BancOfCoins Review: a Nasty Scam

BancOfCoins Review, BancOfCoins Company
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BancOfCoins Review
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BanOfCoins is a crypto trading website that offers its clients great trading software to help mitigate the risks and earn high returns in the highly volatile crypto market. Unfortunately, the company falsifies information, and it is operating anonymously. There is no one to hold accountable once you lose your funds. Therefore you should always choose to invest wisely with legit crypto trading companies and earn reasonable investment gains.

BancofCoins is an online-based investment firm that aims to provide top-notch crypto trading services to traders. However, as you read this unbiased review further, we focus more attention on their transparency.

We also highlight the services available and the legitimacy of the company and team of employees. Meanwhile, there are legit crypto trading platforms that are tried and will surely generate reasonable gains.

BancOfCoins Review, BancOfCoins Company

Transparency plays a major role in earning your trust with any investment firm. Therefore a lot of factors need to be made clear to you before trusting BancOfCoins.

The investment firm claims to provide its services to more than 45 countries across the globe. Investors receive expert coaching and also all the necessary tools to beat the market and generate profits.

The tools are set to boost your returns at the same time all transactions are safe and secure. BancOfCoins should not earn your trust yet into depositing a single coin and expect to earn massive returns overnight.

Trading just like any other business, you may encounter profiting days, and sometimes you may face losses. However, risk measures can be put in place and minimize risks that you may incur.

No info besides being assured the use of profiting trade materials is known to the clients. Nevertheless, the use of wrong trading materials may lead to unwanted losses on your hard-earned cash.

BancOfCoins does not reveal any data on the system’s algorithm, and this is a major red flag. The trading world also faces high volatility. Therefore the trade results may vary, and there is no such thing as constant profits.

The company claim that its software is easy to use. You expect to receive the best trading experience through the experts available. Review does not reveal any data on the founders, and this causes even more doubts about the promised services. You get to receive high leverage up to 1:150 and tight spreads with no fees or commission charges.

The services are accessible to you via mobile or through your PC, provided you have an internet connection. However, you do not have any details of the company owners and the kind of experience they hold.

Your funds may be at risk, but also personal data may end up in the wrong hands. BancOfCoins showcases shadiness in their methods of operation and appears to have a hidden motive.

Scammers showcase similar traits as the ones exposed by BancOfCoins. You may end up saving a lot of funds through the use of legit cryptocurrency trading platforms. The information on team of employees and founders should be readily available and easy to verify. Nevertheless anonymity is often shown by Ponzi Schemes.

They often result in opening new companies and try to swindle more funds from innocent investors. BancOfCoins allows trades on any stock, and you can exchange over 250 cryptocurrencies.

How the company plans to operate is left unanswered despite being the best European platform of the year. There is no credibility in any of the data, and the award is not recognized anywhere.

Furthermore, this is just a marketing strategy to lure you into thinking the company is legit. The investment firm does not have any trade history to show trade activities are taking place.

BancOfCoins features a cryptocurrency calculator that helps in converting various prices. Moreover, they mainly seem to be focused on customer’s deposits as you are lured by pop-ups urging you to sign up.

BancOfCoins Funds Safety

BancOfCoins traits of operation do not show a single reason why you should trust them or their services. There is no transparency in their operation method, and you do not know the people who are controlling your funds.

The team behind the company neither reveals their identity nor any qualification to earn trust with their guidance. Despite claims of safety by BancOfCoins, no security measure has been explained.

Nevertheless, the availability of positive feedback helps you to gain confidence with This type of information is not available anywhere, and you would not risk your money with such a company.

BancOfCoins Scam Review, BancOfCoins Fund Safety

No customer is also seen successfully withdrawing funds from the platform. Numerous red flags are shown to deprive you of the urge to waste hard-earned income on scammers.

You are even further lured into depositing through past trade outcomes within the past 24hours. However, these trade outcomes do not have any verifiable evidence that they really occurred.

Without past trade history of at least 3 months, then most likely no trading activity is taking place. BancOfCoins seems to have hidden agenda, and once you fall for the catch, and deposit money you will end up losing it all.

They may block you from accessing any of their services, and your business with them is done. Scammers expose anonymity because they are illegally in business, and reaching them is an almost impossible task.

Regulation and Customer Support

BancOfCoins claims the location address is 319 St. Vincent Street Plaza, Glasgow, United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the FCA is the main regulator in the UK and does not recognize or control

Scammers can barely afford the regulators’ cost; hence they result in forging false data. Registration is very different from regulation, and you should easily tell the difference between the two.

Regulated Crypto trading platforms show a very high level of transparency. Unregulated platforms, on the other hand, do not last long in the market.

If the main regulatory body does not recognize them then the address is also definitely made up. You will only be profiting the anonymous founders, and seeking a refund in BancOfCoins is a difficult task.

The founders of the alleged trading software risk facing criminal prosecutions and is probably the main reason their identities are not revealed. Working contact support is also very important and creates a customer-friendly relation.

There is no guarantee you will get any reply to any query you have related to the company. Nevertheless, they provide telephone contact 442080683339, 14378873282, and email;

Final Verdict

BanOfCoins does not reveal any founder’s details or team of employees. There is also no transparency in their methods of operation.

The location address is made up, and a lot of relevant data is missing on the sales page. Trading is not Childs play, and thorough research should always be done before any transactions.

The risk measures that are in place to minimize losses are also not elaborated. Skills, patience, and some prior knowledge help in boosting the trade returns. There is no funds safety because no banking details have been revealed.

There is no one to hold accountable once you lose your funds. Therefore you should always choose to invest wisely with legit regulated crypto trading companies and earn reasonable investment gains.

Scammers will try their best to swindle your funds by using all means possible and even false marketing strategy. Once you fall for their catch, you may even get blocked from any of their services.

You should also find past trade data easily and that you can easily verify. BancOfCoins does not have any demo account for investors to familiarize themselves with the platform.




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