Amel Investment Group Review: is A Deceitful Crypto Company

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Amel Investment Group Review
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Amel Investment Group also has a registration bonus. Unfortunately, you won’t find a regulated crypto company offering such lucrative. The people that designed the website took their time. The information they present is extensive. Nonetheless, this does not change the fact that this is an illegitimate investment firm.

Amel Investment Group is a platform that claims it is the best in the market. The entity is a shady venture that brags it has an expert team. It was allegedly founded in 2011. However, information on indicates otherwise.

The broker made its first digital insight in May 2020. The registration will expire after one year. This is the first red flag that you should take into consideration. Why would they fake their history in the industry?

Amel Investment Group Review, Amel Investment Group Company

Amel Investment Group is dealing with foreign exchange assets. They do not specify the exact product and services that they are offering. Nonetheless, this firm claims that it will generate stable returns for everyone that joins them.

Another shortcoming that we noticed with the platform is their grammatical errors. If they do not have enough funds to hire expert copywriters why would you risk your money in their system? The account creation process is allegedly fast.

You can, therefore, start earning immediately. We do not trust this dirty scheme with your funds. The platform states that it has a secure mode of payment. Therefore, investors do not need to worry. Sadly, you should not rely on the word of an offshore firm. Review

Amel Investment Group states that they have one objective which is to offer the best services to investors. The company aims on maximizing profits and minimizing on the risks. The platform views itself as crypto, real estate, and forex trading entity.

The firm also claims it’s using cutting-edge technology to generate high returns. The use of Artificial intelligence assists the broker to make quick trading decisions. The company also proclaims that it is transparent.

However, we have a lot of questions regarding the transparency of this firm. For starters, the team and the founder of the company are not credited. Therefore, once you decide to invest with Amel Investment Group you will do it blindly.

This is because you do not know the qualification of the people handling your funds. The venture is unregulated operating as it wants. It can be a bit difficult to tell whether an investment entity is a scam. This platform is not a reliable source of investment.

Therefore, we urge you to stay away from them. You can make use of these legit crypto trading companies. These are some of the firms that are legit and transparent. You will earn real-time returns by venturing with them.

Investment Plans and Returns

Amel Investment Group has multiple investment plans. There are a total of 6 accounts to select from. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250.The least amount to yield in a week is 5% profit. Moreover, there is also a referral bonus of 3%.

The more money you deposit the higher the returns to generate. The two last investment accounts have the greatest rewards. If you deposit $57,300 up to $286,500 you are going to yield 65% ROI in 12 weeks. Review, Plan

Amel Investment Group also has a registration bonus. Unfortunately, you won’t find a regulated crypto company offering such lucrative. The people that designed the website took their time. The information they present is extensive.

There is also a road map that backs from their fake time the firm claims to have been in existence. The returns which the company offers are too good to be true. Therefore, we urge you to refrain from entrusting them with your hard-earned funds.

Amel Investment Group Contact Information

The office address of Amel Investment Group is allegedly at 2290 Argentia Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N 6H9, Canada. You can contact customer support via email or phone. However, there is no proof that this is the actual area where this suspicious entity is based.

Sometimes investment companies that are shady feature fake addresses. They will call you only when it is convenient for them. Other times they will ignore your call. The shady Ponzi schemes also do not survive long in the market.

Amel Investment Group requires investors to share their personal data. If anything goes wrong then your information might be sold to a third party. Even worse once the scammers exit the market they will keep contacting you.

The suspicious firm will leave you high and dry. Make sure that you read customer feedback before risking your safety. You will sleep better knowing that your money is in safe hands. Fraudsters only care about their own personal gains.

Amel Investment Group Regulation and Registration

The platform leaves out information about their registration and regulation status. They are operating in Canada. The IIROC does not allow Amel Investment Group to collect money from its citizen. Therefore, the broker is operating as it wants.

It is the requirement of the financial watchdog for an entity to get a license before commencing on their daily activity. The regulatory body ensures that a platform is transparent. It must therefore present information of the account managers.

It helps in assuring investors that their money is secure. The companies must also report their daily finance activity. The funds cannot be used for any other activities rather than the intended one. Moreover, clients’ funds must be segregated into separate accounts.

In regards to Amel Investment Group, we do not know the payment methods used. It is not possible to know whether investors can issue a chargeback. In most cases, scammers accept funds via crypto payment.

The money goes directly to the fraudster’s account. The best thing that you can do is to invest with a licensed crypto firm. There are better opportunities in the industry that you can utilize. Ensure that you perform thorough research before giving entity access to your funds.

Customer Feedback

Amel Investment Group does not have client testimonials. The only feedback we got is from Trustpilot but we do not trust the information. This is because the monitor of this website is not strict. Sometimes fraudulent companies pay random people to leave them positive remarks.

The individuals however will not have tested the services of the company. The entity also has a low trust score. You should not take this lightly. If you choose to invest with this platform you will be exposing yourself to grave danger.

The Amel Investment Group firm associates itself with well know companies in the market. However, you need to be keen on this scheme. Their FAQ is also a complete joke. The broker does not explain how it can generate high returns.

We do not know the mechanism they are utilizing to yield the promised profit. There is a better alternative in the market that you can use. Invest wisely and look for the best legit platforms that will not defraud you.

Final Verdict

Amel Investment Group is a dirty Ponzi scheme that does not have a license. The firm additionally lacks clients’ feedback. Therefore, we cannot tell if they have an excellent customer support team. If you choose to trust this platform you will do it with a lot of uncertainty.

The firm is also blacklisted by BCSC. The company is to no good. Therefore, avoid all engagement with the firm. You can trade with licensed crypto trading bots that have been used by multiple investors. You will sleep soundly knowing that your funds are insecure ventures.


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