Binary24Fx Review: Miserable Scam

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Binary24Fx Review
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Binary24Fx brags that it caters to millions of investors globally. Sadly, we did not encounter positive reviews from their customers. The entity does not have a professional team or years of trading experience. The lack of trading performance proves the Ponzi scheme has nothing to show.

Binary24Fx  is a shady investment platform that claims to be dealing with bitcoin investment. They project high returns for their clients, which is absurd and unrealistic. The company is involved in risky assets. 

The distasteful platform has several complaints from those who had invested in them. According to the information that we gathered online, many traders have already made significant losses after and trust their funds to the Ponzi scheme. Review, Company

The company nonetheless portrays significant numbers that are moving. Binary24Fx claims it has over 800 existing clients. They also have over 150K  register account.  The con artist loves playing with traders’ minds by portraying high figures that they have manipulated to attract more victims. 

Therefore,  you should not easily be swayed by their narrative without conducting thorough research. The report shows that the platform does not receive much traffic. Hence, they can’t be popular. Additionally, the entity has been in the industry for a short duration, and there are no trading results to prove they are doing well in the industry. Review

Binary24Fx follows a simple strategy to defraud its client. First, you have to deposit Bitcoins in your personal trading wallet.  Within no time, high ROI starts multiplying into your account. The entity also assures its members that withdrawal requests are handled instantly. They have multiple methods that one can use to get their funds.

The broker also provides trending news on various digital currencies. It is a platform that will do anything to get the attention of its victims. The bogus entities also claim to have won multiple awards from recognizable organizations.

Binary24Fx brags it has a title for being a remarkable and excellent investment scheme that has attained customers’ satisfaction. They also claim to be an innovative binary options company. The firm quotes entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs to appear professional.

Unfortunately for them, we can detect a Ponzi scheme from afar. The majority of investment schemes that offer binary options turn out to be fraudulent. They depend on the analysis of a client to predict the outcome of a price. Just like gambling, the house must always win, and more traders end up losing money.

There are several assets like forex and cryptocurrency but you can use to acquire reliable returns.  Here is a list of the most trustworthy forex trading brokers that have been in the industry for years. On the other hand, you can also utilize this intelligent crypto trading application. The platforms have a great reputation in the market and they’re not afraid to showcase their results.

Binary24Fxock Trading Conditions

Binary24Fx is a venture that is using technology to mask its shady business. Unfortunately, this company does not have trading tools. You can’t get desirable results or enjoy the efficiency of their trading interface.

We couldn’t fathom the asses the broker is offering.  They advertised the digital currencies trading activities on their website. Their name also suggests they are dealing with binary options. The entity does not have a trading account but investment packages that are exaggerated.


Moreover, the company also claims to have been in the industry since 2014. Unfortunately, we fail to understand why they would fake information that is accessible to the members of the public for free.  You can easily determine the history of a company by checking on 

Binary24Fx is far from being the best. We h suspect that they do not have any investment product or services that they are offering. Whoever is behind this scam has only put up an attractive website to lure more victims into their dirty schemes. 

The Domain Insight

The binary options investment scheme has survived since November 2020. the company is doomed to fail, and it’s only registered for a period of one year. Scammers never intend to survive long in the industry. Moreover, the people who are behind this entity have made sure that their identity is concealed.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Binary24Fx does not disclose the minimal amount that one can deposit in their firm.  We are also in the dark regarding whether the company is charging fees to their customers. Putting your trust in their system will only leave you devastated. For your own sake, we suggest that you stay away from them. Find a better legit investment platform.

Binary24Fx Regulation and Registration

The company makes bold claims of being regulated by various regulatory agencies in the industry. One of their bold claims is being a recognizable binary options trading entity in the USA. Unfortunately, two agencies oversee investment firms in the United States. The NFA and CFTC are stringent bodies in the market. They will never permit Binary24Fx to collect funds from its citizen. 

Additionally,  the company also claims to have a license from CySEC. It is a reputable financial watchdog in Cyprus.  This is also another lie the platform is using to get more customers. Finally, but not least, the broker state it has a license from IFSC. A remarkable offshore financial watchdog. 

We are convinced beyond unimaginable doubt that Binary24Fx  is operating on its own accord. They do not have a parent company that supervisors their daily activities. Investing your money with them exposes you to severe risks. 

The broker only accepts funds via cryptocurrency. It means you can’t be able to issue a chargeback. Furthermore, there’s no segregation of funds. Hence, all the deposit goes to these scammers’ wallets. The platform violates multiple roles by collecting funds from investors across the world without adhering to the guidelines.

Is there Fund Safety at Binary24Fx?

The last thing to expect from this venture is fund safety. Binary24Fx does not have a license.  Making matters worse is that they only showcase their SSL certificate. It does not serve them any credit. You should be worried about your cash when the con artists are the ones handling your money. 

The payment and withdrawal methods that the clients use are not available. The company already claimed to have several options but never discloses them. The lack of transparency of this scam is buffering.

Binary24Fx brags that it caters to millions of investors globally. Sadly, we did not encounter positive reviews from their customers. The entity does not have a professional team or years of trading experience. The lack of trading performance proves the Ponzi scheme has nothing to show. 

Binary24Fxock Fake Testimonials

The company displays a number of happy clients’ testimonials on the platform. It is a desperate move common with the con artists. The trick works perfectly in deceiving newbies.  Binary24Fxock is using stock images.

Binary24Fx Review, Binary24Fx Testimonials

The people they insinuate to be their customers have no engagement with them. Information from third-party websites shows that the platform is stealing from innocent people. Learn from the mistake of their victims. 

Binary24Fx does not have a sound customer support team. How do you expect to resolve your issue with them? Their locale is also anonymous, and pinning them down is going to be a big problem. 

Final Verdict 

We have discussed in detail the shortcomings of Binary24Fx. The venture is not worth traders’ time or resources. They have only one intention, which is to steal from many people as they can. Investors with the right experience will never waste their time in a losing scheme like this one. 

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