Apex Prime Investment Review: Apexprimeinvestment.com A Fraud

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The promises that Apex Prime Investment make end up being ignored. The venture is also doing a perfect job in withholding the funds of investors. They use VoIP phone numbers to cold-call potential clients.

Apex Prime Investment is a company that assures investors they are going to enjoy the best trading environment. The venture is promising traders a fortune. The venture is claiming it has the best opportunities, but all we see are red flags. The scheme declares it accepts clients from all over the world. 

Apex Prime Investment Review, Apex Prime Investment Company

However, they do not have a license, and this is a big loophole. All investment entities in the industry must adhere to the rules that the government has set. The entity also claims it is using technology to yield high profits. The entity is operating discreetly. 

The venture also boasts it has several assets. The scheme is only talking about making profits. The strategy of the scheme remains unknown. This is a crooked company. It is hard to know if the system is trading forex. Nonetheless, we highly doubt that the venture cares about investors. 

The available assets that the entity is dealing with include; forex, cannabis, CFDs, EFTs, and stocks. The account opening process is straightforward. The entity is only speaking about making the future of traders easy. However, you will only be a mile away from attaining your financial goals by joining the firm. 

Apexprimeinvestment.com Review

Apex Prime Investment is a company that is falsely claiming several investors endorse them. The platform even uses false testimonials. The scheme lacks credibility. Giving them a chance is a bad idea. 

They promise quick riches. Unfortunately, there is no trading taking place. Those that have given them a chance are displeased with the venture. Therefore, do not waste your time on the Ponzi scheme.

Apex Prime Investment is also promising investors ridiculous returns. The likelihood of the broker overcharging investors is high. We recommend that you only deal with regulated schemes in the market. 

Invest with transparent crypto currency brokers that have nothing to hide. Their trading results are displayed for anyone interested to view. Additionally, the companies have excellent, clearly outlined trading conditions. 

Apex Prime Investment is an authorized company. They use attractive and alluring adverts to tarp their victims. You won’t be able to recover the amount that you cash in. Various genuine companies will assist you in attaining your financial goals. 

Trading Conditions of Apex Prime Investment

The scheme has several investment plans. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $200. The returns range from 5% to 20% weekly ROI. There is also an affiliate program that allegedly yields a significant commission. By inviting a new person to the Ponzi scheme, you are helping the fraudsters to get more victims. 

The duration of the contract varies. You can receive the profit from 13 weeks up to 25 weeks. The more money you are willing to deposit, the greater your returns. They also have trading bots that are meant to help traders yield more benefits.

The entity does not have trading software. Therefore, it does not qualify to refer to itself as a genuine investment scheme. The leverage and spread that the entity is offering are also unknown.

Apex Prime Investment Withdrawal and Deposits

The entity is accepting funds via Visa and BTC. It is important to note that cryptocurrency payments are dangerous. You cannot issue a chargeback or trace down the person that is receiving the money. Therefore, scammers prefer using such options.

To be on the safe side, deposit with credit or debit cards. This allows you to get back your money whenever things get ugly from up to 540 days. 

Apex Prime Investment does not put a specific amount that investors should cash out. The entity offers bonuses. However, investors cannot cash out until they attain a trading volume of $5 turnaround if they accept a $200 compensation. The venture is only trying to withhold the payment of their customers. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

The location of the venture indicates they are operating from the USA. However, this is a randomly generated address. The con artists cannot be lame enough to disclose their area of operation. The authorities would put them behind bars for running a fraudulent scheme. 

Apex Prime Investment claims that customer support operates 24/7. Investors can reach the company via email. Them not having a phone number is a significant drawback. Phone calls are one of the fastest and convenient communication channels. 

Investors need all the assurance and to make sure their money is in safe hands.  A venture that is not willing to offer professional services should never be on your consideration list.

Trading with a legitimate investment scheme grants you peace of mind. They will readily receive your request. Scammers, on the other hand, will only devastate their victims. Additionally, your information is not secure.

Regulation Status of Apex Prime Investment 

The venture lacks a regulatory document. The scheme is already working with shady firms in the market. Investors should not expect anything positive from them. You are exposing yourself to severe danger. The platform claims that it has offices in the USA.

The government of the United States is dedicated to protecting traders. Investment companies cannot operate without depositing a capital of $20 million.  The funds are in holding and can be used as compensation to investors in case things go south. 

The law also requires that a venture discloses the individuals that are running the scheme. However, Apex Prime Investment does not see the need to be transparent. They will only frustrate those that join them.

Trading with a genuine licensed venture grants you peace of mind. The legit entity also reports their daily activities to the authority. The funds are segregated in separate accounts. 

Apex Prime Investment Clients Testimonials

Apex Prime Investment has several reviews that are presented in statement form. The information suggests that this is the best venture. The investors are allegedly earning money. They recommend the experience by claiming it is reliable and the easiest way of becoming rich.

However, the reality is displeasure. On third parties websites, we found several dissatisfied traders. They have already lost money by trusting the Ponzi scheme. The broker is being marked as a scam. 

Apexprimeinvestment.com Review, Apexprimeinvestment.com Reviews

The promises that Apex Prime Investment make end up being ignored. The venture is also doing a perfect job in withholding the funds of investors. They use VoIP phone numbers to cold-call potential clients. However, if you attempt to trace down the venture, you will end up not finding them. 

Making money from an offshore company is a nightmare. Invest with legit regulated entities that do not pay marketers or feature false information. Legit schemes have endorsement from real traders. You can get genuine information from various trusted platforms.

The Domain Insight

Apex Prime Investment is a venture that was registered in December 2020. The entity only targets being in the industry for one year. The corporation that is behind the scheme is unknown. Forget about tracking down the scheme once they leave the market. 

Final Verdict

There are several ways that investors can use it to generate money. However, trading with an anonymous offshore scheme will only lead to much more trouble. Therefore, refrain from doing business with an unregulated scheme.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the leading cryptocurrency trading schemes. These are genuine and legit schemes that will help you earn great rewards. 


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