Allctrading Review: Unregulated Broker

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Allctrading Review
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Allctrading does not have any regulatory information that is verifiable. They showcase fake incorporation certificates that are very blurry and hardly opens after download. The trading world faces vast competition, and scammers try to take advantage of the growth by using fake regulation documents and sometimes fake registration data.

Allctrading is an offshore crypto broker that we would not recommend to any investor. The shady platform looks forward to delivering top-notch crypto investment services. Hence the company was anonymously introduced to the market. 

Consequently, you can choose to invest with legit crypto investment firms that include risk measures. The founders’ information is hidden from investors raising more doubts and questions. Scammers are well known for hiding their information from investors only till they can swindle more money.   

Transparency plays a major role in knowing that you are operating with professionals. Therefore, investing in Allctrading will only be exposing you to criminals who might not have any expertise. They also risk facing criminal prosecutions for illegal operations. Additionally, they hide the details to prevent any type of follow-up.

Allctrading does not feature any refund policy that you can use to follow up on your funds. In case you are not satisfied with the services there is no way of getting your money back. They promise traders that through their software, you get access to multiple trading tools.

Meanwhile, the tools that they use are not elaborated anywhere in the company. Automatic trading is highly recommendable over humans because of the inability to hold emotions. Investing in Allctrading will only result in trusting the wrong tools, and the outcome may not be pleasing.

Trading is not Childs play and involves taking risks. Thus investing will not always generate constant profits. Just like any other business, you may face some good and bad days. does not mention any risk measures that will prevent you from attaining bad results.

Therefore, the only experience you will gain is not trusting the platform with a single coin. Also, positive feedback is helpful to gain more trust with the investment firm. Allctrading only has negative remarks, and you should learn from other traders’ experiences. Review promises traders 83% returns on investments. This figure is very high and unattainable with the style of operation by this investment firm.  Scammers will continuously contact you with very high-profit returns and bonuses.

Similar traits are visible in Allctrading though this is just an attempt to lure you into depositing funds. Hence once you fall for their catch, that’s the end of business between you and them. They will end up robbing as much as they can from you. Once this is done, they proceed to block your details from accessing any of their services. Review, Company

The only real beneficiaries are the company owner. Furthermore, they promise traders top-notch services from the alleged experts. Also, the company aims to deliver a user-friendly interface, but the sales page and the web appear to have been designed by quacks.

In addition, pop-ups keep appearing with one-time offers attracting you to deposit. Allctrading main interest is the funds that you deposit. There is no trading activity that is going on here. Moreover, if they truly made profits for traders, the same should be palpable via trade history.

Most investment firms will at least feature three months or more past trade data. The only result they are getting is negatives. The services they provide are very costly yet not sensible. Hence to save yourself from becoming a scam victim, you should consider investing with transparent crypto brokers and earn sensible returns.

Consequently, if you are still in doubt and think Allctrading is a legit entity. Read this unbiased review as we focus more light on their regulation. The leverage is also very high 1:50. Even so, high leverage may have a significant effect on your funds. 

Allctrading Testimonials

Allctrading tries to hide their murkiness by using fake testimonials that are just made up. They use stock images of alleged happy investors they claim have made massive profits. However, these are just stock images and an attempt to appear legit.

Fake testimonies are common among scam companies. They even use famous actors who have no association whatsoever with the company. Testimonies are highly recommendable but falling for the wrong ones will lead to heavy losses of funds.

Regulation and Customer Support

Allctrading does not have any regulatory information that is verifiable. They showcase fake incorporation certificates that are very blurry and hardly opens after download. The trading world faces vast competition, and scammers try to take advantage of the growth by using fake regulation documents and sometimes fake registration data.

Allctrading is operating illegally while generating funds from the public. The company is not under any regulatory body, yet they claim to be under the FCA. However, the FCA is the main regulatory body in the UK and does not recognize Allctrading.

Regulated crypto brokers showcase a high level of transparency, and you can highly count on them to generate reasonable returns for you. Unregulated platforms, on the other hand, hardly last for long in the market. They may end up disappearing with the customers’ funds.

 The available address; 110 Cannon StCandlewick, London EC4N 6EU. This address is made up and does not have anything to do with Allctrading. Hence if they would provide a made-up address, there is no guarantee the contact support is function. They provide email contact and telephone contact +442081577456.

There is no guarantee you will receive any response to your queries. Working contact support is always helpful to earn more trust with any investment firm. They do not reveal any location whereabouts.

Allctrading Funds Safety

The safety of your funds depends on so many factors that are missing in Allctrading. Multiple red flags are shown by the company. The founders are anonymous, and there is no guarantee you are dealing with professionals. They also have no evidence of any investor who has made any profits through the company.

Allctrading has a shady reputation all over, and investors have lost a lot of funds. The company tries to hide its murkiness by using stock images of happy investors. The alleged happy investors claim to have gained massive profits in a short time.

They also do not have any past trade history to show investors are making profits. Furthermore, there isn’t any refund policy and once you lose your money, getting it back is almost impossible. 

Final Verdict 

Allctrading does not have any suitable style of operation, and your funds are at great risk with the investment firm. They do not have any transparency, and multiple red flags are shown by the company. Additionally, they use fake testimonials and claim endorsements from people who do not even know of the companies’ existence.

The company may even go out of existence at any given time with all your funds. Hence trying to reach them for a refund is an almost impossible task. Several investors are even complaining about having lost funds from They do not feature any reliable tools, and you risk dealing with quacks who might not have any expertise in the trade.

Furthermore, the company may easily break most regulatory guidelines. They are not operating legally, and therefore it’s only wise to stay away from the platform. Thus you should perhaps consider investing with legit crypto brokers and earn reasonable profits from your hard-earned funds through suitable trade methods.


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