AlpenFX Review: Untrustworthy Forex Trading Company

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AlpenFX Review
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AlpenFX will not be in the industry for a long time. The firm will exit the market when you least expect them. Scammers only have one objective which is to steal funds from as many people as they can within a short timeframe. 

AlpenFX is nothing but a fraudulent investment company. The venture does not even hide the fact that it is involved in illegal activities. The company claims that it has the ability to double the capital of its clients within a short period. 

Unfortunately, this is not possible since the assets which the venture is dealing with are volatile. They encourage all investors to be bold and grab the opportunity of transforming their lives. 

The platform allegedly will help you trade successfully. Once you complete the registration process with AlpenFX you can start earning. However, the only thing that you are going to get from this dirty scheme is huge losses. 

AlpenFX Review, AlpenFX Company

The venture states that its clients exploit the market. They brag about having the best customer support team in the industry.  The venture states that it presents a trading platform that is easy to use. 

The broker assures investors that they will be able to double their profits by following expert traders. Their interface is purportedly agile, fast, and very powerful. However, keep in mind that scammers are capable of saying anything to drive sales. 

Instead of trading with uncertainty in a fraudulent firm we recommend that you try out some of the best forex trading companies in the market. You are going to earn real-time passive income. Additionally, your security is observed and there is nothing to fear once you sign up. Review

AlpenFX is a broker that is allegedly trading Forex, Indices, Commodities, and stocks. They offer 0.003 pips as spread on minor and major forex pairs. Their commodities include gasoline and gold. Investors can also predict the future of popular global companies. 

The company has several opportunities for all its clients. However, this is another big fat lie. The features which the firm brags about are only meant to make investors sign up. It also states to have an economic calendar. 

AlpenFX has a mobile application that is compatible with both android and iOS. Sadly, there is no information about the team and the company that is operating this broker. Therefore, the venture is operating in full anonymity. 

The process of opening an account in this venture is fast. They do not have strict measures. This shows the level of greediness with the entity. The company will let any person trade with them. 

The broker will not be in the industry for a long time. The firm will exit the market when you least expect them. Scammers only have one objective which is to steal funds from as many people as they can within a short timeframe. 

Trading Conditions of AlpenFX

AlpenFX is a platform that is offering a spread of 3 pips on EURUSD currency pairs. The spread is not profitable to investors and will only benefit the people running this scheme. Their leverage cap is that 1:200. 

They are also dealing with crypto trading activities. We assume that they are targeting investors from Spain, Italy, German, and all over the world. It is important for investors to stay vigilant and look out for Ponzi schemes that have nothing good to offer. 

AlpenFX Scam Review, Features

AlpenFX is an entity that has two trading platforms. One is compatible with the desktop office while the other one is adaptable with browsers. Their interface is basic and does not have many admirable features.

Investors should settle with investment companies that have MT4. It a trading platform with multiple advantages. Moreover, traders are able to trade with ease. You will execute your order within no time.

Withdrawals and Deposits

The company highlights multiple payment methods. These include; CashU, Visa, QIWI, MasterCard, Wire Transfer, and Web Money. However, this entity seems not to allow investors to deposit.

AlpenFX accepts a minimum deposit of 500Euro. The amount is way beyond the average market standard. There is nothing exceptional about this venture and we do not know why it is charging this much. 

The platform also claims that it processes the withdrawal request of its customers within 2 days. Moreover, traders can only cash out using bank transfers. We do not know if there are any applicable charges since the entity does not shed much light. 

The information about account dormancy is also left behind. Trade with caution and avoid brokers that are not transparent. The legit venture will avail all the necessary data that can build trust with their clients.

Customer Support

 AlpenFX states that its customer support team operates around the clock throughout the week. Therefore, you will never miss out on anything. You will be able to contact them and resolve your issue within no time. 

The platform purports it has offices in several countries. However, the only method that investors can use to contact the support is via email or filling in the contact form. In this modern age, you will find reputable businesses avail a telephone number.

It is one of the fastest communication channels. AlpenFX also does not disclose its actual office address. The anonymity nature of this company is astonishing. We recommend that you avoid them and choose a more reliable firm. 

Moreover, the firm does not have a trading history. Additionally, there is no client feedback that shows investors have earned huge returns using this firm. Refrain from depositing funds in this Ponzi scheme.

AlpenFX Regulation Status

AlpenFX is a company that claims to be operating as per CySEC requirements. The financial watchdog is one of the famous bodies in the market that protect their citizens against scammers. 

Unfortunately, this entity is not on the list of legit brokers authorized by the Cypriot body. Moreover, the platform claims that investors whose regulatory body doesn’t permit them to trade with AlpenFX should refrain from signing up. 

However, the company should be the one that is adhering to the set rules of all the areas they intend to accept traders from. The broker should have several licenses displayed on their website. 

The possibility of the platform being a scam is very high. Moreover, the company is blacklisted by Austria’s regulatory body. Investors will not get any benefits from investing with a venture that has received a warning from FMA. It is clear evidence that the entity is to no good. 

The Domain Insight

The company domain name was registered in Feb 2020. The venture does not have much traffic visiting its website. Moreover, the broker targets being in the market for only a period of one year which is a short time span. It should act as a red flag and investors should be cautious when dealing with such firms in the market.

Final Verdict

AlpenFX is a broker that claims it has been regulated by multiple regulatory bodies. The venture also states it has offices in London, Cyprus, Bahrain, Melbourne, Frankfurt, and Nairobi. The information is unverified. 

Unfortunately, this platform is neither licensed nor registered. The entity is an offshore venture that is looking for innocent people to scam. You should refrain from engaging with this firm at all costs. There are better alternatives in the market that you can use. 

Try out brokers that have a regulatory and a registration document from relevant authorities. These are some of the legit forex trading companies. They have no intention of stealing from their clients. Moreover, you will sleep peacefully knowing your money is in safe hands.


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