Alida Investment Review: a Straightforward Ponzi Scam

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Alida Investment Company
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Alida Investment does not comply with the Canadian regulatory body rules. The location of this suspicious firm is unknown. The entity is a scam that lure in clients with promises of making them rich. Stay away from them and find legit companies.

Alida Investment is a platform that welcomes all forms of investors to venture with them. The company believes that trading with them is an assurance of success. The entity lacks a trading history but proclaims it will dominate the industry.

The firm claims that it has 35 years of experience in the industry. It also brags about being responsible for the growth of over 100 companies. Unfortunately, this is a scam that provides false information for the sake of getting new investors.

Alida Investment is allegedly involved with Real estate, CFDs, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, and Forex trading. Additionally, the company states it is the first to create a mining farm in Eastern Europe. Sadly, this platform is not involved in any investment services.

Alida Investment Review, Alida Investment Company

They do not disclose the specific location of their farm. Moreover, we also do not know how the platform handles the mining fees. The company leaves out a lot of information. The firm about us page does not disclose sufficient data that can build trust with their clients.

You can invest with legit crypto trading companies that are transparent. They will disclose the drawdown and win rate that traders can expect. These firms do not make absurd promises. All they try is to minimize on losses that traders experience as they maximize on the profits. Review

Alida Investment is a platform that is being managed by Alida Investment Ltd. Unfortunately; this is an unregulated company. The entity states it is transparent in all of its activities. They even claim to provide their annual report.

However, this is another false statement because we did not come across the above material. A third party should verify the financial result. The firm also assures traders that their personal data is safe. They will not share it with other people.

Sadly, you cannot rely on the empty word of an anonymous investment scheme. Once they exit the market, the company will still come back using a different name and ready to contact their previous victim with all sorts of promises.

Alida Investment also claims its customer support team operates around the clock 24/7. The platform brags about partnering with big companies in the world. However, there is no proof of these claims. The firm is trying to acquire the attention of investors.

They provide generic information explaining the assets they are providing. It would help if you had more assurance before depositing money in any company. It is also important that you verify that a platform is offering the stated services. Therefore, performing thorough research is inevitable.

Alida Investment Plan and Returns

Alida Investment has multiple investment plans that vary depending on the asset that you want to trade. The minimum amount that cryptocurrency investors can deposit is $200. They promise daily returns of 0.71% daily returns.

The CFD plan requires traders to cash in $700 up to $10,000,000. The daily returns for one month are 0.60%. The NFP account accepts at least $500. The daily ROI for 7 days is 0.71%. The forex investors are assured of 1.14% daily profit for 7 days after depositing a minimum amount of $1000.

Alida Investment also has a real estate trading account. However, one thing to note about this company is that it does not make ridiculous promises of making its clients rich. Our only concern is that the entity is not regulated.

Contact Details

The entity does not have a telephone number. Therefore, the only way that you can contact the support team is via email. In modern days it is not a convenient method, especially for investment firms. This is because it can take forever before getting feedback from them.

Alida Investment office address is at 709-29 Northern Heights Drive Richmond Hill, Canada. The entity has acquired complaints online from traders who have tried them out. We do not recommend this shady entity to traders.

Scammers have a tendency to ignore their clients after getting access to their money. In most cases, fraudulent firms never survive for long. They make an exit after a year. Therefore, it is important that you conduct thorough research before making a deposit.

You will wake up one day to find their website is no longer functioning. Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do. The scammers will be long gone. Investors cannot issue a chargeback because Ponzi schemes eliminate the possibility of clients getting their funds back.

Alida Investment Client Testimonials

The investment platform has a few testimonials from their alleged clients. The information states that the company is ideal for all traders. If you want to improve on your future, then this is the best place to be.

The investors also claim their portfolio has grown within a short duration. Tactlessly, this venture is using stock images which are a low form of advertising their scheme. The fact is that traders are not pleased with Alida Investment.

Expect nothing from this platform. They will not help you in achieving your goals. The dirty scheme is targeting traders from British Colombia, Canada, and the UK. Please stay away from them for the sake of your safety. Scam Review, Testimonials

Alida Investment will only be responsive when they know they can get funds from you. The testimonials imply that they are accepting traders from all over the world. Therefore, it is important to be cautious.

The company’s information on its website implies that some traders have been with them for over 3 years. However, this raises more questions because the platform did not exist before this duration.

Is Alida Investment Licensed?

No, the company is not regulated by any financial body in the world. Furthermore, the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has already issued a warning on this platform. They are collecting money from their citizen without observing the set rules.

The regulatory bodies exist to protect investors against scammers. They set a reasonable handsome amount of capital that every investment company must meet to acquire a certificate. This ensures that the traders’ money is not misused.

The legit ventures will also report their daily trading activities to the financial bodies. The traders’ accounts are also segregated in reputable banks. The benefit that comes with associating yourself with a licensed platform is multiple.

Therefore, the first thing that you should check on is whether a broker is operating legally. Moreover, Alida Investment does not comply with the Canadian regulatory body rules. The location of this suspicious firm is unknown.

Final Verdict

Alida Investment is a broker that does not have a large audience. According to, their traffic is at 1,453,299. Unfortunately, we do not know the location of the visitors. The entity is operating anonymously. They are not regulated, and the location of their offices remains unknown.

The platform also has a number of fake testimonials that suggest otherwise. It would help if you were not easy to trust with online companies. Moreover, there is no evidence of traders who have received the promised returns. You must double-check the fact that it is available. You can trade with genuine platforms in the market.

Here are some of the reputable trusted crypto trading ventures. These brokers are the best and dedicated in helping traders. All you have to do is sign up and join thousands of traders who are already benefiting from their services. Try them today and get real-time profits.


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