BexStock Review: Another Dire Company

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BexStock Review
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BexStock is an anonymous investment scheme. They do not disclose the people that are managing the funds of traders. Moreover, the entity is also not operating in accord with the set jurisdiction of the governments. The law requires that investment schemes operate in full transparency.

BexStock is a venture that appears to be contacting investors by cold calling. The firm claims that they believe you can be a successful trader before contacting you. However, you need to note that before you become a skilled trader, you must put work into it and have patience.  Otherwise, if you want to become rich overnight, then you will only deal with con artists.

BexStock Review, BexStock Company

To become a member, you need to complete the registration process, deposit funds, verify your account, and start trading. The scheme is allegedly trading stocks, commodities, forex, and indices. These are some of the profitable products and yet extremely volatile. 

There are two sides to the coin. Loses are also part of the journey, but scammers won’t tell you this. Legit schemes in the market try to minimize the risks. They cannot entirely be done with. BexStock brags it has the best trading platform in the market. When it comes to investment, you should be more interested in results rather than narratives. We would love to see the statistics of the venture. 

If they have nothing to show then the scheme is not worth the take. We have compiled a list of some of the legit forex trading companies in the market. They have a sound support, license and operate in full transparency. Review

BexStock has a demo account. One of the ways to familiarize yourself with trading is to try out the demo before opening a live account. Now the problem is that offshore and scammers manipulate the data. You may think you are winning, yet you are not ready to trade.

The entity also claims it put tough measures to protect investors against losing money. However, the entity does not leave the information on their bank. Legit investment schemes provide information of their top-tier 1 bank. They segregate clients’ funds. Hence, traders’ funds cannot be misused.

BexStock is an anonymous investment scheme. They do not disclose the people that are managing the funds of traders. Moreover, the entity is also not operating in accord with the set jurisdiction of the governments. The law requires that investment schemes operate in full transparency.

The company states it offers educational resources to clients. The information is valid through seminars and webinars. However, we did not have the liberty of seeing the information the venture avails.

Trading Conditions of BexStock

The venture offers leverage of 1:30. For the professional accounts, the limit goes up to 1:200. The spread is that of 0.1 pip. The minimum amount that one can deposit is $250. The Bronze account has a relationship manager and notification via SMS. Review, Account

There are a total of 3 trading accounts. The trading history of the firm is outlined throughout the entity. It allegedly started in 1977. The data is false since the venture did not exist until 2021. There is nowhere that the firm mentions using a separate name. 

BexStock provides an MT4 trading interface. However, we could not access it, and we do not know if it is indeed available. Leverage that is above 1:30 is not lucrative. There are investment firms that are genuine and will help you make the best outcome.

Withdrawal and Deposits

BexStock is a venture that is not going to process the withdrawal request of investors. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is not disclosed. If you accept the bonus, you must trade significant trade volume. Inactive accounts must pay a tax of $36 every month.

The trading terms of offshore firms keep changing. You cannot rely on their words. Given that this entity has several red flags, we recommend you stay away from them. If they decide to block your trade, there is nothing that you can do about it. 

Contact Details and Customer Support

BexStock is a venture that is allegedly operating from Frankfurt. The support can be reached via email, phone, or live support. They claim to have offices in the Marshall Islands, Germany, and Singapore, and Canada. However, we do not know the functional area of this entity. 

Fraudsters are not foolish enough to disclose their actual location. You can only reach them when they need more funds from them. Unfortunately, when you become a nuisance, the scheme will blacklist you.

Trading with a simple investment scheme gives you peace of mind. You have the assurance the support will respond in time. Additionally, the country of origin of the broker is also disclosed. 

Regulation Status of BexStock

 BexStock is operating in areas that have strict rules for the regulatory bodies. The entity claims that any dispute between the firm and the clients will be resolved according to the rules of Marshall Island.

Unfortunately, Marshall Island is not a safe place. The place only accommodates scammers. It is a haven, and nobody oversees the trading activities of the investment schemes. A regulated entity will report its daily trading activities to the authority. Hence, there is no manipulation of price.

Sadly, the Ponzi schemes will leave you high and dry. The regulatory body of Canada IROC does not authorize the entity to collect funds from its citizens. The maximum leverage that ventures operating in the country should offer is 1:50.  Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HMA), Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC), and German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) do not regulate the venture. 

Furthermore, the latter blacklists BexStock from operation in its jurisdiction. Before trading with any venture, the first thing that you should do before trading with any venture is to make sure the firm has a license. You enjoy numerous advantages if you invest wisely. 

Are Funds Safe in BexStock?

Unfortunately, this is a place where you won’t enjoy the safety of your funds. The venture is not working with a reputable financial institution. There is no fund safety in the scheme. Investing with the broker will only leave you broke and devastated. 

Furthermore, the entity brags it has been in the market since the 90s. However, there is nothing to show for it. The venture is operating discreetly. We cannot find the testimonials of their customers. The traffic that is visiting the platform is also low. 

BexStock is an offshore scheme that does not give a hoot about the regulatory bodies’ requirements. There is nowhere to turn to when the scheme decides to exit the market. You will suffer alone. The scheme has also not invested in getting professional support. 

Anonymity is something that investment firms should avoid. They should instead try to win the trust of investors. They can do this by providing the trading results and highlighting and proving the benefits await their clients. Avoid unregulated entities at all costs. 

Final Verdict

BexStock is not a reputable scheme. Investors expose themselves to severe hazards by trading with the venture. The safety of your money should be the first thing that comes to mind when investing. The market is plagued with numerous scammers. All of them are eying the funds of traders.

Invest with some of the leading forex trading companies in the market. These are some of the genuine and reliable schemes in the market. You can yield desirable profits. The trading conditions of the firms are also clearly outlined. The reviews from their clients prove the entities are genuine. The support team is also responsive. 

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