 250 account managers. They also claim that withdrawal requests are handled instantly. The organization is allegedly based in Nigeria. However, there is no proof to validate this information.

Invest with reliable forex trading companies that are legit. You will not lose your money or personal data. Furthermore, you will be at peace as these brokers have been serving multiple investors for years.

Afribay is a pyramid scheme that will leave the majority of the investors’ high and dry. The firm has no intention of making anybody rich. The best thing for investors is to research and educate themselves before venturing blindly in any venture.


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