Asia Capital Markets Review: a Shady Broker

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Asia Capital Markets Review
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Investors can contact Asia Capital Markets via email. There is no other available means of communication. The venture is not regulated, and you will be tossing your finger to the fire by testing the waters with them.

Asia Capital Markets claims it is a legit broker. Rookie investors may find the scheme genuine, especially from the way it organizes and professionally designs the website. However, there are key factors that every trader should check for before depositing their hard-earned money in any system.

The entity claims it leads the way thanks to its expertise in the industry. The broker refers to itself as AC markets. There are several accounts that clients can use to generate returns. They also have competitive prices and even proclaim to have an MT4 interface.

Asia Capital Markets Review, Asia Capital Markets Company

Clients are assured of learning materials and top-notch trading resources. The support will help in case of any hitch. Asia Capital Markets is using a popular technique that several scammers have embraced over time. Copytrade is a method that is not effective. You have to rely on another alleged ‘top trader’ to copy their order.

The companies will never tell you that if the individual makes losses, you as the trader also suffer the same fate. There is also no evidence these traders’ strategies are qualified, or they are successful investors. It is more like gambling. You also need to pay them a certain fee.

We suggest you stick to these reputable forex trading platforms. They will equip you with the necessary information and tools to become a successful trader. Their trading techniques are verifiable and will help you earn better returns. Review

Asia Capital Markets uphold their platform. The entity is providing investors with market analyses and trading news. The website is available in both Mandarin and English language. The available assets include crypto, precious metals, CFDs, and forex. Investors who stumble across this entity wonder whether they are legit.

No evidence proves the scheme is genuine. The venture even fakes its history to appear reputable. Unfortunately, they do not have trading performance. The FAQ that the firm provides does not help to shed light on its operation. We do not have confidence in the scheme, and it is best not to venture with it.

The market has several profitable options for investors. Traders can exploit the opportunities, but there is also a high need to be careful. The industry is plagued with scammers, and they are targeting innocent individuals. Make sure that you run a background check before depositing money.

In case they call and pursue you to make a deposit report them to the authority. Scammers will never allow clients to process a withdrawal. Instead, they come up with every kind of excuse, and they can also blacklist you from accessing their website.

Asia Capital Markets Trading Conditions 

The leverage is at 1:500, which is not what the USA watchdog allows. The company wants traders to believe it originates from this stringent country. If they were operating legally, then their leverage would be 1:50 as per the jurisdiction.

According to the broker’s marketers, it uses the Hedging and Scalping technique. The spreads are at 1 pip. There is a Standard, ECN, and an Islamic account. There is also a commission, and clients can trade automatically. It is an MT4 entity, but we suggest you refrain from engaging with the platform, given the red flags that the scheme portrays.

Asia Capital Markets Withdrawal and Deposits

The listed payment options include; Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller, Swift, PaymentAsia, and Domestic EFT. The firm fails to disclose the minimum amount that traders should cash in the system. This is a discrete venture that purposely leaves out essential information. Review, Features

They will not generate any reasonable returns. The red flags of them not featuring the withdrawal requirement should be taken seriously. The scheme can inflict hidden charges on traders. We suggest that you invest wisely and only settle with schemes that publicly feature all the relevant information. You will know what you are signing up for.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Investors can contact Asia Capital Markets via email. There is no other available means of communication. The company leaves no physical address meaning clients cannot visit them in their offices. The venture is determined to remain anonymous.

We suggest that you watch out and only trust platforms that showcase their operating areas. Your data is safe with a genuine and transparent firm. There are transparent entities in the industry that are reputable and focused on offering the best trading experience. They hire a professional team.

Regulation Status of Asia Capital Markets

The company claims it has a license from the FSA SVG agency. Sadly, in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, no online financial watchdog supervises the trading ventures. Therefore, the firm is misleading traders. Shamelessly Asia Capital Markets state it also has a license from the NFA.

It is the USA regulatory body. There are not many investment schemes that operate in the country based on the tough measures they must meet. A capital of $2 million must be deposited. The broker must also report their daily trading activity to the agency.

The people that are behind Asia Capital Markets should publish alongside their qualifications. Traders have every right to know the individuals handling their money. Moreover, the investment schemes must also indicate the financial institution it uses to segregate funds. Unfortunately, in the case of this broker, investors are not going to get such benefits.

The scheme can choose to exit the industry unceremoniously without notice. Therefore, now what you are signing up for before committing to a useless venture. There are high chances of the fraudsters misusing investors’ funds for the wrong unintended purpose.

The Domain Insight

Asia Capital Markets has been in the market since April 2020. The firm renewed its contract in 2021, and the domain is expected to expire in 2022 April. The venture is privately registered, and it is impossible to get hold of the registrar’s information. Asia capital has a terrible trust score, and their global internet traffic is at 7,134,062. We do not know the location of their target audience.

Final Verdict

Asia Capital Markets location is a hot spot for fraudulent investment schemes. The venture is not regulated, and you will be tossing your finger to the fire by testing the waters with them. This is a dangerous scam that is not trading. They have an A-game marketing strategy. Unfortunately, the scheme will not deliver the desired results.

Try out legit forex trading companies that have several currency pairs. You can also use any strategy that works for you to exploit the market. A team of professionals will be at your disposal and you can utilize them to earn reasonable passive income.

Funds are not safe in an anonymous scheme. You may be stable on adverts promoting this scheme but do not fall for their ploy. You cannot make money with the firm. They may only sway but withhold your payment.

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