AnteiInvest Review: A Shady Offshore Investment Company

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AnteiInvest Review
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AnteiInvest does not have trading software. They do not even mention whether clients receive a web-based or a trading bot after sign up. The broker leaving out such critical data shows that this is not legit.

AnteiInvest is a company that is supported trading cryptos, Bonds, shares, ETFs, CFDs, and Bonds. The account opening process is swift. Unfortunately, this is a platform that is a typical scam. There is nothing unique about them.

AnteiInvest Review, AnteiInvest Company

Over time we have reviewed several scams that operate in this manner. The company does not even care to resolve the error in the user area. It is not a serious platform because they would have made the process to be accessible.

We do not know the criteria that the entity is using to get investors. However, it is most likely that only those referred to the system can invest. The scheme is allegedly accepting both novice and expert traders. There is something for everyone.

The company is also marketing its educational material. We cannot validate that the materials are of high quality. They may not serve the needs of experts but only the rookie. Furthermore, we have seen firms that provide low-quality materials that can easily be obtained from the internet.

The team of AnteiInvest performs research identifying the best option in the industry. They have an economic calendar, market news, charts analysis, and daily video analysis. This is a dangerous investment entity that will leave you high and dry. Review

Avoid this offshore investment entity. They can exit the market without notice, leaving you high and dry. You can expect low-quality services from this broker. There are many red flags that you should not ignore.

You should not expect to make profits from a murky scheme. We recommend that you stick to legit, licensed crypto trading companies in the market. These entities will never compromise their customers. Your money shall be in safe hands.

The desperate scheme is also luring traders with attractive bonuses. However, before rejoicing, you must check out the conditions you must meet to withdraw. It would help if you met absurd trading volumes.

Available Trading Software and Conditions

It is baffling that AnteiInvest does not have trading software. They do not even mention whether clients receive a web-based or a trading bot after sign up. The broker leaving out such critical data shows that this is not legit.

The claims of the company to be trading are false. How can they offer products and services yet they do not have tools? The people behind the platform are nasty scammers that you should run once they approach you.

Moreover, AnteiInvest is allegedly accepting forex traders. Nonetheless, the leverage and spread available for them is undisclosed. Given the shady character of the platform, this is not a mistake. Often Ponzi schemes will use high leverage to attract new victims.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The listed payment methods are Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi wallets, MasterCard, and Visa. Sadly, we cannot validate that these are what the venture is taking. Moreover, we do not know the minimum amount that investors can deposit in the entity. The average standard of the market is $250.

There is insufficient information regarding the withdrawal and deposit.  Investors should note that there are fees to be paid. However, AnteiInvest does not see the importance of displaying them. Expect the worst and even being overcharged by the scam.

The entity might also ask for a commission that is not related to withdrawal. There are different withdrawal amounts based on the method that you choose. For the debit and credit cards, their least amount to cash out is $1000, while for wire transfers, it is $500.

AnteiInvest Regulation and Registration

AnteiInvest contradicts itself, and they do not clearly state the people that are managing their business. There is a two-parent corporate that the venture claims to be supervising their services. On the about us page, the firm state that T Complex S.A is the firm’s supervisor.

The Terms and Conditions show that AMI Group Limited is the entity managing the broker. There is a possibility that they are working together. Moreover, the CNMV has blacklisted this platform.

We should not be struggling to find such data. The venture should provide the necessary materials willingly. The anonymity of AnteiInvest is because they are illegal. The scam also states that it is the sole responsibility of an individual to comply with their jurisdiction.

All investment companies must follow strict rules set by the regulatory bodies. A venture shouldn’t collect funds from traders without having to comply with the government of their clients. Therefore, this offshore-unregulated company is hazardous.

You should not blindly give your money. Fund safety is not something that you should expect from the broker. There are better-licensed platforms in the market that cares about the law. Invest wisely and trade wisely.

Contact Details

AnteiInvest claims that it is allegedly operating from Panama and UK. However, this is fake data, and the featured address is only featured for transparency purposes. You are not going to get any exceptional services from the scheme. Review Firm

Customer support will not be available to offer assistance. Offshore companies tend to ignore investors after getting whatever they desire. They even have the guts t blacklist your phone number. Invest wisely and stay away from losing schemes.  It is impossible to track down this disgusting fraud. This is because, without enough details, nobody knows its country of origin.

AnteiInvest Clients Feedback

The company claims that it has years of experience. However, they are no client feedback that can prove the scheme is profitable. The best way to know of the services that you can expect from business is to check out traders’ experience.

It appears that nobody is interested in the services of this bogus scheme. Avoid any broker that is not reputable. It takes time to build a solid engagement in the industry. Make sure that you check out what other people have to regard an investment scheme before funding an account,

You may be buying useless plans only to suffer great losses later. Make sure that you are keen. The market is plagued with several scammers. There are better legit entities. Additionally, you must educate yourself to be familiar with the trading process. Scammers cannot be able to touch you!

The Domain Insight

The traffic visiting is clear evidence that the platform isn’t popular. The domain name was registered in Feb 2020. It shall expire in 2021. That is a long time. The scam may become more tactical and spice up their lies before exiting.

Avoid them even if you come across adverts promoting their dirty business. The lack of trading results and a license is a major drawback. The people that are running this Ponzi scheme are not known. They are operating behind the shadows.

Final Verdict

AnteiInvest is an illegal investment platform. The fact that they do not have a trading platform is enough reason to avoid them. The fraud also provides inadequate withdrawal and deposit requirements. The people or corporate that is managing the scheme is exposed as a Ponzi scheme.

It is better to invest with the best legit cryptocurrency trading companies. These firms clearly show what you will be expecting from them. They operate in full transparency. Moreover, their credit score is outstanding. There is a high chance of you improving your trading skills. The companies have top-notch trading bots with remarkable trading performance.



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