Alltradesfx Review: A Perilous Crypto Trading Company

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AlltradesFX Review
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AlltradesFx does not reveal the founders’ information, and so your money is not safe. Besides, without assuring that your money is secure, you should not expect any positive outcome when you invest.

AlltradesFX is a precarious offshore broker that we do not think will attract any profits your way. This is because of the multiple red flags that are visible despite all the attempts to resemble a legit trading entity. Accordingly, you can not just enter trades blindly, can you? This will lead to unpleasant results.

AlltradesFX Review AlltradesFX Company

Hence it would help if you considered several factors before you make any investment steps. They claim to be among the most powerful crypto trading platform. Furthermore, they make trading seem easy in just a few steps. You can register, deposit, and earn profits. So if trading were this easy, then everyone would be a millionaire. Trading is not child’s play, and you should have some sort of knowledge of the market before making any investment steps.

Meanwhile, as you read this impartial review on AlltradesFX, you will end up changing your investment decisions. Also, you can make a wise decision by investing your funds with these reliable crypto brokers that are transparent to customers. By investing with, you allegedly “bring  your ideas to life.”

They give you a chance to profit over mining and trading crypto Currencies. They also assure you of professionalism when it comes to the analysis of the market. The firm also brag about having been in the market since they have been able to gain experience of a high level. Review claims that through the expert level they have, you will experience a trouble-free platform. They also urge traders that their revenue is constantly growing, and they promise stable profits.  However, all these expert claims they feature are just irrelevant and basic attempts to rob all your funds.  This is because they do not showcase any data of qualifications that the team behind the platform holds to rely on any data from them. Furthermore, the founders’ data is also hidden, trading more doubts on the entity.

Nevertheless, you risk losing your funds in, and personal data may end up in the hands of scammers.  How they plan to multiply the returns you gain is unknown and highly questionable. They should at least have information on the kind of software in use, and how it operates is also highly important. They assure you of round-the-clock support, but we shed some light on this as you read further.

How AlltradesFX Operates

AlltradesFX has investment plans that you can choose from and benefit profitably. The minimum amount you can trade is $50, whereas the maximum is unlimited. The value of expected returns is from 5% up to  18%. Nothing is sensible regarding the plans, and there is absolutely no reason besides the high unimaginable returns that should lure you into making any investment. Also, they urge you that you can benefit from 3levels of the affiliate program and get up to 7% of the new customers’ deposits. AlltradesFX Plans

AlltradesFX does not have any admissible trade approach that you can use to reach your trade potential fully. They showcase so many scam traits, and this is how they will operate. You will receive numerous phone calls with, or they will use various means to contact you; therefore, once you fall for the catch and proceed to make any deposits, that will be the end of business between you and them. AlltradesFX will urge you to take advantage and invest in various markets. When the day for taking profits is due, they go out of existence or result in blocking your data.

AlltradesFX does not seem to have enough evidence to assure trade activities are taking place. They do not have any past trade results that help you know what kind of returns to expect. The live chat values for various assets are also not up to date. Past trade data for at least three months or more should help prove the trade outcomes for the company. Even so, they might be attaining returns that are very low to earn your trust.

Funds Safety

AlltradesFx does not reveal the founders’ information, and so your money is not safe. Besides, without assuring that your money is secure, you should not expect any positive outcome when you invest. The founders and team behind  do not reveal any information that shows their whereabouts or qualifications. Hence you risk operating with quacks who have no experience whatsoever in the trading world. Nevertheless, they may also be keeping funds in personal accounts while you await profits that will never come.

AlltradesFX investors can fund their accounts through; Payeer, Etehreum, and Dogecoin, among others. However, some bitcoin transactions are irreversible. They also do not showcase any banking information to show that your funds are safe. Accordingly, there is no refund policy that you can use to claim your money. The investment firm fails to show any trade transactions they have completed successfully, and your funds are at great risk.

Customer Support

AlltradesFX claims to feature 24/7 customer support, but we all know you will see they will only reach out to you until you make deposits. Working with customer support easily helps in knowing the trustworthiness of the entity. Additionally, the response to your queries should always be instant. The available address for the company is 48 Ashworth Place, Harlow, Essex, England, CM179PU. Accordingly, during our research, we found out the location has nothing to do with

Hence the contact information they provide is highly questionable. You can reach them via email: They do not have any telephone contact, and it only has a chat with us section instead, So once you lose your money, reaching the platform is impossible. Scammers also tend to maintain anonymity as they open new platforms and attempt to rob innocent traders.


AlltradesFX does not fall under any regulatory body, and this is a major warning sign. Meanwhile, the address they feature points to the UK. The main regulator is the FCA within the same region, and they also do not recognize the company. Thus the company is illegally generating funds from the public without following the mandatory measures. Unregulated platforms do not last for long in the market. They actually end up disappearing with all your funds.

On the other hand, regulated cryptocurrency brokers that you can count on to make reasonable profits. Often they showcase similar data of regulation certificates, and you can easily verify the same information. AlltradesFX may end up facing bankruptcy at any moment. Also, they may break all the trade guidelines as they wish since they are not bound to any laws. The founders of this shady broker risk facing criminal charges. So this is the main reason they hide such data from customers.

Final Verdict

AlltradesFX charges extremely costly for you to access their services. Also, they do not even feature a demo account to familiarize themselves with the software and services they render. AlltradesFX fails terribly when it comes to transparency. You can immediately notice the red flags they showcase. Accordingly, they do not have a single positive remark that should lure you into making any deposits. Besides, if they are generating any profits, the same should be visible through past trade results.

Therefore before you make any investment options in any platform. You should do thorough research and read reviews from reliable sources to attain your full trade potential. Nevertheless, you can rely on these crypto brokers to gain pleasing results by applying tested and tried techniques. Avoid AlltradesFX, and inviting friends and family to the platform will only be exposing them to scammers.

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