APLGO Review: Do Not Invest in APLGO.com Health Supplements MLM Company

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APLGO Review
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Review Summary

There is no evidence that APLGO is actually capable of fulfilling its promises and providing significant profits to the users. Therefore, you should not invest your money in APLGO.com. Instead, invest in the crypto cloud mining companies that provide reliable, legal, and secure crypto mining opportunities to help you generate profits.

APLGO is a platform that has been providing a wide range of products for a long period of time now. However, APLGO.com has gone through various stages of transformation. Now the primary focus of the company is on its MLM scheme. 

In this article, you will get all of the necessary information about APLGO and whether you can trust it to earn any significant amount of profits. 

What is APLGO?

The website of this company, APLGO.com, describes the business as a ‘unique company’ that is providing many different benefits to the users. Initially, APLGO products were only available in Russia. However, the company made it official in 2020 that it was expanding to the USA as well.

Sergey Sergeevich Kulikov is serving as the president of APLGO. The website also provides an address of a US branch in Florida. However, further research shows that this address belongs to an incorporation company. In other words, APLGO does not have any physical presence in the USA.

In order to convince the users about its legitimacy, the company is also claiming that it is registered with the authorities in the state of Florida. However, without having any physical presence in the USA, it is quite hard to believe that the company is actually registered with any authority in the USA.


The company is presenting itself as some kind of global company. However, all of the present evidence shows that APLGO is only operating in Russia. It is likely that the company is trying to attract investment from people all over the globe to survive in the industry. 

Domain Insights

Analysis of APLGO.com shows that the website was registered in Russia. Currently, Russia (63%), the USA (11%), and Ukraine (2%) are contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. It shows that the origin of this company – Russia – is still the largest market for it. 

However, APLGO is also becoming a very popular APLGO because more and more people believe it to be a genuine and profitable platform. 

How to Join APLGO?

Users have to spend a considerable amount of money to join APLGO.com. Every user must submit $25 to get the basic affiliate membership of the company. Moreover, users will have to buy one of the following packages to get access to all of the income opportunities: 

  • PR and Detox package that costs $100
  • Vibrant Youth package that costs $200
  • A family package that costs $400
  • President package that costs $600
  • A fantastic package that costs $1800
  • Super 5 package that costs $3000

In other words, users will have to spend a minimum amount of $125 to take part in APLGO. This is a very high amount for an MLM company. Moreover, you will only get very limited earning opportunities in such packages. Therefore, the company is encouraging you to invest as much as possible to make more profits. 

Features of APLGO

APLGO.com mentions a number of features of the company to convince users about its legitimacy and attract as much investment as possible. Some of these features are:

Financial Freedom

APLGO claims to have all of the essential features required to provide you with complete financial freedom. It promises users to provide a large number of profits to the users through its MLM scheme. However, there is no proof that the company is actually capable of providing such profits to the users. 


In order to attract more users, APLGO is claiming to be a well-established company in the industry and presenting itself as a leading name in international network marketing. However, you should remember that APLGO.com is a Russian-based platform. Despite its claims of being a global company, there is no external data that validate such claims. 

Source of Revenue

The company has an extensive product catalog. Yet, the primary focus of APLGO is on the MLM side of the business. It shows that the products are just a way of attracting users and make them invest in the company. Without the affiliate members, the company can collapse anytime soon. Therefore, the primary source of revenue of APLGO is affiliate members and not the products.

Reliable Team

APLGO.com also states that it has a team of highly professional and experienced people is behind this company. As a result, it is asking users to trust the company and invest as much money as they can. 

Yet, the website does not mention the name of any of these team members. It only keeps saying that professional people are running the platform. Such kind of statements makes it clear that the APLGO is concealing the identities of people actually behind it. 

Income Structure of APLGO

The income structure of APLGO revolves around the sixteen affiliate ranks of the company. These ranks are:

  • Associate Rank
  • 2 Star Associate Rank
  • Manager Rank
  • Senior Manager Rank
  • Director Rank
  • Senior Director Rank
  • Managing Director Rank
  • Corporate Director Rank
  • National Director Rank
  • International Director Rank
  • Premier Director Rank
  • Ambassador Rank
  • Gold Ambassador Rank
  • Platinum Ambassador Rank
  • Diamond Ambassador Rank
  • Crown Ambassador Rank


APLGO promises a variety of bonuses and commissions to the affiliate members. The purpose of such commissions is to make people invest in the company. Retail and recruitment commissions are at the forefront of the company’s marketing. 

Affiliate members will be able to generate a 30% commission on every order placed by a retail customer. Further discounts are also promised on the basis of the overall affiliate rank and contribution to the company. 


Similarly, recruitment commissions are a major part of the company, like any other MLM platform. The website provides a thorough breakdown of the commissions that members of different affiliate ranks can earn by recruiting new members. 

Many other bonuses like the leadership bonus, luxury bonus, and manager bonuses are also promised to the affiliate members. However, you should remember that you can get access to most of these commissions only after you spend a large amount of investment in the company.


APLGO has managed to stay relevant by offering different products and bonuses to the affiliate members. However, if you look closely at this company, you will realize that there is nothing new in it.

APLGO.com is like any other Ponzi scheme that makes a lot of promises to attract investment and make people invest in the company. It is lying about having offices in different countries, especially the USA. Instead, the company is based in Russia and trying to attract people from all over the globe to make more profits. 

Moreover, APLGO is asking you to spend a large amount of money on its income structure. There is no guarantee that you will actually get any of the promised benefits and profits. The income structure itself looks quite superficial. 

The company has no interest in promoting its products. Instead, it fully focuses on making people join the MLM scheme of the company. Under these packages, the users are forced to buy APLGO’s products every month. Such kind of business model is not suitable for the users. Even if you manage to make some profits with this platform, they will be very insignificant. 

You should avoid investing any money in APLGO because it cannot provide any real profits. Instead, you can trust the crypto cloud mining companies for crypto trading and making a large number of profits. Such kinds of companies are suitable for both beginners and experts. Hence, anyone can invest in crypto mining companies and make money. 

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