AgricoXQ Review: FMA Blacklisted Broker

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AgricoXQ does not care about investors. Their only concern is getting more people to scam. You will empty your pockets dry as the company fattens theirs. Stay away from this scheme at all costs. There are better choices in the industry.

AgricoXQ is a company that we can boldly say it’s a Ponzi scheme! This platform has no intention of helping investors earn genuine returns. The venture has already been blacklisted by a reputable financial body which is confirmation that it’s a risky firm.

The name of this entity does not sound like a financial investment. Moreover, the way that the website is designed is also not appealing. Whoever is behind this company has one intention which is to scam many people across the world.

AgricoXQ is allegedly trading commodities, Metals, CFDs, Indices, Spot Oils, and Indices. The venture claims it targets both small and large scale investors. The company also states it provides over 60 assets to its customers.

AgricoXQ Review, AgricoXQ Company

However, this does not serve any good. This is because the entity will be off the market without any notice. Investors who will have entrusted their funds to this scam will have no choice but to count their losses.

The market is flooded with multiple scammers. It is therefore important that you trade with caution. Investors should acquire the necessary skills before jumping to every lucrative opportunity available. Normalize researching thoroughly before depositing funds. Review

AgricoXQ claims that its main objective is to become the best forex trading world. They welcome traders to join them by following simple steps. The company brags that it was formed by expert financial analysts.

Therefore, it guarantees investors of the best outcome. However, this is a platform without transparency. It fails to introduce the people that are handling traders’ funds. We cannot believe blindly there is a team involved.

AgricoXQ will only treat you unethically if you believe in its sales pitch. The company fails to elaborate on the benefits that investors will get by entrusting it with their funds. The broker provides generic info.

Moreover, it boasts having the best trading platform. The venture is also sending investors trading signals. The anonymous people running this firm also promise to hold investors’ hands and provide technical support.

Invest with forex trading companies that have a license from reputable financial bodies. You will enjoy fund safety and trade with confidence. These platforms have proven to be genuine. Therefore, you have nothing to fear once you choose them.

Trading Conditions of AgricoXQ

The company claims that it provides the best education to investors. Therefore, traders will have extensive trading information on their hands. We cannot verify whether this data is of high quality. Showing how this entity is a lazy scam they might copy-paste information from online. Review, Features

AgricoXQ provides a web-based trading interface. It is a common platform that most scammer uses for obvious reasons. Unlike the reputable MT4 scammers can manipulate data to appear as though investors are winning trades.

The entity advertises a spread of 0.1 pips. Their leverage is that of 1:100 to 1:400. The more money that you deposit the higher the outcome that you will get. The FCA limits the leverage cap to 1:30. Therefore, this is another sign which shows this is an illegal company.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that you can deposit at AgricoXQ is extremely high. If you deposit via wire transfer the amount is $10000. However, if you use the credit or debit card option it is $250. We do not see any reason for this firm to charge this must.

We also learned that the broker is accepting money via cryptos. It is important to note that money that is deposited via cryptocurrency cannot be traced or recovered. Therefore, we suggest that if we fail to convince you that this blacklisted forex entity is scam cash in using credit cards since you can issue a chargeback.

Investors are assured that they can withdraw whichever amount of money they please. AgricoXQ is offering a trading bonus to investors that is extreme. We suggest that you read their terms and conditions before blindly falling for their narrative.

You must be a patient person to trade with this platform. The broker takes a period of 5 days to handle the withdrawal request of investors. However, forget to get back your money once you give it to these fraudsters.

Contact Details

AgricoXQ implies that its office address is at Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX. They also display their working hours on their website. In case you encounter any problem this broker urges you to reach them via email or phone.

However, this is an offshore investment scheme that nobody knows the corporate that is managing their business. Additionally, we also do not know their location. Don’t you think it is unwise to trust such a suspicious company with your money?

AgricoXQ does not care about investors. Their only concern is getting more people to scam. You will empty your pockets dry as the company fattens theirs. Stay away from this scheme at all costs. There are better choices in the industry.

Once you deposit a high amount of money or the fraudsters realize you do not have money they are going to cut you off. This means that attempts to reach them will not bore any fruits. At times scammers become rude. You cannot report them to the authority since they operate in anonymity.

AgricoXQ Regulation and Registration

The broker claims that it has offices in the United Kingdom. Of all other places, this scammer selects one of the areas that have strict measures for investment firms. The FCA is a remarkable body that is dedicated to ensuring its citizens are protected against fraudsters.

Therefore, it sets strict measures. For instance, an aspiring financial forex trading company must deposit an initial capital of 730K EUR. The amount is meant to act as compensation to traders when unforeseen events arise.

Additionally, legit companies must report their daily financial activities to the financial watchdog. Finally but not least investors’ money should be segregated in top-tier banks. As you can see you will trade with confidence that your funds shall not be used for unintended purposes.

AgricoXQ has already been blacklisted by the Austrian financial body. What is there to still trust them? Moreover, this company also states it is operating as per the rules of the Marshall Island government. We all know that this island does not have a body that oversees forex ventures or any other investment services.

The Domain Insight is a company that was registered by an anonymous person in December 2020. The platform aspires to be in the market for a period of only one year. It is an evident red flag that shows this is an unreliable scheme.

Moreover, there are a number of investors that already view this as a scam. The geographical location of the people the scam targets is unknown. Nonetheless, the traffic that is visiting this website is not appealing.

Final Verdict

AgricoXQ has received a warning from FMA. The company is another outrageous scam that offers attractive trading opportunities for investors. However, you are not going to generate any income by venturing into this scam.

We suggest that you find a reliable and top forex trading platform. Their trading conditions are the best. Moreover, you can also read their happy clients’ reviews. These firms have been in the market for years. Invest wisely.

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