Ballion Review: an Illegal Scam

Ballion Review, Ballion Company
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Ballion Review
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Ballion is a platform that claims to have all the trading solutions for its clients. The company promises a 100% return to its investors and posts cherry-picked client feedback to attract new investors into making deposits. Unfortunately, Ballion is a scam that lies about its regulation status and its operations to steal client’s money. Avoid losing your investment money by investing in reputable crypto trading companies.

Ballion is a company that promises investors an easy opportunity to make money. The platform views itself as the best in marginal trading. The company is dealing with cryptocurrency and Forex trading activities.

The platform claim that it has the best professional team who work in the best interest of their customers. The company state it provides the best returns to their clients.  Unfortunately, there are several red flags we will discuss regarding this entity.

We do not believe that Ballion is the best broker to entrust your money to. Despite the firm’s assets’ volatility, it claims that investors are assured of 100% returns. They are both good and bad days in every form of business. Therefore, these broken promises are unattainable.

Ballion Review, Ballion Company

The withdrawal and deposit process are allegedly fast. They also assure traders that their security is the priority of the company. The broker has several investment plans that are ridiculous and bogus. If investors could make such amounts of profit, then there would be no need for work.

There are better and reliable cryptocurrency trading company that are genuine. These trading bots have helped a number of investors to achieve their financial goals. You can also generate reasonable real time profits. Review

The website of this entity can be translated into several languages. The platform states that they are using the latest technology to assist them in trading efficiently. The company is also dealing with petroleum, gold, precious stones, and diamond products.

Ballion brags that it has over 200K clients all over Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, and Europe. They are available to all traders across the globe. They also claim that using the skills of their team, the company has gained profits.

If you want to make quick money, the platform urges you to join them. However, we have seen several traders lose money by trusting the wrong broker. It is hard for newbies to spot the red flags, especially when they don’t have the right skills.

Joining the market blindly will leave you high and dry. Scammers only care about making themselves rich. The team which the broker brags about is not featured anywhere on their website. Hence, we do not know their qualification or real identity.

Ponzi schemes have a great marketing strategy, but this is only for PR. Before investing, make sure that you research a firm. Investors are always on the lookout for each other, and you will have an unbiased opinion.

Investment plans and Returns

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $300. The amount is beyond the average market standard because genuine companies allow traders to deposit as low as $100. Ballion has six investment plans.

Returns are paid after a specific duration and range from  5 days up to 15 days. Moreover, there is also a profit calculator that exaggerates the profits. The more funds that you cash in, the greater the rewards that you are going to generate.

Unfortunately, Ponzi schemes only pay at the initial stages. Their operations are doomed to fail. Once they exit the market, there is no coming back. Avoid platforms that make ambiguous claims. The majority of them never uphold their promises.

Ballion Customer Support

Ballion game states that customer support services operate 24/7. Therefore, investors can contact them whenever they please and expect an on-time response. The office address of this broker is at 115 Princess Street Edinburgh Scotland, United Kingdom.

Ballion Scam Review, Ballion Customer Support

Sadly, based on this firm’s characteristics, we highly doubt that this is their actual location. Scammers tend to showcase false information to appear as reputable brokers. Investors need to fill out the contact form on this website.

You can contact them via email, telephone, or their Telegram channel. We cannot attest whether the platform is responsive. This is because we did not come across client reviews. The firm is a shady entity that will leave you high and dry.

Regulation Status

Ballion claims that it is a multinational investment venture. The FCA of the UK allegedly licenses them. However, after checking on the Financial Conduct Authority, website, we found that this broker is not licensed.

They are lying about such serious matters. The firm is not abiding by the set rules by the financial watchdog. They are offering their services illegally. Avoid firms that are ignorant about the law. They end up changing their terms of service.

Ballion does not have a compensation scheme. Therefore, once they are done stealing money from innocent investors, they will close down their website. Moreover, they do not segregate funds, which is a big red flag.

We also do not know the payment methods which the broker is accepting. The deposited fund goes directly into the scammer’s pocket. You won’t be able to issue a chargeback or trace your payment.

Ballion Clients Feedback

Ballion is a company that features several client’s endorsements on its website. The information is cherry-picked and only praises the broker. They review the firm with 4 and 5 stars. There is no single negative review.

Investors claim that the platform is paying, and it is one of the best entities in the market. There are also some that state the entity has a great customer support system. The team is being praised for being friendly and responding on time.

Even though this broker is unregulated, investors claim it is legit and endorses their services. The company has transformed lives. Their offers are also the best. Unfortunately, no proof validates this information is legit.

Moreover, the testimonials are written in statement form. There are no images of the reviewer. We believe that the company has left this info to confuse traders. Look for proof of payment before training blindly.

Investors need to be keen to avoid losing funds. Scammers use this old fashioned tactic to steal from innocent traders. They do not pay their clients to avoid experiencing such challenges. It is better to look for legit ventures.

Is Ballion Legit or not?

The crypto trading platform is not legit. They thrive in anonymity without disclosing the identity of their team or founder. Additionally, their activities are not monitored by reputable corporate. Once this firm exits the market, nobody will be liable for the lost funds.

Ballion does not provide evidence of investment services taking place on their website. The fraudsters behind this entity only built a website with a perfect sale pitch. Depositing your money will only lead to losses.

Their domain is still new, and the lack of feedback on third-party websites shows that they don’t have a great audience. Your safety should always come first. Avoid auspicious entities like this company.

Final Verdict

Ballion is a company that is not reputable. This is one of those scams that will say anything to win over traders. Investors who trade with them will end up counting losses. There is nothing like becoming rich overnight. There are several genuine methods that you can utilize to generate funds.

Invest with legit crypto trading bots that are efficient. Your money and personal data will be secure. These companies are transparent and you will find essential data that will win your trust. Invest smartly and watch out for Scammers.


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