Bisazza Market Review: a simple scam

Bisazza Market Review, Bisazza Market Company
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BisazzaMarket Review
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Bisazza Market is a forex broker offering attractive investment opportunities to its clients. However, it is not the truth, and the company is operating illegally to collect investment deposits. The platform does not have positive client feedback and a regulative license. It is unsafe to invest in a shady broker because you will end up losing your money.

Bisazza Market is everything else apart from an investment company. The website is elementary and available in both Chinese and English language. Their main objective of existence remains a mystery to the investors.

The platform presents false information to try and win over innocent investors. Online investment has become popular over time, and a lot of traders have benefitted a great deal. Nonetheless, the market is not very safe.

Bisazza Market Review, Bisazza Market Company

You will find shady brokers promising to transform your life only to disappoint and steal traders’ funds. Bisazza Market is capable of doing anything to drive sales of their fraudulent services. We critically examined their website only to find that this is an untrustworthy firm.

Please stick with us as we expose this too good to be true trading platform. They brag of using nine unique methods to use MT4. Additionally, opening a trading account with this broker is free. The entity also brags that it has a license from reputable watchdogs.

Bisazza Market is an offshore venture that states its registration process is straightforward. Sadly, some clients who were interested in trading with this broker report experiencing some difficulties. It is unprofessional on their part for having not resolved such issues. 

Bisazza Market is a company that is not worth of investors trust. The ownership of this platform is a great mystery that nobody can solve. They have made sure that no traces are left behind to incriminate them.

The company does not provide sufficient data regarding their trading activities. They require traders to provide their personal data for them to contact you. We have constantly warned traders not to share their info with fraudulent firms.

They will keep calling enticing you with irresistible deals. Don’t you think it is illogic to share such critical data with anonymous people? Depositing funds in this Ponzi scheme will amount to great loss.

Once they exit the market, they keep coming back with a better marketing strategy. Investors sometimes are asked to cash in more funds for their withdrawal requests to be processed. Bisazza Market is a dangerous scheme.

Instead of experiencing such disappointment why not venture with the best forex trading companies. You will earn better returns and the safety of your money is also guaranteed. The market can reward you generously but you need to trust legit platforms.

Trading Conditions

Bisazza Market provides leverage of 1:400 and a spread of 0.8 pips. Unfortunately, there is no trading taking place in this company. It is evident because there is no trading platform available. They, however, brag of having an MT4 interface.

Bisazza Market Scam Review, Bisazza Market Features

Sadly, this is another bluff, which is not the first or the last scam we will encounter. Scammers usually utilize a common web-based interface to manipulate data. We do not find anything exceptional regarding this firm.

Their rewards are also risky to traders as huge can be encountered. Newbies should familiarize themselves with a demo account. It is also important that you educate yourself before jumping to every company in the industry.

Bisazza Market Withdrawal and Deposits

Bisazza Market is allegedly accepting funds via Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, POLI, Swift, and BPay. We do not know the minimum amount that investors can deposit in this venture. Once you signup we assume that they will contact you with their offers.

It is unprofessional not having a standard amount. Additionally, it is not certain whether the payment methods listed are actually what the company accepts. If you have to deposit funds in a platform that is not reputable use credit card option. The minimum amount that you can deposit is unknown.

It will allow you to issue a chargeback even after 540 days. The platform does not have a term of service policy. Therefore, it is not clear when an account becomes dormant and the fee to be charged.

Bisazza Market is a perfect example of a modern-day scam. The venture does not plan on making anyone rich. It would be best if you were careful when engaging with the unregulated infamous firm. Moreover, they are still new in the industry.

Regulation Status

Bisazza Market is not regulated by any government to conduct their investment activities. The broker is operating on its own accord. Additionally, the company does not have terms and conditions. A company that is not guided by a policy can do whatever it pleases.

Often you will find scammers changing their rules. Once you try requesting a withdrawal, they will have all sorts of excuses. Additionally, they inflict hefty charges to their customers. The information that you present to them can also land to a third party.

The risk involved with trading with unlicensed brokers is multiple. The worst thing is that your money is not safe. There is no segregation of account or partnership with a reputable financial institution. Therefore, your deposit will go directly into the scammers’ pocket.

Financial bodies are constantly trying to help investors against scammers. Therefore, these watchdogs have set strict measures to guide investment companies. If you invest with the licensed company, you stand a chance of being compensated if a venture faces insolvency.

The advantages that come with a licensed broker are many. It would help if you researched on a platform before depositing funds. It will save you a lot of agony and trading smartly without the fear of losing funds.

Bisazza Market Clients’ feedback

Bisazza Market is offering attractive offers to traders. However, it is surprising that there is no feedback from a single investor. The company was established in August 2020. The platform does not have much traffic coming to their website.

It a major red flag that should not be taken lightly when there is nobody interested in their services. Scammers go an extra mile of paying random reviewers to leave positive feedback without investing in their platform.

Such information might mislead you into venturing with them. Learn to distinguish between a legit firm and a scam entity. It will save you a great deal of effort and resources. Find the best company that will not steal your hard-earned money.

Final Verdict

Bisazza Market is an anonymous broker that is operating from a remote area. The government does not license the entity. Therefore, trading with such a firm risk your money and information. The rewards which the firm advertises are false.

Invest with the top forex trading brokers that segregate traders account in top tier accounts. They are also working together with the best financial institutions in the market. Traders will have all the assurance that they need in the world.

Bisazza Market will exit the market unceremoniously without notice. The government will not come to your rescue because the company does not leave behind information showing who they are. Watch out for this and any other scam in the market.

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