Alliance-Gainers Review: Avoid this Investment Platform

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We have a platform that blocks withdrawals; Alliance-Gainers will not allow members to earn profit. Here’s more in our thrilling review.

Alliance-Gainers ( claims to be the best forex investment platform. The idea seems great, but the execution is what makes Alliance Gainers a scam. Those who have invested with the platform have wicked things to say. Unfortunately, none have seen any fruits as the platform takes them in circles. These members claim that the platform blocks their withdrawal attempts. Here’s more in our detailed ALLIANCE-GAINERS REVIEW.

About Alliance-Gainers

Alliance-Gainers claims to be a private online venture organization on the about us page. And, to try and fool investors, the platform uses a certificate from another company. That’s actual fraud we see from the platform.

Alliance-Gainers Advantages and Disadvantages

Despite coming out as a forex investment platform, it leans heavily on crypto. Furthermore, the platform claims to invest in cryptocurrency heavily. These are the facts that make the platform appear legit and profitable.

These are false claims meant to drive investors to sign up and invest with However, after conducting a thorough investigation, one thing stands out, Alliance Gainers is a scam.

Note: The best way to invest in a crypto is to use industry-proven tools. These include crypto bots that help generate income for experts and novice traders. It’s what the industry recommends when it comes to crypto investments.

Alliance Gainers is nowhere close to being a legitimate platform. We can tell by the platform’s lack of aesthetic appeal. The people who designed the platform copied all information from other sources.

The images are blurry at best, and navigation is not easy. It’s only the about us page that has a separate page. All other information is on the homepage. We see a platform that clamps all information on one page.

Before investing in any platform, experts recommend that you do due diligence. Try and find out what makes a platform tick. It’s the best way to ensure that you make the best moves when choosing reliability.

Accounts Alliance-Gainers

Alliance-Gainers offers four investment plans. These include Plan A, B, C, and D. Each of these plans comes with different features. However, what the accounts have in common guarantees that you will make a profit.

Let’s take a closer look at these accounts;

Plan A

It’s the most basic plan, with the platform promising 10 percent ROI after 24 hours. After that, the minimum you can invest is $50 and a maximum of $999. After that, you get a promise of making a high ROI with principles included.

Plan B

You get a higher profit margin with Plan B as the platform guarantees 30 percent ROI. The vesting period is 48 hours, with the minimum required deposit being $1,000. You can deposit a maximum of $2,999.

Plan C

There’s a projected 80 percent ROI with the vesting period set at 72 hours. The minimum you can invest is $3,000 and a maximum of $4,999. You get a platform that guarantees profit and principle included

Plan D

It’s the most exclusive account, with investors having to deposit a minimum of $5,000. There’s no maximum amount you can deposit with the D Plan. However, you get a promise of making 120 percent ROI after 96 hours.

Accounts Alliance-Gainers

Account features

What’s transparent with these accounts is their unrealistic nature. With any investment, making guarantees is not professional. With crypto and forex markets, volatility is the only guarantee. And that means prices will drop or rise without issuing a warning.

And that’s how you will lose your profit with the platform. No expert will guarantee profits, not even an AI algorithm. With prices shifting, investors will incur losses at some point. And that’s why these ROI margins are unrealistic.

Another issue with the platform is the short vesting period. The longest we see is four days which is another unrealistic feature. In crypto investments such as coin staking, the minimum vesting period is three to four months.

Any platform asking for less is taking advantage of investors. That’s why we don’t recommend investing in it. The platform will, without a doubt, take your funds and run away with them. That’s what members are experiencing with the platform.

Affiliate and commissions

The platform offers a four-tier affiliate program to get as many investors to sign up. It’s their way to widen the trap and ensure you help them get more members. But, sadly, no affiliate gets to earn any commissions.

The platform is only looking to take advantage of your connections with these affiliates. Unfortunately, a trap looks like a feasible way to earn passive income. You won’t even get to see any conversion data from the platform.

These affiliates end up facing the blame for directing investors to sign up. Those who you refer to sign up don’t get to withdraw and lay the blame on you. Instead, the platform leaves you to face the consequences of partnering with them.

Alliance-Gainers License and Registration

Alliance-Gainers is not a licensed or registered platform. Those who have invested with the platform thought the certificate was real. The platform uses a certificate from another licensed platform.

It’s the extent the platform will go to ensure investors sign up with them. The FCA is the only regulator for all investment and trading platforms based in the UK. So if the FCA doesn’t recognize the platform, please stay away from it.

Client Testimony

Are funds safe with Alliance Gainers?

Jason Rodriguez is one of the many investors who lost funds with the platform. After depositing $3,000 with the platform, he now rues the decision. But unfortunately, Jason now has no way of recovering funds after the platform blocked his access.

It’s not only Jason who faces such a situation; others also face it. And this is why we have to expose the platform’s moves. After you deposit funds, the account balance immediately starts to grow. It’s all an attempt to make members believe the platform is working.

When the time comes to withdraw funds, all hell breaks loose. The platform uses every excuse as to why you can’t withdraw funds. As a result, you get emails detailing several excuses for why you can’t enjoy your winnings.

Hiring recovery agents won’t solve the problem. A recent survey indicates that several investors have lost funds to these recovery agents. These agents don’t know where the platform’s owner holds funds.

Contact and support

With the platform’s urgency to offer results, it doesn’t have any direct means of contact. And this should be another pointer that we are dealing with is a scam. Please stay away from the platform or risk losing everything.

You should invest in platforms that offer live communication channels. Sign up with a ready and willing platform to talk to you. Instead, we see a platform that limits communication to written form only.

Deposit and withdrawal

Is licensed or regulated? NO

You can deposit funds via bank and wire transfers. The platform also encourages crypto deposits, thanks to their anonymous nature. However, we don’t recommend depositing funds as the results are catastrophic.

No one has had the chance to withdraw funds from the platform. Those who claim to do are part of the scam. The platform only takes your deposits and plays a hide and seek game with your investment.

Final remarks

After exposing the platform, it’s best to stay away from it. No member gets to earn any ROI with Alliance Gainers.

PS: Go for approved crypto bots that offer accurate results and give you a chance to learn.

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