Aurea Capital Markets Review: Avoid This Company Like The Plague

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Aurea Capital Markets Review
  • Fund Safety
  • Regulation
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The people behind Aurea Capital Markets are not professional traders like they claim. Investing in this company is a bad idea, and you will lose your money. This company has nothing good to offer you. We recommend using only the best forex brokers in the market for your peace of mind.

Aurea Capital Markets is a company that calls itself the first forex broker in Latin America. You can tell that this company is targeting Spanish-speaking individuals. The website’s default language is Spanish.

While this may be good, the design of this company’s operations does not match its mission. This is one of the worst forex brokers in the market. It is always better to invest in companies that have already proven reliable for a long time. Such companies have the trust of millions of investors for a reason.

Aurea Capital Markets Review, Aurea Capital Markets Commpany

This platform only launched on the 3rd of July 2020. There is no way this company is one of the best in the forex space. It takes longer for any company to gain such a reputation. If you are looking to invest in the forex space, this is not the company for you. The developers are still learning from the market. It is better to wait them out.

In the meantime, there are many legitimate forex brokerage companies that you can readily invest in. Such companies will provide you with the best environment to safeguard and grow your accounts. Review

Aurea Capital Markets tries to lure customers by offering one of the best trading platforms in the market. The company is offering clients a downloadable MT5 platform. This is one of the best trading platforms in the market. It allows for one-click transactions and instant executions. Consequently, it is one of the most popular platforms among traders.

While this may be good, it does not mean a lot when coming from an untrustworthy company. This company has a lot of lies on the website. For starters, the team claims to have over ten years in the market. However, this company only started in 2020. Serious investors do not appreciate such blatant lies.

Moreover, we have no idea who is running this operation. We cannot confirm that they have any experience in the forex markets. Aurea Capital Markets claims to be a broker made by traders for traders. However, there is no objective evidence to support this claim.

Further, this company’s customer support is abysmal. Most serious companies will provide a phone number to reach the team. Aurea Capital Markets does not do that. The only way to reach the team is by emailing them at The problem is that emails can go for days without a response. This is not ideal for a company that is handling people’s funds.

Aurea Capital Markets Trading Conditions

This company claims to have some of the best trading conditions in the market. They promise clients spreads from as low as 0.0 pips and maximum leverage of 1:400. While these may be appealing, they are just marketing tools to get people to invest.

Moreover, the leverage is too high. It increases the risk that traders face in the market. There is a reason why serious regulatory bodies cap leverage at 1:50. But this company does not care about any regulatory conditions. 

Do not trust this company with your money. The people behind this operation do not care about servicing your investment needs. All they want to do is to steal your funds and disappear.

Aurea Capital Markets Investment Plans

There are not a lot of options when it comes to investment plans on Aurea Capital Markets. There are only three account types to choose from. These include the Zero Spread, Standard, and Pro accounts.

As the name suggests, the Zero Spread has spread from as low as 0.0 pips. The maximum leverage for this account stands at 1:200. However, this account comes with a commission fee of $5 per side per lot. The minimum deposit for this account is $200.

The Standard account also has a minimum deposit of $200. However, this account has spreads starting from 2.5 pips. The maximum leverage for this account is 1:400. This account has no commissions.

Aurea Capital Markets Scam Review, Aurea Capital Markets Features

The Pro account accepts a minimum deposit of $500. It comes with spreads from 3.5 pips and maximum leverage of 1:400. However, this account comes with additional benefits. These include investment lines, face-to-face classes, contests and more.

Interestingly, the spreads are higher as you go up the accounts. This means that it is more expensive to invest more money in this company.

Founders and Physical Address

Aurea Capital Markets does not introduce us to any of the founders. The people behind this operation are operating under total anonymity. This is common in illegal operations. People running such companies conceal their identities so that they do not face the law. You should not trust any company that is not transparent about the founders.

There are too many risks involved in sending your money to mysterious people on the Internet. They may decide to disappear with your money, and you will not be able to track them down. There are better things to do with your money.

When it comes to the physical location, there are two addresses that the company provides. Aurea Capital Markets claims to have its headquarters at Torre Yama Pedregal, 16th floor office 1608, Periférico Sur 3332, San Jerónimo Lídice, Jardines del Pedregal, Álvaro Obregón, CP 10200, CdMx.

However, it also gives its address as Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Beachmont Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

The problem is that this company is in these locations illegally. These people are running an illegal operation, and they know it.

Regulation and Funds Safety

Only companies evading regulatory stipulations register in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This jurisdiction has very loose laws. Consequently, it is a hotbed of fraudulent forex brokers. Aurea Capital Markets is one such company.

This company is offering financial services without a regulatory license. That makes it illegal in jurisdictions with serious regulations. You should not invest in any company that does not have a license. You will end up losing your money to scammers.

Moreover, there is no evidence of funds’ safety on the website. The founders do not tell us the bank that they are using to store clients’ funds. Additionally, we cannot confirm that this company has segregated bank accounts. This means that your funds are not safe from the company’s or the bank’s financial situation.

Further, there is no mention of the software or hardware in place to keep out intruders. Additionally, there is no SSL encryption to ensure safe communication. This means that hackers can easily access and steal your funds and sensitive information. There are too many ways that you can lose your funds in this company.

Final Verdict

Aurea Capital Markets is an illegal operation registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This is an offshore jurisdiction with very lax laws. There is no reliable forex regulator to keep companies in check. 

Additionally, the level of transparency in this company is terrible. There is no introduction of the founders anywhere on the website. There are no names or faces. Even worse, customer support is ridiculously unreliable.

For these reasons, we cannot recommend this company to you. If you are looking to invest in the forex space, we recommend using the market’s top legitimate forex brokers for the best results. Such companies have been in the market longer and have the trust of millions of traders.


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