Apex24Trade Review: Apex24trade.com a Fraudulent Firm

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Apex24Trade Review
  • Fund Safety
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  • Regulation and Registration


Apex24Trade is a company that will soon be out of the market. Not even the authority will be able to assist you in recovering what you have lost. Do not share your data with the venture.

Apex24Trade is a company dealing with forex, cryptos, commodities, stocks, indices, and CFDs. The individuals that are operating this scheme are to no good. You can tell by how the website is presented. The company provides insufficient data regarding its business. 

Legit cryptocurrency investment schemes try their level best to win the trust of investors. Their past trading results will be availed. They prove their legitimacy by presenting their regulatory form. Furthermore, their mode of operation is also clear. 

Apex24Trade Review, Apex24Trade.com Review

The market has multiple scammers. Therefore, it is important to be cautious. Investment schemes use false information to attract more people. Their trading conditions may be alluring, but that in most cases, they leave their customers high and dry. Their main target is novice traders who are starting their investment venture. 

Apex24Trade is mainly offering crypto services. These are volatile products. Sometimes you make profits while others you lose money. It is impossible to predict the direction the coins will take. 

Apex24Trade.com Review

The company leaves out critical information. They do not reveal the financial institution that they are using to segregate the funds of traders. If a scheme is not working with a tier 1 bank, your money landing in the con artists’ pockets is high. You cannot recover the amount.

Furthermore, we do not know the people that are behind Apex24Trade. The scheme is proudly undertaking their business anonymously. We do not know the qualifications that the individuals behind the firm possess. Moreover, the information of the traders is at high risk. 

Fraudsters are unreliable. They could choose to sell or give access to your data to third parties. We recommend that you refrain from doing business with a shady scheme. The venture allegedly is also undertaking BTC mining activities. Setting up a mining farm is not a walk in the park.

The hardware and software are expensive. The electricity bills and cooling of machines is another drawdown. Given the nature of this suspicious entity, we do not believe they have what it takes. You will only help them mine using your laptop without getting profits. 

Trading Conditions of Apex24Trade

The scheme offers a web trader platform. For novice traders, the interface may look sophisticated. Sadly, the forex traders used to the MetaTrader will not waste their time in the venture. They also try to convince clients that the available platform is the MT4 software. Well, this is another lie coming from these con artists.

Apex24Trade has five trading accounts. The minimum amount that one can deposit is $500. This is double the standard market requirement. There are even genuine schemes that cost $100. The venture purports to be a legit forex scheme. Nonetheless, they leave behind data of the leverage and spread that customers should expect. 

The information should be available to help traders make sober decisions. This being an illegal venture, they could use lucrative offers to trap in more victims. Do not be swayed by such traits. Another loophole we noticed is that the venture is offering bonuses. The regulatory body of the UK does not permit schemes to offer such enticing deals.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Apex24Trade seems not to draw a line for the minimum amount that they are accepting. In terms and conditions, it indicates $250 while on the account, it displays another figure. The least amount that you can cash out is $500. This is ridiculous. Genuine ventures do not set any of that limit. You can cash out whichever amount you please. 

The entity is only trying to steal from innocent people. The payment options available include; BTC, PayPal, and Skill. You won’t be able to recover the funds once deposited. Chargeback is impossible as the entity does not accept bank cards. If you accept the bonuses, you are in for a rude shock. 

It would help if you traded a volume of 25 times the bonus plus the bonus you accept. The money legally belongs to the venture. Scammers will rarely pay their customers. 

Regulation Status of Apex24Trade

Apex24Trade is a venture that convinces inventors it has a license from the United Kingdom. However, upon checking their domain on the financial watchdog’s database, we found nil results. The scheme is collecting funds from traders all over the world. 

Various governments in the market have enforced tough measures to protect traders. They want to protect scammers against losing money to fraudsters. They set a hefty capital that all schemes must deposit in their name. The money is set aside and can be used to compensate traders in case of any negative outcome like insolvency.

Additionally, regulated companies must report their daily trading activities to the financial bodies. Apex24Trade is operating as it pleases. Therefore, the scheme could change its terms and conditions without consulting investors. Moreover, they could close down their business at any time. 

The FCA could not license an entity that has numerous red flags. If you want to trade, stick to the legitimate investment schemes in the industry. The safety of your money should always come first. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

The location of Apex24Trade remains unknown. Fraudsters are smart. They know if they leave any traces behind, then the authority will come after them. Therefore, it serves their interest best if they use random addresses. Resolving an issue with a Ponzi scheme is also impossible. 

They cannot afford to hire professional support. Moreover, they are involved in dirty business. Hence, what need would they support to serve them? Their sales reps will maintain communication with investors. They will keep milking you dry till you wake up to face reality. 

Apex24Trade is a company that will soon be out of the market. Not even the authority will be able to assist you in recovering what you have lost. Do not share your data with the venture. Find a transparent investment scheme to trade with.

Fund Safety

Your money is not safe with Apex24Trade. They do not have client testimonials that could shed light on the kind of services to expect from the venture. Moreover, the firm is anonymous. We cannot prove if they are trading or not. Verified performance of the entity is missing.

The lack of customer support also proves the broker does not care about their clients. A legit scheme would not risk their PR the way this venture has done. If you want to trade wisely, look for a transparent and regulated company. The dirty entity also wants investors to believe they are mining. However, they do not provide the necessary proof. We believe there are no investment services taking place in this ambiguous firm. 

The Domain Insight

The company was established in April 2021. The information of the founder is inaccessible to the public. The scheme will be out of the industry soon. Their domain name is allegedly going to expire after a year. The traffic of the scheme is also wanting.

Final Verdict

Apex24Trade fakes its regulatory status. The firm is dangerous, and it does not have a license. They are collecting money from investors across the world illegally. The entity also lacks a customer support team. You are only going to lose funds if you blindly choose the venture.

Here is a list of some of the reputable crypto trading companies in the market. These are firms that have been in the market for years. Their trading performance and clients’ testimonials are excellent.



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