B2trades Review: B2trades.com an Unregulated Mess

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B2Trades REview
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B2Trades is a platform that does not deserve to be trusted. The entity is not regulated and trusting them will devastate their customers. Their support is also terrible. Invest with legit forex trading companies in the market.

B2Trades is one of the shadiest companies in the forex brokerage space. The company started back in 2018. However, they have nothing to show for the two years in the market. According to B2trades.com, the company has zero trades and zero accounts. You may then wonder why they want you to invest in such a failing experiment.

Moreover, you may wonder why they have such little traction in the market. Well, we found out that this company has a lot of red flags that you should not ignore. Coincidentally, another part of the website claims the company already has thousands of investors as clients. You can already tell that these are not professionals who know what they are doing.

B2Trades Review, B2Trades Company

Avoid such companies like the plague. They have nothing to offer you. They are only in the market to steal money from people. We are sure many people have already fallen victim to their antics. Do not become one of them.

For your peace of mind, ensure you only invest in companies that have a proven track record. Only the best legitimate forex brokers can assure you of your funds’ safety. Moreover, they operate with high levels of transparency.

B2Trades Review

B2trades.com claims to have a fully automated binary trading software. They claim that this proprietary software works even when you are offline. However, we searched all over the website and found nothing. There is no evidence of a trading platform from this company. This is a bad sign already.

Most legitimate forex brokers will provide an MT4 or MT5 trading platform for their clients. These platforms are very robust and versatile. Unfortunately, this company has nothing like that. They want you to invest without knowing where your money goes.

They want you to believe that you can trade over 114 currency pairs on the platform. But the question is, what platform are they talking about? Once you give these people your money, you will not hear from them again. They will disappear without a trace.

Even worse, there will be no way of contacting them. This is because their customer support is very unreliable. The company has a live chat option but that comes with delayed responses. Additionally, you will recognize the broken English and the overselling of the product.

The other way to contact the company is by emailing them via support@b2trades.com. Further, you can leave the company a message by filling out a contact form. The company reserves phone support to VIP customers. Customer service is a basic service and you should not have to pay extra to receive reliable support.

How B2Trades Works

The explanation found on b2trades.com is one of the shadiest you will ever see. The company claims that all you have to do is create and fund an account. Then, you leave everything to their account managers. However, this is not enough. Every investor deserves a better explanation of where their money is going.

The only thing the company says is that they have a team of experts. But who are these experts? B2trades never introduces us to their supposed experts. We have no idea the kind of trading experience that these individuals have. Moreover, the company does not give us any insight into the trading strategy that they use.

Knowing the strategy a company uses is very important. It allows you to decide whether it best suits your portfolio. Moreover, it will allow you to see whether you are investing with professionals.

Deposit and Withdrawal

There are several payment options that this company supports. These include Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, PayPal, and Bank Deposits. Most of these payment options are reliable. However, we always have an issue with Bitcoin deposits.

Never use Bitcoin deposits as a payment option with shady companies. This would be a very dangerous move on your part. Bitcoin transactions are permanent. Consequently, it is impossible to make a chargeback. Therefore, you cannot recover your funds.

Additionally, Bitcoin deposits are between abstract addresses. It is impossible to link an address to a person. Therefore, you cannot trace your funds in case of a problem. It is very easy to lose your money this way.

Nonetheless, all the other options are viable. It may take different periods for your funds to reflect in your account depending on the option you use. However, this does not make much of a difference if the company ends up being a scam. Just to be safe, do not use this platform by all means.

Founders and Physical Location

Earlier, we mentioned that this company does not introduce their expert traders. Well, this is the same case with their founders. The individuals behind this company remain a mystery. There is no telling what kind of background they have. There are too many risks involved in investing in mysterious people on the Internet.

You could be investing in people with criminal pasts. Ensure you know the people who are handling your money. That goes a long way in avoiding fraudulent operations. Moreover, it is important to know the experts managing your account. The lack of transparency by this company is abysmal.

The only good thing is that this company provides an address for their offices. They state their address as 2230 Second Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901. This means you can track down these people in case of a problem. The law can also track them down.

Regulation and Fund Safety

The regulatory status of a company is the most important thing to look at. This will tell you whether a company has the authorization to provide financial services. Moreover, regulatory bodies are only there to help protect investors’ money. Among other requirements, such companies need to have the right banking setup.

B2Trades Review, B2Trades Features

Sadly, this company has no regulation. There are a lot of risks involved here. Without regulation, this company is operating illegally. Even worse, it means that this company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. You might lose your money due to the company’s or bank’s financial state. Additionally, you may lose your money when this company gets shut down by the law.

The only good thing we can say here is that the company boasts of having an SSL certificate. This means that their platform has protection against third-party intrusion. Unfortunately, the only evidence B2trades provides is a sticker on the website. You will notice there is no company behind the sticker. Anyone can present such a sticker on their website. Without a reliable institution behind it, the sticker means nothing.

Final Verdict

Here we have a company that is operating illegally in the market. This is because B2trades has no regulation from any relevant organization. B2trades should be providing financial services to anyone. It simply means this company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety.

Even worse, the people behind this company hide their identities from the public. They don’t even introduce us to the people handling investors’ funds.  We have no idea what trading experience they have. There is no way to trust such a company.

Luckily, there are many legitimate forex brokers that have been providing services for years. Stick to these companies as they operate with full transparency. Moreover, they have the proper regulation and proper banking setup.


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