AskForBit Review: a Dreadful Broker

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AskforBit Review
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AskforBit is a venture that does mention anything about its legitimacy. The venture is operating without a license. It is illegal to collect funds from some countries without adhering to the rules of the financial regulators. Your money is in grave danger because there is no segregation of funds.

AskforBit is a platform that tries its level best to convince investors it is genuine. It operates as a cryptocurrency exchange and a trading firm. They talk about improving the trading skills of investors. One can blindly trust the venture has the best interest of their customers. The firm allows clients to trade on a margoon. 

AskForBit Review, AskForBit Platform

It advertises a 1:5 margin that would help customers increase their ROI. The trading signals that the firm sends to clients are also portrayed as profitable. The venture brags institutions and past customers have endorsed it. However, we are yet to encounter anyone that has successfully traded with the firm.

AskforBit is also providing customers with a personal account manager. The problem is that we do not know the qualifications that the individuals possess. The scheme has not done much in crediting them. This could be because they do not have experts working in the entity. 

You can invest with some of the best cryptocurrency investment firms. These are companies that have survived the volatility in the market. Moreover, their trading activities are being overseen by the regulatory bodies in the market. Review

AskforBit claims it is a reliable investment firm. They market themselves as the best scheme to trade digital coins. It also acts as an exchange processing orders of their clients fast. To know if an exchange is legit, we suggest checking if it is listed on CoinMarketCap. Unfortunately, this alleged firm is not featured on the platform.

The entity advertises a return of 92%. Even some of the best crypto trading bots do not have such accuracy. The scheme also provides a web-based trading interface. They are accepting all classes of traders. Rookie, intermediate, and the experts. However, you will rarely find professional trades wasting their time with a Ponzi scheme.

AskforBit allegedly has over 5oo available coins. They also run ICOs. The venture boasts operating at high speed and having a responsive interface. Clients will have control of their accounts. They also claim they manage the risk involved in trading to give investors the best results.

Invest with reliable and transparent firms that do not avail fluff content. The leading schemes that have available trading results. Their only goal is to help customers have a great trading experience. 

Features of AskforBit

The entity claims it wants to be the top crypto trading in the industry. The market is competitive, and each of the firms is trying to outdo its competitors. There are several legit investment firms in the market. It is a surprise to see that fraudsters are still exploiting innocent clients.

AskforBit claims it is constantly improving its trading platform. Their team looks for ways to diversify their returns, minimize the risks and maximize the profits. Their payment methods are swift, and you won’t suffer any delays. Customers are also assured of getting the value of their money. The spreads are allegedly tight and the margin low. Review, Platform

You only need to register your account and be ready to earn big. The affiliate program of the scheme allows you to earn huge commissions. You receive $200 for each person that signs up using your promotional code. 

AskforBit deal is too good to be true. You will be earning higher returns than in trading. This proves this is a pyramid scheme. By inviting a new member to the entity, you are only helping the con artists reach their goals. 

Trading Conditions of AskforBit 

AskforBit has a web-based trading platform. The features of the firm are not peerless. They have basic charts, indicators, and tools. From what we are seeing, this entity does not seem to be trading. The leverage and spread data are not available.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The entity allegedly takes funds via Visa, Cryptos, MasterCard, Qiwi, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, and Wire Transfers. However. It appears you can only deposit using the BTC option. For wire transfer, you need to share personal data. The entity is only trying to limit you because they know individuals are scared of sharing critical information. Hence, you will result in using the digital option. 

Once you do, forget about issuing a chargeback. You can cash out any amount that you please. However, the entity states that clients can only withdraw $100 and above in the withdrawal section. We fail to understand why the scheme would contradict itself. 

They also provide a spread of 2 pips which is not lucrative. All in all, AskforBit is a Ponzi scheme.  They will never handle your withdrawal request. They will leave you high and dry. 

Customer Support

The support allegedly operates 24/7. The location of the platform is undefined. The entity is operating in this model to ensure their victims do not go after them. Moreover, it is also a perfect way of ensuring their cover is not blown over. The authority cannot also identify where the venture is from. 

You cannot contact the support of this broker. A legit venture will invest highly in the quality of customer support. In case you encounter any problem, you have a guarantee that they will respond in time. However, Ponzi schemes do not care about investors. 

Regulation Status of AskforBit

AskforBit is a venture that does mention anything about its legitimacy. The venture is operating without a license. It is illegal to collect funds from some countries without adhering to the rules of the financial regulators. Your money is in grave danger because there is no segregation of funds.

Moreover, we do not know what is happening behind closed doors. The venture does not report its trading activities to anyone. They also fail to provide data of their parent company. The mysterious venture could refuse to handle your withdrawal request. Moreover, they can also change their terms and conditions.

Are Funds Safe in AskforBit?

AskforBit is a company that has its marketers working tirelessly to fish for victims. However, when it comes to the safety of your money, you are not going to get that from the platform. Moreover, the venture does not have client testimonials. We cannot know the quality of services that the scheme is offering.

They are also not licensed, yet they collect money from all over the world. The system of the firm would collapse at any moment. You cannot recover the money. Moreover, nobody would be able to help you get back your money.

The Domain Insight

According to, AskforBit was registered in Feb 2021. The domain name was registered in February 2021. The registration will expire after a year. The people that are behind the venture are unknown. However, the marketers of this scheme claim the entity has been in the industry since 2014. 

The information is misleading and meant to make you see them as if they have a trading history. The venture is also operating anonymously but wants clients to believe it has offices in Australia and Germany. 

Final Verdict

AskforBit is not a genuine investment company. The venture is an evil Ponzi scheme. They are only going to leave you in a fix. The platform does not have a license. They can easily violate the terms that the financial regulators have set. The withdrawal requirements of the entity are also not ideal.

Invest with a genuine cryptocurrency investment entity. A company that wants the best for their customers. The safety of your money should come first. You should not waste your time with offshore discrete ventures. 

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