Axelery Trading Review: Avoid this Investment Option

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Axelery Trading Review
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Axelery Trading is taking investors for a ride with the promise of high and quick returns. Even the guarantee they make on these packages is unattainable. Only the founder and people working close to him make a profit.

Axelery Trading is a clone website formally under the name autoloadedoptions. When you click on their about us page, you find the whole truth. The people behind this just took the website design and changed the name. Everything else remains the same, which leads us to question their intent. We know for a fact that cloned websites are just fronts for scam artists to steal from investors. Please find out more in our detailed and vivid AXELERY TRADING REVIEW for more.

Axelery Trading Review

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A Brief on Axelery Trading

The about us page is marred with contravening statements regarding the services provided. Once you look at the logo on the about us page, it reads Autoloaded Options. As we said earlier, this is a cloned website with negative feedback.

Cloned platforms eventually rip off investors who deposit. It’s best to check what people are saying about a particular website before committing funds. An excellent way is by reading our reviews.

As far as website design goes, it’s a clone and not their design. It also means the people behind Auto Loaded Options could be part of Axelery trading. With Bitcoin and Crypto becoming hot property, everyone wants to get a hold of the market.

It means scam artists will be looking for ways to steal from naïve investors. Our review is meant to expose the dirty tricks used by this platform.

For those who didn’t know, Autoloaded Options used to be a binary trading platform. With most jurisdictions banning the trading of Binary options, they switched to crypto investment. It’s just a short history that shows why we believe these are the same scam artists.

Account opening and registration process

Opening an account with Axelery Trading should be the last thing on your mind. The account opening process is similar to any other. You have to fill in your address, contact, and full names. It’s the verification process that raises red flags.

To verify your account, the platform demands members to send valuable documents. These documents include bank statements and credit card details. The last process involves sending a copy of your ID.

We don’t understand why users have to send these documents for verification. Platforms have the option to choose email and SMS code verification features. The platform can easily send an email with the link attached to it.

David Lee, a Cyber expert, warns users claiming Axelery Trading is harvesting banking information. There’s no telling what these scam artists will do once they have your bank details.

In most cases, they might try and charge your credit card with online purchases. It’s good to conduct due diligence before committing funds to any platform.

Axelery Trading License and Registration

AxeleryTrading Features

Axelery Trading does not hold any compliance certificate. The platform does not have any legal standing to offer any investment service. Even the mother company did not operate with a license.

Signing up with such a platform means throwing away your money. The platform does not comply with industry regulations. Members are left at the mercy of these unscrupulous website owners.

It’s advisable to check with authorities whether a platform is legit. Those without any legal standing should be ignored. AxeleryTrading is a perfect recipe for disaster. We don’t see any terms and conditions or license and registration details.

The platform ought to inform users of the compliance status of the platform. There’s a reason they hide this valuable information, to squeeze every penny from investors.

Business owner

The people running this platform remain anonymous. Anonymity is another reason to stay away from the platform. We don’t have any contact information or details of the people behind this. For all we know, members could be aiding money laundering activities.

There’s no way we can recommend using a platform whose owner remains unknown. The website has low trust score ratings even among search engines.

Comments from users

There are several negative comments found on Binary options chat rooms. These comments were regarding the previous version of the website. In the Crypto forums, everyone is on high alert, and messages to avoid the platform are everywhere.

It seems their plan to make it to the Crypto world was exposed early. A few individuals signed up expecting 100 percent returns in 60 seconds. We can only feel sorry for them.

Contact and support

There’s no contact page on the platform, and it’s another reason to stay away from it. What they have is a chat tab that collects your address and name. It’s another way to harvest information and sell it to affiliate marketers.

Once you leave your contact details, heavy marketing of online products is to follow. You will start receiving spam emails from products you didn’t subscribe to. Ensure you avoid leaving your contact details.

Domain outlook ( review)

The IP location reveals the website shares the same server as other crypto scams. We don’t know the exact date the website went live. What we do know is they try to keep their details away from prying eyes. The name of the registrant has been redacted for privacy reasons.

From the look of things, the platform is a year old. For a whole year, no member has come out with proof of profiting with the platform.

Features of Axelery Trading

Axelery Trading Deposit and Withdrawal

Membership Tiers and Packages

Axelery Trading offers one account for all; you only need to deposit funds. The promise is to get 100 percent ROI within 60 seconds. From our long years of investing and trading, we’ve never heard of this.

The platform wants to target naïve investors looking for quick money. The platform sets a trap for anyone foolish enough to deposit funds with the platform. We strongly urge you to stay away.

Payment Options

The platform accepts Bitcoin and FIAT currency for depositing. There’s no need to deposit with the platform for security reasons. Once you deposit, there’s no guarantee you will withdraw funds.

It’s the situation facing all victims of the platform. When the time comes to withdraw, the platform starts behaving weirdly. You might get logged out of your account as they delete your login credentials.

Trading platform

There’s a claim they have a cross-trading platform compatible with any device. It’s a lie as the platform does not even have a link to its platform. The platform is not found on the Google store or any other app store.

Safety of funds with Axelery Trading

As our findings reveal, the safety of funds is out of the question with this platform. Please stay away from it or risk losing your funds.

Scam or Legit Axelery Trading

Axelery Trading is a scam waiting to pounce on investors. We have a strong belief that this platform is only interested in stealing from naïve investors. Our bold review proves they are not what they claim to be. Please stay away.

Final thoughts Clone platform

To protect our advent readers, we have to add this platform to our blacklist.

Stay safe and use industry-backed crypto trading bots. It’s the only safe way to invest and trade in the crypto world.

Please share your thoughts and comments or send us an email with any queries. We will be happy to oblige.

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