AOL918 Review: Untrustworthy MLM

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AOL918 Review
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We are not aware of how long clients shall receive the returns. AOL918 daily ROI is also ridiculous. Even the best firms in the market don’t earn such profits. The more you invest, the higher your reward. There is no point wasting your time dealing with scammers.

AOL918 is a blunt scam. You can quickly tell by the name the company uses. Typically, an investment platform will give a hint about the services provided. You can identify the firm’s spot on if they deal with forex or crypto. However, this is not the case with this company. There are many red flags that we shall highlight. 

AOL918 Review, AOL918 Company

The company was established in March 2022. With this in mind, you can see this is a recent venture. What the platform should do is prove its legitimacy. They can showcase their performance report for the past months. Unfortunately, this is impossible, considering this is a scam. The venture does not have investment services or products. 

AOL918 also targets being in the market for one year. The domain name shall expire after one year. Avoid companies that you can’t rely on for long-term investment. Once they exit the market, you cannot recover the lost funds.

The information of the owner is not available. Therefore, we do not know the qualification or the individual running the scheme. Nonetheless, during our analysis, we discovered the person behind the firm is operating from China. Review

The main traffic to the website comes from Turkey. Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Indonesia are other countries targeted by the scheme. Any company must obtain a license from the authority to offer financial services. Unfortunately, this scheme does not see any need to operate according to the authority requirements. 

The scheme uses various websites to run its shady business. is another platform run by these scammers. Refrain from doing business with anonymous ventures. The only thing you can expect from the entities is massive losses. Watch out and only deal with authentic companies. 

AOL918 is selling affiliate memberships to naive customers. The more people you invite, the higher your income. Such programs do not survive for long. This is because there are no services or products. It is also hard to convince people to join in. Once no more people buy their narrative, the scheme will exit the market.

Invest with genuine companies dealing with cryptocurrency products or forex trading. These are companies operating in complete transparency. You will earn real-time returns without compromising your safety.

AOL918 Investment Conditions and Accounts 

The company requires clients to download a particular application. Then deposit Tether (USDT) using EUR currency. There are five advertising plans. The VIP1 package requires customers to deposit 100 EUR to attain a daily return of 4 EUR. Review, Features

VIP2 deposit is 500 EUR with a ROI of 20 EUR daily. VIP3 capital is 1000 EUR with a daily profit of 39 EUR. The VIP 4 deposit requirement is 2000 EUR with a profit of 80 EUR daily. The VIP5 capital requirement is 3000 EUR with a daily return of 120 EUR. 

We are not aware of how long clients shall receive the returns. AOL918 daily ROI is also ridiculous. Even the best firms in the market don’t earn such profits. The more you invest, the higher your reward. There is no point wasting your time dealing with scammers. Even the legit investment companies using tried and tested techniques do not guarantee such profits. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount you need to deposit is 100 EUR. We must note the amount is higher than the average market standard. If you invest in forex or crypto, you will get genuine firms accepting a capital of $10 and above. 

Additionally, AOL918 lacks withdrawal information. Therefore, we are unaware of the minimum amount customers can cash out. Legitimate companies will provide all the necessary information for their clients. Avoid this scheme since it also lacks a terms and conditions policy. 

You will not be able to issue a chargeback once you cash in your hard-earned funds. Choose real-time ventures that are operating in full transparency. Your safety should always come first. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

Every form of business understands the importance of having genuine support. Customers should be able to reach the support team with ease. The platform hires professional and friendly staff. However, this is not the case with AOL918.

The scheme has not disclosed its office address. Reaching the team when you face any challenge would also be impossible. Scammers only observe professionalism when they are willing to invest more funds in their business. 

Afterwards, when you run out of funds, the firms treat you as unethical. Choose genuine investment platforms to experience absolute professionalism. The support will help you any time you face a challenge. 

Regulation Status of AOL918

AOL918 does not discuss its regulatory status. Its website has insufficient information regarding its operation. The venture is targeting investors from every nation. There are several countries with strict rules for investment schemes.

In the USA, a company must deposit capital of $20 million, while in the United Kingdom, 750K EUR. The capital proves a platform can successfully run a company without misusing traders’ funds. There is no evidence that the pyramid scheme we are reviewing today won’t face bankruptcy. 

The withdrawal requests always surpass the deposit coming into the system. AOL918  is doomed to fail. Sadly, customers won’t receive compensation from the clients. They also lack transparency. No authority in the market would permit the platform to operate discreetly. 

Moreover, the pyramid scheme is not working with a reputable financial institution. It will be hard to ask for a withdrawal without segregating the company’s accounts from the client’s accounts. The scam will use your money however it pleases. 

Fund Safety at AOL918 

Nobody guarantees your money is safe on this website. The company is not working with top-tier 1 banks. Additionally, they do not exist participate in the compensation scheme. The firm will eventually disappear in thin air.

When will you even start? It is impossible to track down ghost founders. There is no information about the people behind the pyramid scheme. They are not foolish to expose themselves to the authority and their victims. 

AOL918 makes no effort to win the trust of investors. They are mainly targeting novice investors. You will never find experts wasting time with a venture with vivid red flags.

You must perform thorough research on a platform before depositing your hard-earned money. AOL918 lacks customer feedback. Therefore, it is hard to know the experience of those that have tried them out. Nonetheless, it would help if you also watched out as some scammers use false information to lure in victims. 

Final Verdict 

AOL918 is a shady and dangerous investment platform. The venture is a pyramid scheme that will only survive if naive people continue to sign up. If there is no money being cashed in, the entity will collapse. It would help if you never dealt with anonymous platforms.

Here is a list of some of the best forex and crypto companies in the market. Invest wisely and generate passive income. You can also count on their customer support team. The companies operate according to the financial bodies’ requirements. Go through their trading performance and make an informed decision.  


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