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Summary is not involved in investment services. They are only looking after themselves. It would be best if you refrain from engaging with them. Furthermore, there is no proof of payment. The dirty scheme will exploit you, leaving you high and dry. is allegedly an investment company that is dealing with cryptocurrency. The firm highlights several benefits that investors are going to get by investing with them. If you are tempted to join this venture, it is best to hold that thought.

In this review, we shall unmask this Ponzi scheme. The entity claims that it has a capable marketing team. It is dedicated to ensuring that it builds long-term cooperation with stakeholders. The venture does not care about the interest of those that join them. Review, Company

Nonetheless, the platform promises a 15% daily ROI to anyone that joins them. claims that it has an effective portfolio management policy. You will, therefore, not get anything apart from profits. The technique which this venture is using to earn ridiculous returns is still unknown.

The company will not generate money for you. Their main intention is to steal and make themselves rich. Cryptocurrency is one of the many ways that you can utilize and get real-time returns. However, it is important to note that the assets are not going to make you rich overnight.

You need to get the right skills before trusting blindly. There are many scammers who will take advantage of traders’ naivety. Furthermore, they are very convincing, and even without knowing, you might give them access to your money. Review claims that before executing a trade, their software will analyze a transaction keenly. Therefore, the company will end up making the best decision. Additionally, the platform states that it is a transparent entity.

Unfortunately, this is a discrete venture that leaves out critical information. They promise high returns, yet their trading performance is not available.  When it comes to this venture, they expect us to believe in their words and not ask questions. is not involved in investment services. They are only looking after themselves. It would be best if you refrain from engaging with them. Furthermore, there is no proof of payment. The dirty scheme will exploit you, leaving you high and dry.

The company brags that it is one of the trustworthy investment schemes. It boasts being accurate and executing a trade at high speed. The venture states it generates high income for all investors. Avoid this losing scheme like the plague.

You can invest with reputable crypto trading bots. The software is designed in a manner that allows traders to earn reasonable returns. You will sleep soundly knowing that your money is in safe hands.


The entity presents online investment as the most reliable and popular way of source of income. The company claims that traders can earn thousands of dollars every day by trading stock. Nonetheless, some factors affect the payout. is dedicated to helping investors earn returns. They are also involved in forex trading activities. Their team has the right skills. The platform brags about having expert financial analysts and professional traders. Scam Review, Plans

The personnel assists in managing the activities of this venture. Therefore, the only thing that clients are going to get is constant profits. Moreover, you have the liberty of selecting an investment plan that best suits your needs.

Unfortunately, the trading conditions of are not discussed in detail. Therefore, we are in the dark regarding the accuracy of the bots. The leverage that you are going to attain using this venture is also unknown.

Moreover, we do not know the trading platforms which the firm provides. The company leaves out a lot of essential information. We suspect that there is no trading activity taking place in this company. Therefore, look for a reliable firm. Investment Plans has five investment plans that once you take a look at them, you will notice something is off. The company allegedly has the ability to generate up to 200% ROI in 24 hours. The least returns that traders can make are 115% within 12 hours.

The minimum deposit is $50. The more money you can invest, the great your reward. The narrative is common with fraudsters in the industry. Unfortunately, you are not going to make any profits if you trust them.

They have generic information regarding BTC history. Investors are not interested in such kind of information; what they want to see is results. The time that has been in the industry is enough to provide visible proof of investment.

The company also has a three-level lucrative affiliate program. If you utilize it, you will be able to yield more bonuses. In whatever you do, refrain from depositing money in this fraudulent venture. You are only going to suffer.

Customer Support location is at 25 Deansgate, Manchester, United Kingdom, M3 4LQ. Sadly, this is not the actual location of this Ponzi scheme. They generate a random address to attract more victims. Unfortunately, this is an offshore company targeting investors from Europe.

Nonetheless, the firm presents an email and a phone number. They also claim that you can reach them whenever the need arises. Once you select their mega plan and expect to yield high returns, the platform will cut all communication with you.

You will no longer be useful to them. is a Ponzi scheme that does not have responsive customer support. The salesperson will pressure you into giving them more funds. They may become rude if you try to contact them.

Regulation Status of

The company does not have a license. The only documents they have are DDoS and SSL certificates. They do not serve them any good. When it comes to the security of investors’ funds, a broker must have a license from a reputable regulatory body. purports that it originates from the United Kingdom. Therefore, it should be on the list of the FCA of legit platforms. Unfortunately, they are not, which is a big red flag. You will be entrusting the safety of your funds to a stranger.

The person behind this platform we do not know who they are, what they look like, or the qualification they possess to handle traders’ funds. The company lacks transparency, and it becomes hard trusting them. does not provide fund safety. The money you cash in will go to the wallet of the con artists. Additionally, there is no compensation once the firm exits the industry. You risk a lot by trusting this scam.

Ponzi scheme will also sell your data to the shady third party. The venture will take any opportunity that will make them money. Fraudsters will trough you under the bus when an opportunity arises. Therefore, avoid any shady venture for the sake of your safety.

The Domain Insight was developed in December 2020. The entity is only registered for a period of one year. The information of the founder is not available. Additionally, the broker has low traffic visiting its platform.

Final Verdict

The platform is a pyramid scheme that does not have investment products or services. Moreover, the company does not disclose its team. It would help if you stayed away from this unlicensed investment firm.

There is legit crypto trading software to use. The performances of these bots are verified. Therefore, you will know what you are signing up for beforehand. Moreover, their customer support is professional and friendly.

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