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Assetshot Review
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Assetshot does not reveal or have any trade activities taking place, and you will need to gain any profits here. They do not feature a demo account for you to familiarize yourself with how it operates

Assetshot is an offshore broker that looks forward to improving your trading future. They urge traders that through the platform, you come across multiple opportunities for successful trading. Furthermore, they even promise the best tools that aid in making the best trading decisions.

Assetshot Review, Assetshot Company

Thus you might be cajoled to make a deposit and seize the opportunity. It would help if you held that thought for a moment because as you read this unbiased review on Assetshot, we highlight numerous red flags they showcase and why your funds are not safe.

However, investing with these transparent forex brokers will yield profits your way through effective, reliable techniques. Trading is not ducked soup, and blindly investing will only generate unwanted losses of hard-earned cash, don’t you think?. Assetshot makes trading look like a simple matter, yet they do not seem to have any transparency.

The website has a poor map out, and you can hardly find helpful information. Accordingly, before you can fully rely on a trading company, you should have some knowledge as a newbie trader. Assetshot does not have educational materials for upcoming investors. So no expert trader would not waste a single dime here, and you shouldn’t either. Review aims to take you a step closer to becoming a better trader, and they also claim to be a trustworthy broker. It would help if you did not trust the broker because they barely reveal any whereabouts information, and the people behind the entity are anonymous.

Therefore it does not matter how many years of experience they claim to have. You are likely to trust criminals. Additionally, the probability of operating with people who have no idea how the market works is high. Thus the trading strategy they apply has some murkiness, and there is no certitude in the style of operation. claims to be the best when looking for safe CFDs, forex, cryptocurrency exchange, and other trades. Users can access the platform round the clock, yet the main agenda is how they really operate. There is no data on the kind of binary the software uses, and you risk purchasing tools that will hardly profit you.

They also urge the use of safe and secure trading platforms and transparency when it comes to transactions through the use of state of the art technology that is also not known by customers. offers competitive spreads of up to 0.1 spreads.

How operates claims to feature 3simple steps to start earning from them. You first have to download the software, and they feature a web-based platform. Then you proceed to fund your account and await profits. Well, if trading were this easy, everyone would be an expert trader.

Assetshot does not reveal or have any trade activities taking place, and you will need to gain any profits here. They do not feature a demo account for you to familiarize yourself with how it operates. Neither do they mention any reliable trade platform such as MetaTrader 4 or 5?

Accordingly, scammers tend to function similarly. They use attractive bonuses and profits. This figures are barely attainable, especially not with the likelihood of performance from Hence when you fall for the catch and make a deposit, that will be the end of business between you and them.

They will hold your funds for the longest time claiming that it is generating profits. When the due date comes, they further push the dates till you finally give up. It would help if you, therefore, avoided Assetshot at all costs.

Assetshot Funds Safety

Assetshot does not give you any reason why you should rely on them to make profits for you. Your money is not safe. Nevertheless, your funds are at risk, but you risk sharing personal information with anonymous people.

Fund safety is paramount, and any shadiness should warn you from going any further with the entity. They do not feature any past transactions that will help you determine the kind of returns to expect from them.

Assetshot does not have any reliable banking information that shows your funds are actually safe. They assure you of 100% safety, yet they do not have any security measures that are known. In addition, there is no refund policy that you can use to claim funds back in case of dissatisfaction.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Assetshot accepts credit/debit payment options. So you can always request a charge for up to 540 days after deposit. However, for Cryptocurrencies and wire transfer you can barely reverse you fund back, and you should first understand how the company works. They do not charge extra costs, and with deposits, they seem to be very transparent.

No data shows customers can access funds after successful trade completion. Upon request, you should have access to your funds instantly, and Assetshot does not have any withdrawal information. Thus you may have a hard time accessing your funds with the shady broker. Accordingly, there is no information on the minimum you can deposit.

Assetshot Customer Support

Assetshot has telephone contact+442045252214 and email; There is no guarantee that you will receive any response after you deposit with them.  They also feature a head office address; First Floor First St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, P.O.Box 1574, VC0100, St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Nevertheless, customer support helps gain more confidence with the platform and show that they put you first.  Also, during our research, it turns out the location has no association with Assetshot and has only been made up to seem legit. You should always receive an instant response to your queries, and in this investment firm, you will hardly get any assistance.

Registration and Regulation

Asset shot is allegedly owned and operated by Jess Group LLC. They have registration number 917LLC2022. However, this information is made up, and they also do not appear under any legal regulatory.

So they are illegally generating funds from the public while attempting to resemble a legit entity. Regulated platforms tend to showcase a high level of transparency, and you can easily find legal certificates for the same.

Unregulated platforms barely survive the market, and Assetshot is likely to face bankruptcy. The platform can go against trade guidelines, or they can easily disappear whenever they want. Different nations have made it mandatory for trade companies to provide regulated services to traders.

Therefore you should check with the responsible body before you can decide to invest. Assetshot can barely afford regulation fees. Thus, they will barely make any profits for you.  The founders of the platform hide their data because they risk facing criminal prosecutions for illegal operations.

Clients Feedback

Assetshot has a common trait scammers use. They feature testimonials that have no backup. Testimonials are highly welcoming to any investment firm. Accordingly, you should be able to verify any profit allegations the customers claim to have attained. Assetshot has customers who are seen to be thanking the platform. Review, Client Feedback

One customer is seen to be thanking the platform for 24/5 customer support, which barely has anything to do with trading. In addition, scammers pay people to come up with fake positive reviews, and you should always stay cautious of such traits. Therefore you should always check with reliable sources, most preferable Myfxbook.

Final Verdict

Assetshot does not seem to have any speciality that should lure you into investing with them. The company has a shady reputation across social media and the internet at large. They do not fall under any regulator, and we can showcase the numerous red flags the showcases.

Also, you can opt to trust a legit forex broker that works transparently to generate reasonable profits your way. Avoid and warn your friends and family instead of inviting them for affiliate purposes.

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