Anand Koundal Review: Avoid this Sham Broker

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Anand Koundal Review
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Once Anand Koundal ceases to exist, you shall not receive any compensation. The platform is operating illegally without a license.

Anand Koundal is a platform that allegedly boosts the trading confidence of traders. The broker claims it has diverse experience in trading multiple assets. Additionally, it does not matter the experience that you have in the market.

The company will deliver success to you. The platform assures clients that their safety is the firm’s paramount focus. The trading environment that they create is to ensure the growth of traders. The venture also brags about being transparent, which is something that we question greatly.

Anand Koundal Review, Anand Koundal Company

After scrutinizing their website for hours, we couldn’t identify the responsible people for traders’ funds. Entrusting your money to anonymous people is a big risk. Anything can happen. We have seen several Ponzi schemes enter the market and leave at their own will.

At every point of their exit, thousands of traders are left high and dry. It is easy to fall for the schemes of fraudsters. They usually entice novice traders with bonuses and high leverage. The moment you sign up to their website, you instantly become vulnerable.

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Anand Koundal is dealing with multiple assets. These include; crude oil, metals, stock, indices, plus other popular products. It utilizes the latest technology to eliminate severe risks. They assure clients that there is no need to panic once they deposit their first capital.

The only thing the broker requires from customers is their zeal in trading. Moreover, the venture fails to discuss in detail their trading activities. It is hard to fathom what is happening on the platform. Whoever is behind this company only set up a website without an intention to help brokers.

Anand Koundal is another fraud that paints a perfect narrative regarding trading. Their stable trading platform ensures that you can trade peacefully. It is also secure and worked at lightning speed. We were surprised to find that the company was referring to an MT5 despite them having shady traits.

There is no segregation of funds. The firm wants you to believe that it has the best interest of you. The grave mistake that you can make today is trust this scheme. They also brag about having world-customer support.

Avoid this suspicious platform. This is no serious investment company. Once you register with them, keep in mind that a financial watchdog does not protect you. More so, the broker does not have a Terms and Conditions policy.

The Domain Insight’s time in the market is still short. The entity made its first digital footprint in April 2021. They hope to exit the industry after a year. We hope their evil motive fails terribly. The broker is a waste of resources and time. There is no record of trading.

Moreover, the person behind the company has made sure they have concealed their dirty scheme. The traffic visiting the venture is also not appealing. Sadly, we cannot identify the key area where their main clients are coming from. Stay away from this Ponzi scheme.

Anand Koundal Client Feedback

Anand Koundal is a company that lacks reviews from investors. The entity is operating as it pleases and promising only great outcomes to traders. However, when it comes to results and evidence that the broker is trading, we cannot find anything.

In most cases, you often find clients leaving remarks regarding the experience they are getting. The platform has been in the market for months. This is enough time for them to showcase trading performance. Additionally, the traffic visiting the platform is low.

It shows that clients are not intrigued by the dirt schemes of Anand Koundal. A good thing to see that investors can now distinguish a scam. A reputable company is much better than taking risks with a shady firm.

Regulation and Registration of Anand Koundal

The parent company behind Anand Koundal has a registration. However, this document is almost useless when it comes to proving the transparency of a financial entity. Anand Koundal Investment Ltd is a venture that is not licensed.

Nonetheless, the entity claims it is operating from Britain. We weren’t amazed to find their name missing from the FCA. The platform is therefore operating illegally in the UK. You put your data and money at greater risk by investing with this entity.

Once Anand Koundal ceases to exist, you shall not receive any compensation. The Financial Conduct Authority ensures a broker pays each of their clients 85K GBP. The entity must also report its daily activities to the authority.

The investment scheme in question does not even care about traders’ well-being. They can use your data against you by selling it to a third party. The company does not disclose the financial institution they partner with to segregate accounts of clients.

Trading Condition and Available Trading Platform

The company offers the mighty MT5 trading software. An advanced platform is favorable to multiple investors. You can customize EAs, and there are multiple indicators. The EURUSD currency pair has a widespread of 0.8 pips. Review, Trading Platform

Nonetheless, do not consider this as the green light to join Anand Koundal. The broker is not licensed, and this may be another way of attracting more victims. Them having amazing software should do not guarantee safety.

The leverage that the entity is offering is way out of the FCA limit. The entity provides leverage of 1:1000 while the UK watchdog set 1:30 as the maximum cap. This is a major red flag, and you should tell by now that this is the worst platform. They push their clients to a risk ratio. It can lead to the loss of all your money in a matter of seconds.

Withdrawal and Deposits of Anand Koundal

Anand Koundal does not disclose the least amount that traders need to get started in their company. You can only fund your account via USDT and UnionPay. We couldn’t verify whether this is what the company is indeed accepting.

However, one thing is certain that once you make a deposit, you won’t get your money back. As we had mentioned earlier, the venture doesn’t have a term and condition document. Therefore, the requirements to withdrawal your bonuses are unknown.

Additionally, the withdrawal and deposit requirement is missing. We don’t know whether there are applicable charges that traders should expect. If you deal with Anand Koundal, you expose yourself to severe danger. The entity is after mass exploitation.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Let us start by affirming that Anand Koundal geographical location is a great mystery. The company shamelessly fails to feature an office address. Their dedication to staying anonymous is amusing. The only thing that the company has is an email address.

You should not expect professional customer service from this platform. Once their system collapse, you won’t be able to trace them. Your money will be lost. The fraudsters are the ones who operate in this manner.

It is the least of their problem of the services that you get from them. They conceal their identity to avoid being caught. Investing with a legit company guarantees that you get a quality trading experience. You can also contact the account managers and support them easily.

Final Verdict

Walk away from Anand Koundal while you still can. There is no point in risking your safety. The venture doesn’t have a T&C document. They are also not licensed, and here the venture doesn’t have a customer support team. Invest with reputable forex trading companies in the world. These platforms have everything intact, and you get quality services from them.

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