Better Planet Paper Review: BetterPlanet.Eco An Eco-Friendly Products MLM Company

Better Planet Paper
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Better Planet Paper has been operating for three years and providing a range of eco-friendly products to the customers. According to BetterPlanet.Eco, the company is mainly focusing on providing toilet rolls and paper towels. While the company’s efforts to ensure sustainable development and promote eco-friendly products are highly commendable, there are numerous aspects of this platform that are quite suspicious.

In this article, you will get to know about the important aspects of Better Planet Paper and its compensation structure. Keep reading this article to determine whether you should invest in the company.

What is Better Planet Paper?

Better Planet Paper declares itself to be a highly principled company that is playing a critical role in providing eco-friendly products. BetterPlanet.Eco states that the purpose of the company is to provide alternative energy sources and sustainable development.

The primary focus of the company is on sustainable paper as such products are used all around the world. It tries to attract customers by stating that people can truly transform the world by just switching to a new brand of papers.

Better Planet Paper

Another important aspect of Better Planet Paper is that the company heavily focuses on educating the world about the importance of using eco-friendly products and services. It promises the users that eco-friendly practices are implemented throughout the production of the toilet rolls and other paper-related products.

Owner of Better Planet Paper

Unlike many other MLM companies, Better Planet Paper is quite clear about its origins and gives extensive details about its owner. BetterPlanet.Eco credits Scott Kufus as the CEO of the company. His LinkedIn profile shows that he has been involved in the industry for a long time and working towards sustainable development through different ventures.

Kufus established Better Planet Paper in 2017 to revolutionize the way people use paper and to make such practices sustainable.  He claims to have experience of more than 33 years in marketing and sales. His profile also mentions the name of many other companies that he has founded or co-founded in the past.

The purpose of discussing the work history of the owner of Better Planet Paper is to establish the fact that it is run by a trustworthy individual. The team behind this company has managed to sustain the business for three years and even made it popular in several territories. However. there are some problematic aspects of the company as well.

Better Planet Paper

Products and Services of Better Planet Paper

BetterPlanet.Eco is offering a wide range of paper towels and toilet papers. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • Personal Pack that has the price of $40 for 24 soft 2 ply rolls.
  • Family Combo Pack that costs $60 for 24 toilet paper rolls and 12 paper towel rolls.
  • Small Business Pack that costs $90 for 24 toilet paper rolls and 24 paper towel rolls.

Sustainable development has become a major trend during this era. As a result, the company is trying to attract customers by claiming that their products are forest-friendly, eco-friendly, and completely recycled.

While these products seem highly impressive and useful, the MLM side of the company should be discussed in detail to determine whether the company is suitable for investment or not.

Overall, the following income structure will make it clear to you that you can earn a very limited amount of money with Better Planet Paper. It might be suitable to earn some extra money, but you cannot rely on this platform to earn passive income for a long period of time.

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Income Structure of Better Planet Paper

If you want to participate in the income structure of Better Planet Paper, you have to invest at least
$50 to become an affiliate member of the company. is promising several earning opportunities to help you make a good income. Most of the income is associated with selling the products i.e. toilet paper rolls and paper towels.


You can only earn any kind of MLM commission when you have at least 5 active customers. Moreover, you must have placed at least one order before claiming the commissions. It simply means that you must be a customer of Better Planet Paper yourself to generate profits with the company.

This kind of business model makes it quite evident that the main purpose of the company is to attract as many customers as possible by promising them further profits. It is also quite understandable that this company fascinates many people because tissue papers are something that everyone uses in their everyday lives.

Affiliate Ranks

Better Planet Paper distributes profits based on affiliate ranks. There are a total of 5 affiliate ranks in the company:

  1. Affiliates of Class 1 must have at least 5 active customers or affiliates.
  2. Affiliates of Class 2 must have at least 15 active customers or affiliates.
  3. Members of Class 3 must have at least 25 active customers or affiliates.
  4. Members of Class 4 must have at least 50 active customers or affiliates.
  5. Affiliates of Class 5 must have at least 100 active customers or affiliates.

Residual Commissions

A traditional uni-level compensation structure is used to distribute residual commissions at BetterPlanet.Eco. An affiliate is at the top of the team. The affiliates of level 1 can get promoted to level 2 by hiring new affiliates. A similar pattern is followed for the successive levels.

  • Members of Class 1 earn 5%
  • Members of Class 2 earn 4%
  • Affiliates of Class 3 earn 3%
  • Affiliates of Class 4 earn 2%
  • Members of Class 5 earn 1%


BetterPlanet.Eco is also promising bonuses to the long-term members of the company. Such bonuses are provided in the form of Patronage Points. The website gives the following breakdown of the bonus structure:

  • Members of Class 1 get a bonus of 5% points.
  • Affiliates of Class 2 get a bonus of 4% points.
  • Affiliates of Class 3 get a bonus of 3% points.
  • Members of Class 4 get a bonus of 2% points.
  • Members of Class 5 get a bonus of 2% points.

However, it is quite disappointing that the company does not provide any specific information about the importance of such bonuses. Instead, BetterPlanet.Eco just states that you can enjoy the benefits of these bonuses from a redemption center.

Better Planet Paper


Better Planet Paper is undoubtedly a very unique company because there are not many organizations that combine selling toilet papers with MLM business models. However, this particular company has been successful in sustaining this business model for a period of about 3 years now.

Another important factor to consider about BettterPlanet.Eco is whether it can compete with other companies. Analysis of the income structure makes it quite evident that there are very less income opportunities in this company. It is quite successful in attracting people because many people are looking for various eco-friendly products including tissue papers. Yet, the MLM side of the business is not that impressive.

The bottom line is that Better Planet Paper is majorly suitable for those people who want to buy eco-friendly toilet papers and paper towels. However, it is not useful for earning any kind of significant money, especially large profits.

If you want to make considerbale amount of money, you should consider using the crypto trading bots. These bots are fully trustable and reliable. You can use trading tools to trade crypto coins as per your own preferences and earn a good amount of money that is simply not possible in MLM companies like Better Planet Paper. 

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