Asset Group Review: a Bamboozling Broker

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Asset Group Review
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Asset Group is a completely useless investment company. They are infamous, and there is no evidence of trading activity taking place. The platform tries very hard to remain relevant.

Asset Group promotes itself as the most trustworthy entity in the market. They aim to help investors reach their full potential. The firm claims the assets they choose are among the best competitive products in the market.

Asset Group Review, Asset Group Company

Unfortunately, you should never take offshore seriously. The majority of them end up disappointing their customers. The company is allegedly offering the best widespread to traders. Most of their currencies have a narrow spread.

Asset Group is allegedly using the best-advanced technology. Hence, their clients shall get an effective unique experience. Most of the nasty schemes use technology to hide their murky business. They are using the smart trading technique to yield massive profits. Review

Asset Group’s website is beautifully designed. It is hard for investors to notice that this is a scam, especially the novice traders. However, there are multiple loopholes hidden in the stylish platform. What they will do to the naïve traders will make them refrain from dealing with offshore entities.

Some of the assets available are; Precious metals, currencies, stocks, and indices. Both novice and expert traders can join the venture. It is upon investors to select the best services that suit their needs. However, we won’t be recommending this scheme to the public due to several red flags.

Therefore, you can check out some outstanding legit forex trading brokers that are licensed. The entities are performing greatly in the market. Additionally, you can check reviews from their customers to understand how the systems work.

Withdrawal and deposit requirements

The listed payment methods are; debit cards and credit cards. The least amount to deposit at Asset Group is $250.The venture does not speak about the inactivity fees. The only charges we found are for inactivity. However, you can never be certain with a bogus scheme.

The withdrawal request of traders is handled in 4 to 7 days. The scam also has a non-deposited funds policy. Withdrawing funds from the offshore entity are going to be a nightmare. Do not think about trusting the platform with your money.

Asset GroupTrading Conditions

The entity has a web-based trading platform. It praises technology and claims to have the best trading tools. We expected them to have a MetaTrader. However, considering that the entity is fraudulent, they need something to manipulate the price.

Some of the features are; one-click trading, pending orders, live calendar, price alerts, stop loss, and other features. The company is an illegitimate investment scheme. They make several fake promises to their customers.

A company like this one is not worthy of your precious time. They are using the copy-pasting strategy. Whereby, the rookie customers can check on the export orders. This does not qualify to be an investment scheme.

First, we do not know whether their professional traders are indeed qualified. Second, it is also important to note that you will also get the same outcome once the individual you copied from making huge losses. Ponzi schemes see this perfect façade to steal from naïve clients.

Asset Group has an undesirable spread of 3 pips which is not ideal for the investors. Their customers are subjected to paying more. The scammers are the only ones who shall enjoy investors’ bad outcomes. The leverage is that of 1:100 for all assets. The venture is pushing clients to hazardous limits.

Asset Group Regulation Status

The company is not licensed to operate in any country across the globe. However, they leave it to the clients to check if their country permits them to trade with the broker. Several scammers in the industry have misused this common quote.

Investment entities are the ones that should make sure they meet the regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction they target investors. Moreover, the scheme has a registration form from the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The country does not have a body that licenses for trading activities. Therefore, it has become a hot spot for fraudsters to run their business. Hence, we can safely conclude that Asset Group is an illegal venture that does not care about the law.

There is no fund safety in the offshore company. Furthermore, they do not segregate the funds of investors, exposing them to more danger. The company is not working with a financial institution. The scammers running the firm ought to be put behind bars.

Once they exit the market, it will be a daunting task to trace them. Therefore, the best thing is to refrain from giving them funds.  The government will not be able to help since the entity leaves no tangible evidence of its location. Trade safety!

Contact Details and Customer Support Services

Asset Group does not provide an office address. Therefore, it is impossible to know their country of origin. Additionally, the only way investors can contact the venture is via email. There is no telephone number. The mode of operation of this scheme is worrisome.

Asset Group Review, Assetgroup.comFeatures

Why would they try so hard to conceal their identity? The only reason is that the entity is not genuine. They are targeting investors that do not know how to spot a Ponzi scheme. The moment you experience technical issues, or you cannot process the withdrawal, and you decide to email them, the scheme will ignore your message.

Offshore entities have a terrible customer support system. In most cases, they do not even hire a team. Sole con artists operate the venture. They feature fluff content that is not helpful. Invest with transparent ventures that have sound communication means to interact with clients.

Asset Group Clients Testimonials

Asset Group does not have client feedback anywhere on the internet apart from its website. The entity has a section that shows the testimonials of traders. The venture is being marketed as the best forex trading platform.

Customers can allegedly execute trade fast. Additionally, their widespread is another recommendable feature. The support also is responsive and replies fast whenever you experience a problem. However, we find this hard to believe.

We also learned through the testimonials that Asset Group is providing bonuses and promotions. There are always absurd requirements that one must meet to cash out the lucrative. The main problem and why you should not believe this information is because the broker is using stock images.

The firm steals pictures from the internet and fills in the information anything they please. It is the main reason we urge traders to look for customer feedback on third-party platforms. There the scammers cannot manipulate the info.

Asset Group Domain Insight

Asset Group registration took place in February 2021. The domain is only registered for a period of one year. The scheme does not have a trading history. They expect us to believe in their words that their system is the best, yet there is no evidence.

The company will exit the market the moment they realize no funds are coming their way. Those that will have ventured with them shall be left counting their losses. Invest wisely and stay away from non-reputable companies.

Final Verdict

Asset Group is a completely useless investment company. They are infamous, and there is no evidence of trading activity taking place. The platform tries very hard to remain relevant. They even present false testimonials. The desperate scheme is not regulated, which is our main concern.

Their country of origin is also unknown. It would help if you did not trade with them. You must trade wisely and generate real-time profits. Here is a list of genuine forex brokers that have a history in trading. They will never compromise their great reputation by stealing from loyal clients.

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