Bex500 Review: A Dangerous Scam

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Bex500 Review
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Bex500 is not a genuine investment firm. Their claims are vague. They don’t segregate the funds of investors. All the amount that you deposit will be lost. No parent company oversees the activities of the scheme.

Bex500 is another cryptocurrency scam. The entity assures investors that they can make a single BTC into 100 BTC. This is a fantasy and a vague promise. We have seen several con artists in the market pull out this old trick. The venture is dealing with several tokens. Among them; Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Investors also trade digital coins with commodities. 

Bex500 Review, Bex500 Company

They have a demo account and assign $5000. The problem is that the scam will manipulate the results you get. You may think you are ready to trade. However, once you open a live trade, you lose money. The company is also giving out bonuses to investors. Once you deposit 1 BTC, they grant you 2 BTC. Legit schemes are not this generous. 

It should give you a hint that Bex500 is a Ponzi scheme. The entity is getting most of its victims from referral programs. It would help if you were not surprised once you find misleading info from various individuals claiming to have earned from the entity. These are shady marketers who will be getting a fat commission each time a new member signs up using their promotional code. 

This is why we urge newbies to research thoroughly before depositing their hard-earned money in any system. Invest with some of the reputable cryptocurrency trading schemes in the market. These are ventures that have been in the market for years. Individuals endorse them. The companies do not shy away from availing their outstanding performance reports. Review

Bex500 is a platform that claims to have a responsive interface that everyone can use. Clients can also trade via phone, tablet, or laptop. They utilize risk mitigation methods like stop loss and take profits. The firm also allegedly sends emails to alert clients when a profitable offer opens. Sadly, this information is only there to make you deposit money.

The trading conditions that the venture advertises are ambiguous. It claims to have zero slippage, tight spread and allowing customers to enter the market fast. In terms of security, they have an SSL and DDoS certificate. These are not enough measures to secure your data when fraudsters are running the company. 

Additionally, this is an anonymous entity. Investment platforms are obligated to be transparent. They should therefore avail all the necessary data of the founder and the parent company. The market is never stable; the venture is only misleading innocent investors. 

Trading Conditions

Bex500 offers a leverage of 200 in cryptocurrency. The scheme avails a Webtrader. This is the jack of all trades as they are also trading forex. The spread for the EURUSD pair is 2 pips. The EU body only allows leverage of 1:2 for the cryptocurrency. 

This should show you that the entity is only looking for ways to make you lose for them to benefit. The venture does not protect investors against negative account balances. You could lose everything in this scheme. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The least amount that you can deposit is 0.001 BTC. Bex500 only accepts payment via digital currencies. This means that investors cannot issue a chargeback. They do not reveal the withdrawal fee if there are any. Leaving out such data is reckless and a common mistake with Ponzi schemes. 

We suspect that those that deposit with the entity will not be able to get their money back. Deal only with the licensing schemes for you to earn real-time profits. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

In most cases, companies that act as cryptocurrency exchanges have an operating office. They will reveal their country of origin to win the trust of investors. However, in the case of Bex500, the firm fails to reveal its whereabouts. This is no mistake considering that the entity is an exposed fraud.

The only way that consumers can reach the platform is via Twitter or telegram. You cannot call them or visit their offices. This should ring the bell. The venture expects its clients to disclose their identity and even verify their accounts, yet they cannot avail such minor details.

Ensure that you do not give Bex500 access to your data. The company will eventually exit the market without your knowledge. If you try to inquire about your money, the firm will block you from accessing their website or using their social media platform.

Regulation Status of Bex500

The Ponzi scheme is not regulated. There is no financial watchdog in the market that would permit the system to run their business in their jurisdiction. Moreover, the financial body of Russia has warned investors against investing with the platform. 

There is no fund safety. Bex500 is ignorant about the law. They do not disclose or mention anything about their regulatory status. They are working hand in hand with press release companies to market their fraudulent schemes. The platform is completely anonymous. Review, Entity

They use bonuses which several financial bodies are against. The money that you expect will never be funded to your account. The scheme will transfer users’ money to offshore accounts. You can also issue a chargeback with payment done with cryptocurrency. 

Bex500 is not a genuine investment firm. Their claims are vague. They don’t segregate the funds of investors. All the amount that you deposit will be lost. No parent company oversees the activities of the scheme. Your data is not secure. 

We always insist that investors deal with investment firms that are legally in business. You could sue such operations in case things go south. Moreover, these entities would not risk treating their customers unethically, leading to their license being revoked. 

False Testimonials

Bex500 pulls out an old trick of displaying false reviews. There is a testimonials section that is designated to mislead those that visit the sign. This should not be taken as proof of payment of legitimacy. If indeed the individual has earned, why do they shy away from showing evidence? 

The information states that the investment firm is one of the few genuine entities that can help clients who are making a fortune. The scheme is also operating as an exchange. This is a Ponzi scheme that is not listed in CoinMarketCap. A grave mistake that you will commit is to believe the information.

All the funds you deposit to Bex500 shall be lost. The entity also uses some websites to promote them. The platforms will get commission while you make losses. It is a man-eat-man society, and everyone is only looking after their personal needs. Therefore, before you consider trying out a company, ensure that you analyze the website keenly. 

The Domain Insight

Bex500 has been in the market since 2018 September. The domain name is expected to expire after 5 years since they recently updated their registration. The specific location of their victim is not known. The traffic that is visiting the website is 6,167,559, which is unpleasant.  

Final Verdict

Making money is never as easy as Bex500 makes it sound. The company will devastate traders. The venture does not have a license. Their headquarters is also known. The anonymity of this scheme is worrying. The trading conditions are also left out for the clients to second guess. 

Invest with genuine cryptocurrency companies. These are genuine and transparent ventures that have years of trading. Their customer support is responsive and always responds in time. They take the security of their clients seriously. 


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