Autoxify Review: is a Traditional Smart Contract Ponzi Scheme

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Autoxify Review
  • Reliability
  • Automated System
  • Affordability
  • Income Opportunities

Review Summary

You should avoid investing in Autoxify because it is nothing more than a simple Ponzi scheme that will eventually collapse. Instead, you should use the crypto trading bots that provide reliable services and a variety of trading preferences to help you in making a good amount of profits.

Autoxify is a new smart contracts platform. It is claiming to be a highly reliable and profitable company to get investment from the users. Its domain,, was registered in July 2020, and the site became operational in August. It is important to review this platform because it is asking for a significant amount of investment. As a result, it is important to determine whether this is a suitable earning opportunity.

Keep reading this article to determine whether you should invest in this company:

Overview of Autoxify

Autoxify is claiming to be the very first company in the world that has been designed to facilitate people in earning profits from the smart contracts industry. However, you should remember that there is a wide range of companies operating in this industry. In fact, the overall business model of the company does not support its claim of being a customer-oriented company.

You can understand the various aspects of by reading the extensive review of the features of this platform:

Automated System

The company is claiming to have a fully automated earning system. This system is supposed to be operating on a reliable and error-free code to facilitate the users in generating profits. The benefit of such a system is that you do not have to manage the technical aspects of the system. However, there is no proof that actually has access to this kind of system. It does not provide the name or any further evidence about such a system.


Autoxify is presenting itself as a highly cost-effective platform that will help you in generating massive profits for a small amount of initial investment. Its website states that you just have to register with the company. Moreover, you have to buy 280TRX that costs around $5, to start earning profits for life.

However, the company is clearly making untruthful claims that only an investment of $5 will give you a healthy stream of profits for a lifetime. In fact, this company itself asks you to keep investing so that you are able to keep earning profits. The entire purpose of such false claims is to attract people and make them invest in the company.

Referral System

It is a known fact that most of the MLM companies and Ponzi schemes are heavily dependent upon offering referral commissions to keep the investment coming into the platform. Similarly, Autoxify promises a modern referral system in the form of a ‘Referral Activator.’ The company is using sophisticated terminology to entice users to this platform. is describing Referral Activator as a highly efficient and reliable protocol that allows you to get massive referral bonuses. Moreover, the company also states that you can add up to 3 referrals in your personal income structure with the help of this protocol.

The website also mentions several other aspects of this system to convince the users and make them invest in the company. However, if you look at the core of the referral program, you will realize that there is nothing new in this program. In fact, it is similar to the referral structure of any other Ponzi scheme.

Automated Features

In addition to generating automatic income, is also claiming to have state-of-the-art functionality of helping you in auto referrals and upgrades automatically. The company does not provide much information about these claims. It only states that once you invest in the platform, you will not have to worry about doing anything yourself.

Unlimited Income

It is quite disappointing to see that in order to get more investment and attract more users, Autoxify is making illogical claims of providing unlimited income opportunities to its users. You should remember that this is a newly-established platform. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that such kind of platform is actually capable of providing any significant profits to the users.

Autoxify tries to convince the users about its potential by claiming that its automated system will help you in reinvesting on all different levels and keep earning from different slots. This kind of business model is followed by many other Ponzi cycler schemes.

No-Risk claims of being a zero-risk investment opportunity are also difficult to believe. There is always some kind of danger involved in different types of investment. Yet, this company encourages you to invest as much as you want and earn massive provide because you are investing in a safe and secure environment.

Such claims are supported by the numerous features of the Referral Activator protocol of Autoxify. However, we have already discussed that you should believe such claims because there is nothing new in the referral system of the company. Instead, the company is only copying the business model of Ponzi schemes and presenting it in technical and fancy words to seem legit.

Income Structure of Autoxify

The income structure of Autoxify is also quite disappointing. The income structure of is similar to any other Ponzi scheme. It contradicts the company’s claims of providing unlimited earning opportunities. The company describes the investment opportunities in terms of the TRX positions.

Users have to buy at least 400 TRX positions to take part in the 3×1 and 2×2 matrix cyclers. A 3×1 is a traditional matrix that makes it compulsory for the affiliates to recruit three positions and start generating profits. On the other hand, affiliates to keep filling the continually dividing positions in the 2×2 matrix to generate profits.

The price of the 400 TRX is about $11 to $12. It contradicts Autoxify’s initial claims of providing you profits in exchange for a $5 investment. Moreover, the income structure makes it clear that the company does not have an external source of revenue. It is relying on the affiliates to keep investing in the company. There is no further mention of the ‘Smart Contracts’ other than the initial introduction of It points to the fact that the company has nothing to do with the smart contracts industry.

Final Verdict About Autoxify

The entire business model of shows that the company is operating as a traditional Ponzi scheme. It wants to get as much investment as possible from the users before its eventual collapse. A closer look at the marketing material of this company also shows that it is very similar to the other scams in the smart contract industry. It promises massive profits and an automatic referral system without any evidence of fulfilling such promises. 


You also have to consider the fact that Autoxify does not reveal any information about its owner or the background. Therefore, it is hard to trust this company as it is clearly hiding the identity of the people behind this platform. Most of the pages of, like the ‘Contact Us’ and ‘About Us’, is missing. 

The detailed discussion about the features of the company also shows that there is no proof that Autoxify is actually capable of providing such features. Therefore, you should avoid investing in this platform. Otherwise, you can lose a significant amount of money and time in this kind of Ponzi scheme. 

A reliable and efficient alternative to Ponzi schemes like Autoxify is using modern crypto trading bots. These bots allow you to trade crypto coins and earn a significant amount of money in the crypto industry. You can trust these platforms because they provide legal, reliable, and safe services. 

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