Ascot Prime Review: an Illegal Scheme

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Ascot Prime Review
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Ascot prime is an offshore venture that has a license from a lenient financial body in the market. Their spread is not tight as we would recommend. Our main problem with this broker is that it might not be safe. Try out the best forex trading brokers instead.

Ascot prime is a company that claims it has over 10000 trading assets. They welcome investors to take advantage of this opportunity and earn genuine returns. The entity also states it has the MT4 and MT5 trading interface available for its customers.

Investors can also download Ebook to boost their trading activity. The more amount that you deposit the higher the income that you are going to generate. However, this is an unreliable firm that you should keep off.

Ascot prime is an offshore venture that has a license from a lenient financial body in the market. Their spread is not tight as we would recommend. Our main problem with this broker is that it might not be safe.

Ascot prime Review, Ascot prime Company

Additionally, the company brags that it is a reputable and leading forex entity. However,  this is a bold claim coming from an entity that is not very reputable. The firm updates its clients on a daily basis. They have an economic calendar that you can use to keep track of your trading.

Investors can trade multiple currency pairs like the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHY, and others. The entity believes that investors should choose them because of their fast order execution speed. Their trading interface is also easy to download. There is the protection of negative balance. Review

Ascot Prime is a firm that states it has won a number of awards in the market. It was allegedly the best GCC FX Service provider in 2019. The broker also displays its online personal wealth award of the year 2019. Additionally, the firm also showcases the best newcomer award for the same year.

Unfortunately, we cannot verify if the information is true. There is a lot that is missing from their platform. Moreover, the company does not disclose the organization that awarded them these titles.

Ascot Prime originates from Seychelles. The venture is dealing with commodities, forex, and indices assets. The platform, however, lacks transparency and you should look for better alternatives in the industry.

The company claims that it will help you make the best decision in the market. If you analyze their features keenly you will see that the offshore entity does not showcase the experience of the people handling investors’ money.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that are reputable and licensed. Your money and personal data will be secure. Moreover, you can also invest with confidence. The trading conditions of these entities also protect investors. They maximize profits.

Ascot Prime Trading Conditions

The company offers MetaTrader4/5 to its clients. The EURUSD spread ranges from 1.5 pips up to 2 pips. It is not an attractive offer and you will not be able to enjoy a high income. The standard market spread is that of 1 pip.

The leverage cap of Ascot Prime is that 1:400. The lever is dangerous and exposes you to severe risk especially if you are a newbie investor. Moreover, the leverage cannot be adjusted and the company knows exactly what it is exposing its clients to. Review, Review Features

You can lose all your earnings in a matter of seconds. The trading platform which the broker presents has advanced tools. Moreover, investors can also customize their own  EAs. Regulatory bodies allow legit companies to offer a leverage of 1:30 and 1:50.

This should show you the level of seriousness of the matter is. Therefore, investors should not rejoice once they come across this firm. They would rather take this as a red flag. There are several entities that protect their customers against facing huge risks.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Ascot Prime is a company that does not state the minimum amount that you can deposit. Traders can cash in using Tether or wire transfers. The entity does not allow credit or debit cards. Therefore, you cannot issue a chargeback.

The minimum amount that you can cash out is $100 when using wire transfers. If you choose any other methods you can withdraw as low as $20. The venture assures investors that they will have their money within 48 hours.

The broker does not charge any hidden fees. However, if you cash out the amount that is less you must pay a fee of $50. It is a requirement that you will not find in a legit venture. The inactivity of an account starts counting from three months.

You must pay a charge of $25 if you do not log in to your account. The company is not worth your time. It is only looking for an opportunity to exploit its customers. Avoid them for the sake of your money.

Ascot Prime Regulation and Registration

Ascot Prime states that it is a venture operated by  Ascit Trading Global Group. The corporate is allegedly based in Seychelles. Nonetheless, there is a big confusion because some other areas indicate that the firm legal name is Ascot Prime. The venture is not transparent.

Despite all these the platform has a license from Seychelles. The problem is that offshore financial bodies are not strict. The area where this broker is based is a safe haven for companies that want to evade high taxation.

Nonetheless, this financial watchdog has revisited their rules to paint a better picture. Unfortunately, investors are not well protected against scammers. You will not get fund safety from this firm. Additionally, it is not possible to know whether the firm is indeed regulated in Seychelles.

We recommend that you trade with platforms that have been in the market for years. Moreover, trade with companies licensed by EU financial body, FCA, NFA, CySEC, or ASIC. You are going to get fund safety.

Ascot Prime Contact Details

The company does not indicate its actual office address. We only know that they are based in Seychelles. For live chat, you can contact them on Monday to Friday from 8 am and 6 pm. You can also email the broker or fill in the contact form on their website.

Ascot Prime does not have a genuine method of communication. The moment they decide to cut their client off there is nothing you can do. They will disappear from the face of the earth and not even the authority will come to your rescue.

Scammers do not care about the experience of their customers. They will treat you as they please. The best thing is to look for better alternatives in the market. Furthermore, despite this broker being in the market for years, there is no client feedback.

The Domain Insight

Ascot Prime is a broker that was registered in July 2018. Their domain name will expire in 2021 in the same month. The information of the founder is not available. The broker has a total of 3,159,555 traffic visiting their website. The location of their customers is not known.

Final Verdict

Ascot Prime is a platform that is regulated by an offshore financial body. The entity does not offer fund safety to its customers. Moreover, their trading conditions do not suit investors. The broker is only looking after its own greedy needs.

The company has been in the market for years but has no trading history. Their leverage exposes investors to huge risks. It requires you to pay hefty charges to its clients.

Instead of paying more with this firm, we suggest you trade with genuine transparent forex trading brokers in the market. These firms care about their customers. You can also contact the support whenever you have an issue.

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