Agricoinvest Review: A CONSOB Blacklisted Platform

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Agricoinvest is a scam; CONSOB had already issued a warning regarding the platform. Here’s our full review.

Agricoinvest ( is already in the crosshairs of the Italian regulator, CONSOB. Agrico Invest is a platform that doesn’t allow new members to withdraw funds. Unfortunately, the platform has turned a good idea into a well-set trap for naïve investors. Several investors have lost funds with the platform after attempts to withdraw failed. That’s why the Italian regulator had to step in and issue a warning. Here’s more in our coherent AGRICOINVEST REVIEW.

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About Agricoinvest

On the about us page, we believe that Agricoinvest was launched a few years back. There’s no actual date on when this launch happened. We see a lot of missing information regarding the platform.

Agricoinvest Pros and Cons

When you land on the homepage, you feel that the website is incomplete. The design looks like a website from the 90s. You get it when you design a platform using poor web design tools.

The people behind this platform don’t have any idea about trading. Even the services they claim to provide don’t make sense. The platform tries to hide meaningful information from traders.

We believe that the platform does so intentionally. The platform wants traders to sign up blindly. It’s a platform that wants you to buy everything sold without asking any questions. We do ask questions, and the answers show a poor trading platform.

Without any background and history, the platform fails to observe any transparency. Of course, you would want to know who is responsible if things go south. But unfortunately, that’s not the case with the platform. And that’s why we have to expose it.

Most traders sign up due to the guarantee of making a high ROI. And the platform knows it and takes full advantage. But unfortunately, there’s no such guarantee for any form of investing. That’s what makes investing a risky option.

Experts recommend that you do due diligence before signing up with any platform. Try and find out from other traders about their experience with the platform. You can also reach out and request we do a review on your behalf.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Agricoinvest

As an investor, weighing the pros and cons of any platform is the right step. First, it would be best to ascertain that the platform offers fair trading conditions. Next, you need to check the account types and trading features available.

If the cons outweigh the pros, you must avoid the platform. As with, the cons are way too many to ignore. The outcome is a platform that steals investors from the word go.

Here are the pros and cons found on

Accounts Agricoinvest

There are four trading plans found on the Agricoinvest trading platform. These include Basic, Standard, Silver, and Gold. Each of these plans offers a different set of features. The accounts also claim to guarantee profits.

Let’s take a closer look at these accounts;


As the name suggests, the plan is best suited for newbie traders. There’s a minimum acceptable deposit of €250. The leverage is 1:100, which is fair, promising to get accurate trading signals. Unfortunately, there’s no trading bonus with the basic account.


You have to deposit €2,500 with the standard account. The account has several features similar to a basic account. You get an account with a leverage of 1:150 and a trading bonus of 15 percent. Members get standard spreads with this account.


For the silver account holder, there’s a minimum acceptable deposit of €10,000. In addition, members get two trading commodities and a trading bonus of 25 percent. The maximum leverage is 1:200 with a promise of getting accurate signals.


It’s the most exclusive account with the platform also targeting institutional investors. Leverage is up to 1:300, and members get a trading bonus of 50 percent. You also get a managed account option and a monthly private session with an analyst.

Accounts Agricoinvest

Account features

There’s something wrong with some of these accounts. One of them has to be excessive leverage. Regulators have worked to accept maximum leverage of 1:100. So any platform offering higher leverage is putting your investment at risk.

Another issue we found with the account is the promise of offering trading bonuses. Regulators are also against any platform offering bonuses and commissions. Such platforms will later hold your account for ransom.

To release funds, such platforms insist that you must pay back the bonus and commissions offered. Even if your account has the funds to clear, the platforms demand a new balance amount.

You won’t get to withdraw as the platform now knows you want out. Please avoid such platforms in the future as they often trap investors into depositing more. Imagine a user who deposited €50,000 and got a €25,000 bonus.

Account managers

These account managers are nothing but paid call agents. The agents will call you or even offer a private session to ask for more funds. These agents often claim to have lucrative open positions up for grabs.

From what we see, the platform uses these agents to try and fleece every penny from members. Once they are successful, the platform moves fast to replace them with a new manager. Attempts to reach the original manager will hit a wall.

Affiliate and referral

There’s an affiliate and referral program up for grabs. The platform offers a 10 percent commission on all deposits made by referred partners. It looks like a feasible way to earn passive income.

That’s nowhere close to the truth, and the platform is only looking to take advantage of your connections. These are the facts of the matter regarding the affiliate partnership. So please don’t join it, like those you direct end up not withdrawing funds.

Are funds safe with Agrico Invest? NO

Assets and trading instruments

Instead of offering all trading instruments, the platform provides some to different accounts. There are three trading instruments available in general. These include commodities, forex, and stocks. You get to trade all these if you’ve signed up with the gold account.

Commodities to trade with include household products such as coffee, cotton, sugar, etc. Forex trading is at the core of the platform’s activities. The platform offers major and minor currency pairs. There’s no option of spreading risks with exotic pairs.

Stock trading has been around for decades, and the platform takes full advantage. Some of the stocks to find include those of global giants such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Tesla, etc. In addition, you get to trade stocks from all leading industries.

Business holder

There’s little information to suggest who owns or runs the platform. And that’s what makes the platform an anonymous investment option. The major problem with such platforms is recovering funds is next to impossible.

Deposit and withdrawal options

You can fund your account using several methods, including bank and wire transfers. These options ensure you deposit faster. However, withdrawing funds from the platform is the biggest obstacle you face as a member.

License and Registration Agricoinvest

Is licensed or regulated? NO ,Warning from CONSOB.

Agricoinvest is not licensed or regulated platform. So please stay away from it.

Our verdict

The platform is a complete scam, and no one gets to withdraw.

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