BethleAsterFX Review: Unregulated Venture

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BethleAsterFX Review
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BethleAsterFX does not even feature their office address which is a big red flag. Ironically they expect traders to avail their personal data while registering the account. You should not share such information with bogus entities.

BethleAsterFX claims it has over 250 tradable assets. The trading conditions may appear irresistible, but they are hazardous. The entity does not mention the risk involved in trading. They are dealing with volatile investments that are not stable, and their prices keep changing. You need to be open about anything happening and master the trading skill.

BethleAsterFX Review, BethleAsterFX Company

The platform claims that it is not an average investment scheme. They are dealing with forex and CFDs. Other available products include stocks, indices, and commodities. It brags about having a first trading speed and the best liquidity in the industry.

BethleAsterFX claims it works with reputable financial institutions to secure investors’ funds. Unfortunately, this is a vague statement since they do not reveal the names of the banks. 

The company may promise financial freedom, but you’ll only end up regretting joining them. The trading techniques that the firm is using are not revealed. They are also using false statistics to get more victims.

Invest with some of the leading forex trading entities in the industry. These are ventures with past trading history. They also have a professional support team that is readily available here. Review

You need to complete the registration process by uploading your government-issued documents. This is to verify your proof of address and proof of identity. Once your account is approved, you can then deposit funds. Never share such materials with unregulated schemes. 

BethleAsterFX has not provided sufficient information regarding their company. You must conduct a survey on the investment scheme you plan to trade with. You may encounter detailed information from their customers or other financial analysts regarding the broker. 

Look for negative reviews as they can save you from making huge mistakes. Take time and go through the terms and conditions to see whether there are any loopholes. You can also use the demo account, but in the case of BethleAsterFX, they don’t give investors a chance to try out the platform.

Additionally, the information of their account manager, researchers, and financial analyst is missing. You should not waste your time with such an ambiguous scheme. They lack all the necessary requirements of a genuine venture. 

Save yourself the disappointment of losing your personal data and funds. BethleAsterFX will not survive long in the industry. Their system will collapse, and your money will be trapped with the scammers. It is impossible to go after anonymous individuals.

Trading Conditions and Accounts

BethleAsterFX provides an MT4 trading interface. It is a superior software that has advanced trading tools and indicators. The fact that this offshore company offers the platform does not guarantee it is trading. It does not also change that you will be dealing with fraudsters.

The company is only trying to attract small victims. The minimum amount the platform is accepting differs. At one section, at least $100 while on another at least $300 such mistakes you never find with the legit broker.

They advertise leverage ranging from 1:100 to 1:400. The limit is risky and against what the majority of financial bodies authorize. The FCA only allows our leverage of 1:30 while the USA and Canadian agencies permit 1:50. 

High leverage may translate to higher profit, but you could also lose everything in the blink of an eye. If you are starting in the trading venture, stick to lower caps. BethleAsterFX claims it has zero pips, but no option entity can be so generous. On their trading platform, it indicates spreads of 2.5 pips. Investors will be required to pay more to open trade, which can only benefit the suspicious entity.

Barely make con artist trade. They will only collect funds and play with figures that will reflect on the dashboard but realistically. The firm is not trading. They copy what legit platforms feature. Refrain from doing business with unlicensed entities.

BethleAsterFX Withdrawal and Deposit

The listed payment methods at BethleAsterFX website include; PayPal, credit/debit cards, wire transfer, union pay, Neteller, Skills, and Poli. The venture openly states it does not take withdrawal and deposit fees. However, it turns out the information on the payment method is false. The entity is only taking crypto payments. Review, Features

Despite digital currency revolutionizing the market, scammers misuse goodies. The payment is made instantaneously, and you cannot know the people who receive the money. This is only an account to withhold the money deposited by their victims.

Scammers are the ones that refuse to avail the withdrawal requirements. It is easy for them to manipulate prices and inflict hidden charges when there is no written document. Legit ventures, on the other hand, operate in full transparency, and you will know what you’re signing up for before even registering.

Regulation Status of BethleAsterFX

Legit investment platforms will put information regarding regulatory status on their website. However, scammers like BethleAsterFX operate as they please while breaking the set guidelines. There is no financial body that oversees the trading activities of the scheme.

We also suspect that the parent company name featured on the website is vague. The law requires that the investment scheme reveals all the necessary information of their team. They must operate in full transparency. Unfortunately, this is a discrete firm that is unworthy of the benefit of the doubt.

They can change their terms and conditions without notifying the client. BethleAsterFX could also have hidden charges that will only be disclosed while you request a withdrawal. The regulatory bodies set capital requirements that investment schemes must deposit before beginning their business.

The amount act is a guarantee that the firm can withstand the volatility. Moreover, it proves that the broker can conduct trading activities without misusing clients’ funds. Unfortunately, this entity does not work with the top tier 1 bank. Account segregation is not available, and you may never recover your money once lost.

BethleAsterFX is breaking the law, and you should not blindly trust them. Once you trade with the licensing company, you will enjoy several advantages. They report their daily trading activities to the financial bodies. Therefore, you are guaranteed they don’t manipulate their prices.

Contact Details and Customers Support 

A genuine company will invest heavily in its quality of customer support. It will hire professionals and avail a phone number or an email address. Additionally, customers can interact with them on social media platforms. If you encounter any problem, it will be resolved instantly, ensuring that you continue enjoying the services.

BethleAsterFX does not even feature their office address which is a big red flag. Ironically they expect traders to avail their personal data while registering the account. You should not share such information with bogus entities.

The broker will cut you off the moment you make a deposit. The sales rep will act friendly to convince you to fund more money at the initial stages. Once they realize that you have run out of money or suspect they are not genuine, the firm will blacklist you.

It is impossible to go after scammers as they do a perfect job covering their tracks. You can only save yourself from dealing with a con artist by performing thorough research on the broker you wish to trade with. Anonymous ventures are dangerous and end up collapsing in less than a year. 

Final Verdict

BethleAsterFX is a broker that will frustrate you. Avoid engaging with the entity and find a genuine forex trading company. There are numerous options that you can use. These are regulated entities that are transparent. 

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