AlphaFXC Review: FCA Listed Scam

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AlphaFXC Review
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If there is something AlphaFXC is good for is hiding the people running their activity. Transparency is something that you shouldn’t beg from an investment firm. The venture is operating discreetly because there are in a dirty business.

AlphaFXC is a company that could have done better in hiding its dubiousness. The entity is dealing with cryptocurrency assets, just like most of the Ponzi schemes in the market. The venture will leave many high and dry.

AlphaFXC Review, AlphaFXC Company

Fraudulent ventures like this one target investors that want to become rich overnight. They will promise to help you attain your goals. However, before you realize it shall be too late. The scammers will have made their way out of the market.

Nonetheless, AlphaFXC brags it has over 100 products. They are also eyeing investors in the CFD and Forex niche. Their claims to have a top security protocol are vague. You expose yourself to hazardous limits by trusting the scheme.

There is no crypto trading activity happening on the website. We do not recommend anyone to register in this losing scheme. They allegedly have over 250 digital currencies at the disposal of their customers. They will even have hidden fees despite stating otherwise.

Invest with legit cryptocurrency trading bots that have been verified to work by several people. These are transparent software, and the people behind the company reveal their identity. The firm will save you from the risk of dealing with fraudsters. Review

If you are thinking of testing the waters with AlphaFXC, you better think twice. Do not even sleep on the matter run for the sake of your money. Nasty con artists are operating the fraud. The venture features several advantages on why traders should give them a shot.

The venture purportedly has a lower trading commission of 0.87%. Investors are also assured that the chances of growing a portfolio with the scheme are higher. Additionally, the scheme claims it is secure. They present an SSL certificate as an affirmation.

Unfortunately, this is not enough to prove that your money is safe with them. The document is useless as it only protects your data from scammers. However, trusting an offshore firm is more dangerous. It is because they have the liberty of doing whatever they see fit with your information.

The majority of scammers end up selling clients’ data to criminals. It is used for identity theft, and the fraudsters can even leave you bankrupt by stealing your credit card’s info. It is risky to deal with a suspicious venture like AlphaFXC.

We urge you to educate yourself on trading matters. There are thousands of free materials and resources online that you can use. This will help you to detect scammers easily. Moreover, avoid dealing with companies that lack a license.

Who is the Founder of AlphaFXC and Team?

If there is something AlphaFXC is good for is hiding the people running their activity. Transparency is something that you shouldn’t beg from an investment firm. The venture is operating discreetly because there are in a dirty business.

If they didn’t have anything to hide, the company would provide all the necessary data. However, you are asking for too much from an exposed scam. Moreover, they do not have trading records that can prove there are investing.

The company is also acting as an exchange. If you use their wallet to safeguard your funds, you will live to regret it. All your cryptos would be lost. As they claim, if the company is genuine, it should be recommended and even featured in top crypto companies.

Trading Conditions of AlphaFXC

The company does not state the available trading platform for clients. However, they market their interface to assist you in trading forex, crypto, and CFDs. For the forex activity, the most advisable trading platform is the MetaTrader4/5.

It is unbeatable and helps investors to trade easily. They present a sloppy web-based trader. We didn’t expect this based on the high praises. AlphaFXC is also manipulating the price. The leverage that clients receive from the entity is 1:50 up to 1:100. It is still above what the regulatory bodies permit. The assets that the company is dealing with are prone to volatility. Therefore, you will be trading on difficult grounds.

The inactivity policy starts taking effect after 60 days. The requirements are also sickening. You must pay a fee of 10%. The percentage from payment always ends up being a burden to the investor. This proves that the scheme is after the funds of customers.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The entity provides information that s never changing to show investors the latest withdrawals done by their customers. However, they are using stock images. If the company is indeed paying, we should see several people who have cashed out successfully.

The least amount that you can deposit is $250. The available methods of payment are wire transfers and PerfectMoney. The company is a crypto entity. It should allow clients to fund their accounts using digital currency.

Before you decide to invest, it is important to remember that you won’t get back your money. The fund will b lost the moment you agree to deposit. The minimum amount to cash out from AlphaFXC is 100 USD for wire transfers and 50 UST for debit and credit cards.

It is absurd that the scam does not include credit and debit card payments on the website. However, on the withdrawal option, it seems to appear from nowhere. The company is not a genuine scheme. They do not mention anything regarding the fees.

However, scammers with their characters will leave you high and dry. The scheme is not worth your time or cash. They are after defrauding as many naïve traders as they can get. Moreover, their acceptance of UST is an easy way to transfer the funds to their bank account.

Customer Support

The customer support of AlphaFXC is available 24/7. The company is mainly looking for investors from the United Kingdom. They even feature an address and a phone number confuse investors. Unfortunately, the actual area that the scheme is operating from is a big mystery. Review Features

The Ponzi scheme does not leave any traces behind. They are tactical, and it will be a dead-end to those trying to go after the scam after exiting the market. They do not hire a customer support team. Hence, if you want to contact them, it is another nightmare.

Regulation and Registration

If AlphaFXC is operating from the United Kingdom, then it should abide by the rules of the FCA. Unfortunately, after checking for their name in the database of the regulatory body, we did not find a match. Instead, we found that the same agency blacklists the entity.

Therefore, this makes them an exposed Ponzi scheme. The FCA requires that an entity deposit 730K EUR in their name. Investors stand a chance of getting a compensation of 85K EUR. The regulatory bodies are after helping investors not to engage with scammers.

Final Verdict

AlphaFXC is not working with a reputable bank institution. Therefore, the money you deposit goes directly into their account. You won’t be compensated, which is even more dangerous. The personal data of investors are exposed to the con.

Invest with the best crypto trading companies that are regulated. These companies care about investors achieving their goals. There is mutual understanding between both parties. Moreover, you can check their performance to know how the schemes are performing.

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