Archax Trade Review: an Exposed Scam

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Archax Trade Review
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Archax Trade is an offshore venture that purports to be operating in the United Kingdom. The venture will exit the market unceremoniously, leaving trades high and dry. The only mode of communication is via email. The firm does not have a phone number.

Archax Trade is allegedly a BTC investment. They claim that investors can trust them to generate returns. The entity is mining BTC. Cryprocueny mining in the past year was a boom, and many successful investors who were willing to take the risk did attain attractive ROI. However, these days and currently, if you are not careful, you could lose all your savings.

Archax Trade Review, Archax Trade Company


The mining costs are high, and it has become hard for individual investors to set up the farms. They end up joining existing mining pools. This could be the reason there are several crypto scams in the market. Digital currencies are not a get-rich-quick venture. It will help if you put in work to get genuine returns.

Archax Trade is on the warning list of the FCA. This is a major red flag, and investors should first check with the financial bodies on whether the investment venture they want to partner with has the necessary documentation. This can be achieved by visiting the watchdogs’ websites.

Avoid this dangerous investment scheme. Nothing seems to make sense about this company.  The entity only promises high profits to its customers. Unfortunately, we are not aware of the venture’s technique to attain the advertised profits. Review

Despite mining coins, the entity also claims it partakes in trading services. There are a variety of accounts that clients can choose from. The company wants investors to believe it wants to ensure there is mass adoption of cryptos. There is no transparency as even the people that are responsible for the platform are unknown.

How can you trust anonymous individuals from whom you do not know their qualifications or where they originate from? The entity also brags it has enforced tough security measures. There is no fund safety in this scheme. It only has a DDoS and an SSL certificate. This is not enough to safe-keep your data. If you want to trade successfully, then look for a venture with a license.

Archax Trade can sell your data to third parties. The people behind this company will do anything to become rich. This is an unethical scheme that only has an idyllic marketing strategy. If you make a deposit, you will never receive the capital or profits.

Invest with genuine crypto mining companies in the market. These are among the pioneer platforms in the industry. You will sleep soundly knowing that your money is secure.

Archax Trade Investment Plans 

The Ponzi scheme has three investment plans. It is not rocket science to notice the red flags that the company avails. Looking at the plans, you will realize that everything is wrong. The minimum amount that investors can deposit is $100. The ROI is paid four times a week.

If you deposit $100, your investment will yield $299. The Standard account takes $500 and generates $794 four times a week. The premium account accepts $100 and earns $2505oo each time 4 times a week.

It is absurd to attain such an amount of profits. Archax Trade even features a calculator for clients to calculate the number of profits they will get. The venture fails to feature information on the average drawdown. Cryptocurrencies are volatile, and they can not be all rosy.

How can the firm be trading yet does not have a trading interface? This is another proof that the entity is a scam.

Regulation Status of Archax Trade

The company is accepting investors from every corner of the world. It does not acknowledge the rules of the regulatory bodies. The FCA does not permit this venture to operate in its jurisdiction. The entity is a clone firm that is using information that does not belong to them.

Archax Ltd is a licensed venture that has nothing to do with this fraud. A company must deposit a huge amount of capital in its name before offering investment services in the UK. The amount acts as compensation in case of insolvency.

Once Archax Trade stops receiving funds, the con artists will close down the venture. Investors will be left counting losses. Unregulated ventures are dangerous, and you need to stay away from them. Nobody oversees the operations of this venture. Hence, the firm can violate its promises to clients.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Archax Trade is an offshore venture that purports to be operating in the United Kingdom. The venture will exit the market unceremoniously, leaving trades high and dry. The only mode of communication is via email. The firm does not have a phone number. It will ignore the client’s requests. The venture claims to make investors rich, yet it does not have enough money to hire a professional team.

Once the law catches the con artists behind the venture, they will face criminal charges. It is important that you only deal with genuine entities that transparently conduct their business. They will treat you professionally and resolve your issue on time.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Archax Trade claims that it handles the withdrawal process within a day. The payment options include; Skrill, BTC, and Ethereum. The firm states that it has reasonable fees. You can only use crypto methods to fund your account. We are yet to encounter a successful client that has withdrawn funds from the venture.

They do not have a legal document. It is, therefore, hard to know the requirement of withdrawal or if there is a policy for the dormant accounts. Traders should be watchful of nasty entities that turn a blind eye to critical matters.

Archax Trade False Testimonials 

Archax Trade has testimonials on its website. Investors are pleased with the venture as it has made them financially stable. The form does not disappoint, and it is delivering what it promises. We noticed that the firm is referred to as Blockchest Capital, a separate name from what the scheme calls itself. Review, Testimonials

They copied the information from their other rogue scheme. The individuals do not publish their proof of payment; these could be these stock images. The platform is using an old tactic that is common with fraudsters. It would help if you did not believe anything that promotes this scam.

Their marketers may also be in play advertising the shady services. Watch out and only search for customer feedback on third parties websites. It is hard for the Ponzi schemes to manipulate the reviews from their customers on reputable platforms.

The Domain Insight

Archax Trade is a new investment scheme that was established in April 2021. They should publish their past month’s trading results. Nonetheless, we do not see this happening since this is a proven scam. The domain name is expected to expire after one year. Despite promising high ROI, the scheme does not get much traffic. To be on the safe side, avoid the entity at all costs.

Final Verdict

Archax Trade does not have trade forex, cryptocurrency, or digital currencies mining equipment. The location of their mining farms is also undisclosed. The blacklisted scheme only wants to defraud their customers. Furthermore, this is a cloned entity that uses legit firm information to deceive innocent investors.

Invest with some of the best cryptocurrency mining companies in the market. These are reputable and regulated ventures that do not make absurd promises to their customers. They will help you in generating passive income.

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