Appletrade Review: Appletrade.deh a Blacklisted Offshore Broker

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The platform is a scam that is exposed and operating by its own accord. The broker is not worth your time or resources. Moreover, this company tries its level best to remain relevant. They even go to a further mile of providing fake materials to investors. Find the best forex trading entities.

Appletrade is a platform that is operating illegally. Their domain name is also shady. Therefore, investors who choose to venture with this entity will suffer huge losses. The broker state that it is trading commodities, metals, and forex.

The firm states that it is one of the secure entities in the market. Moreover, investors can trade at high speed. The leverage which the firm provides is very high. Investors should know that taking such offers only exposes them to more risks.

Moreover, Appletrade states it has over 100 trading assets at the disposal of its clients. The broker states that it segregates the funds of their customers. However, you should know that most offshore, offshore entities are not safe.

They also brag that they have leading marketing conditions in the world. Therefore, the broker states that regardless of your trading experience, their platform is the best place to trade. The company avails trading materials to their customers.

The broker is also conducting research on behalf of traders. Unfortunately, it’s a hard task to examine the quality of education that traders get from them. It provides trading EBooks and an economic calendar. Review

The platform is a scam that is exposed and operating by its own accord. The broker is not worth your time or resources. Moreover, this company tries its level best to remain relevant. They even go to a further mile of providing fake materials to investors.

Everything from their trading bonus requirements, contact details, and outrageous leverage cap should serve as a red flag. These are clear signs that traders should take with great caution. They do not have a license which is one of the main drawdowns. ‘

Appletrade Review, Appletrade Company

Whenever you come across investment ventures that are way too good to be true, chances are they are scammers. Fraudsters have a smart way of running their business. Therefore, it is very easy to resist their offers.

Their sales team does all the work. They prepare the sales pitch to investors. Appletrade does not have what it takes to consider itself as a reliable trading partner. The market is volatile, and what the entity promises is hard to achieve.

Therefore, we recommend that you stick to the forex trading companies in the world. These entities have the best trading platforms. Additionally, they assure their clients of fund safety. You have nothing to worry about once you sign up with them today!

Contact Details

Appletrade claims their offices are based at Guild St, North Dock, Dublin 1, Ireland 8QX5 +8F Dublin 1, Ireland. The company can be reached via email or phone. Unfortunately, this is a randomly generated address.

The reallocation of this broker remains unknown to the investors. Therefore, this means that whenever this entity exits the market, there is nowhere that investors can go. It is a mode of operation that is common with all Ponzi schemes in the market.

There is no need for them to have a physical address. This is because the authority would put them behind bars. Additionally, it would blow up their cover by not remaining anonymous. It seems that sometimes this broker never responds to phone calls.

Appletrade states that once they are not available, you can fill in a contact form detailing your problem or concern. The entity is only after investors’ funds, and you won’t get a friendly treatment once you start going after your money.

In most case, the broker ends up blacklisting those that have deposited funds. The trading entity has proven not to be reliable. Investing with them only exposes you to huge risks. There are no benefits that come with trading with them.

Trading Conditions of Appletrade

The company of Appletrade offers a basic trading platform. Investors can trade using the web-based interface. They offer a spread of 0.4 pips to investors. The cost favors traders since they won’t have to spend more money.

The platform states investors choose them because of the generous leverage it has. Their leverage cap is that of 1:888, which way above what legit brokers’ offers are. Additionally, the company gets tier 1 liquidity from the best providers.

The spread of Appletrade is tight, and it is that of 0.4. Investors will benefit from such opportunities since they will not have to pay more. Additionally, the firm will be able to attain high profits. However, this does not change the fact that you are dealing with an offshore entity.

For investors to cash out their money, they need to attain a trading volume of $10000. This is for each bonus amount that you deposit. It would help if you avoided such suspicious entities at all costs. There is nothing good that comes from them.

Additionally, you will never be able to cash out your funds if you encounter a company that is not reputable, deposit funds using a credit card method. It allows you to issue a chargeback from up to 540 days.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Appletrade accepts a minimum deposit f $500, which is exploitive. There are better brokers than this platform that accept the low amounts. There are also 4 trading accounts that investors can use. Moreover, funds are deposited via Skrill, Credit card, QIWI, WebMoney, Neteller, Wire transfer, Yandex, and American Express.

Appletrade Regulatory Status

Appletrade claims that it is based in Ireland. However, the country has strict requirements for the forex trading platform. The Central Bank of Ireland is the entity that is responsible for issuing regulatory documents to investment firms.

The platform is therefore not registered nor licensed. Therefore, you expose yourself to several risks by investing with the entity. Additionally, this venture has already received a warning from the financial body of the Austria Financial Market Authority (FMA). Review, Appletrade Features

It is a very big red flag when an entity is marked as unsuitable to trade with. Still, you find investors falling for their scheme. All Irish regulated company adheres to strict requirements. For instance, a broker needs to cash in a minimum amount of 730K EUR.

Additionally, investors are protected from negative account balances. There is also a maximum cap of leverage that companies should offer. Moreover, clients stand a chance of being compensated if the entity faces insolvency.

Each trader will receive 20,000 EUR. Therefore, it is recommendable that before you deposit funds, you research whether a broker is licensed or not. It will save you from the agony of losing funds.

The Domain Insight hides a lot of information from the public. All we know is that the domain registration status was updated in October 2020. The broker is operating in an anonymous manner. The company has a low Alexa ranking in the industry. Their audience location is also not available.

Final Verdict

Appletrade violated multiple rules to be in operation. The company does not offer fund safety to their clients. Therefore, there is no point in trusting your funds with them. The other thing with this entity is that there are several red flags like a high leverage cap.

We highly doubt that customer support will ever respond to the needs of their clients. You can only expect bad treatment from this entity. Additionally, in all the areas that the broker is offering its services there, they are not permitted.

Instead of risking your safety with these suspicious ventures, it is best that you deal with the top forex trading firms in the market. Therefore, you are guaranteed that your security comes first. The trading conditions also consider trader’s needs.

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